Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The ExChiropractors Wife

May 10th this year we were in front of a judge and officially granted a divorce. We are both doing great!

May all of your dreams come true!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I'm Official. A Real Chiropractic Patient!

Today was the third Chiropractic exam in my life. The first one I had while my husband was in school which I posted about years ago but to spare you from digging it up he was in his 2nd year of Chiropractic school when I stumbled on to a multi level marketing meeting where a chiropractor spoke about estrogen therapy and managed to overview what Chiropractic was. We were knee deep in and I had JUST discovered what the heck my husband was even going to school for! He's the one who I paid over $250 to see and was put through the subluxation station exam and finished a vigorous 3 times a week 3 weeks, 2 times a week 2 weeks and asked to come monthly but told he was happy to refer me to someone who cared less about me. FIRED!! The second work up was a tedious student in externship a year after when my husband at the time was nearing his last year of school. It was unremarkable and annoying.

Today's is quite the experience. Keep in mind from 2007 thru 2015 I have been adjusted by Dr Husband in my living room for free. I have been adjusted by him for 8 years as a wellness routine patient. He knows me well. That's why I want to continue to see him. Plus, we're friends. He gets to actually see me in a clinical setting with all the bells and whistles. I think he's encouraged me to make an appointment in the past and I finally did!!

I signed in at 10:15am for a 10:30 appointment. I sat a minute but couldn't stop the bleeding from my ears and eyes being subjected to FOX NEWS in the waiting room. I also remembered that sitting was worse than smoking so I stood and played on my phone for 10 minutes. Then I was called to the front where I turned in my paperwork I had brought in complete, my insurance card, my id, and initiated my $40 co pay. I stood another 10 minutes before being called back.

I was called back and subjected to my vitals being taken. My weight 216, my height 5'8', and my BP and pulse and temp and oximetry I have no clue as they didn't reveal and I didn't ask. The assistant asked me where my pain was. I told her that if there is any sensation it is my right shoulder and I wouldn't describe it as pain and that I needed wellness care. For insurances purposes I decided to tell her to go ahead and mark pain. I was playing along because I wanted to continue care with the Dr who knows me best as a soon to be civil ex wife. I was roomed and waited even more. I eventually let out a big sigh and stood up and the door opened. It was if my impatience timed his entrance just right.

There stood the man I have looked at for over 14 years. He was cold. Placid. Professional as to be expected. He began an exam like I had never had and asked about the shoulder. I had put an x on the right shoulder as well as my crotch. I told him its just my usual and he knows me so he can relax and stop being so ridiculous. To lighten the exam I told him the tingling in my crotch was because I needed to get F&^%ED and he immediately said I was in the wrong place for that. Fine. He stayed serious. He told me to follow him for XRAYS. I told him I didn't need them. He then expressed sympathy but apologies that they are required in that practice with every exam. Again I relented.

His professional, familiar, yet foreign persona started to feel almost callous. I became a defeated zombie and followed him to the room. He played with the XRAY computer while I took the initiative without being told to undress. He knew at that point not to press the issue when he offered me exam shorts that I refused. I stood there in my thong taking his commands and realized that everything about this entire visit illustrated what is wrong in the world. I have no choice. I think I do but I don't. I have to play along and do as I am told to get the care I want. He has to slave away almost hurried and under pressure even with the mother of his kids. It all begged the question, was it even worth it?

Is life really just about sitting down, shutting up, following the script, and doing what we're told? Has all his sacrifice in the profession and at my side all those years brought him to a place where he has to treat me like a number? Cattle? He asked me questions he already knew the answer to. Why? His indifference was heartbreaking. Tears welled up as I followed his command to step forward, hold still, and turn for XRAYS that I never wanted in the first place. I got dressed and threw my bra in my purse. Tears were streaming down my face and he tried to ignore it effectively. I refused modalities, having finally gotten my way as he ushered me to the room I actually paid to be in. He proceeded to adjust me well. I was subluxated everywhere. I was shocked at how bad I was. When I was instructed to rise he asked if I needed a moment. The first acknowledgment that I was human. I told him no but looked desperately for tissues. He offered gauze. I declined and asked if I had to check out or could I just leave. I wanted to just leave. He told me I can have a report of findings appt booked on my way out if I want to know what my XRAYS showed. "Couldn't you just tell me at my next visit?" He said yes and I told him I would call the front desk to schedule my next visit.

That's life.

Any Questions???

Monday, January 25, 2016

I love my Chiropractor! Happy New Year 2016

A petition for dissolution of married was filed with out local court late last year. It turns out, nobody worth while likes to date still married people. I petitioned for the actual divorce and it isn't final but I might as well prepare you for that! We are both moving on with other people and adjusting to being co-parents and friends. I like it. I am sure I speak for him when I say he likes it too.

I thought you would be amused to know that I am getting established as an actual patient at the clinic he works at. I can't imagine anyone else touching my spine and I have excellent insurance. He really seems beat every time I see him. Reminiscent of Prince Valium on Spaceballs but with way better hair!! He adjusts 35-50 people a day if I recall. It is brutal, busy, physical work! He is paid 1K more than I am a year salary. Spoiler... it is under 50K!?!

We are both still dodging private student loan collectors and he still works well with the Federal Government repaying a sliding scale student loan payment towards the big C!