Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Separated Chiropractor's Wife

When I started this blog it was truly because I needed somewhere to share what we were going through. Had we been in a financial position to send me to a therapist I would have coped that way. Like a series of cards with a stick figure running from a bear flipping along, the culmination of the entire journey flashes through my mind in an instant. Here we are with over thirteen years of marriage with unbelieveable perserverance to reflect on. I regret to tell you that as of July 8th this year, I have maintained my own residence and labeled our relationship status as "SEPARATED".....

I can blame Chiropractic. I can blame success. I can blame many things but the truth is there is nothing to blame. There is no good explaination as to why I asked for a seperation except for the fact that I was tired of the story I was in and was in a position to change it. This unpopular act is aligned with the greater good of mankind. Already my husband and I have been able to share in the child care equally and have equal amounts of solitude to do with as we please. I have a stack of books to catch up on and write. I have a career that I enjoy and love to focus on. Life is abundant and continues to be interesting and fabulous for us.

There is no prize for standing by my husband's side through the hard times. There is no ribbon for longevity in marriage. There is only the satisfaction to boast that you did it for however long you do it. The testimate to the quality and perfection that was our marriage is built within it. It is reflected in the quality of our lives and the perfection of our children.

As he and I transition from the title of "Wife" and "Husband" to "Babies Momma" and "Babies Daddy" we remain friends and allies. I am still a resource for any and all things Chiropractic professional support and maintain that it is a field that should just be avoided. Even under the most funded and ideal scenerios, you are looking at a very physically demanding job that ties you to clinical hours that make for a very demanding reality. In my opininon it is not worth the trouble. I feel that way about many professions. There is unprecidented dysfunction in agriculture, healthcare, education, and big pharma these days. It is a run away train! One can merely enjoy the ride!

If and when we ever go through the big "D" and I don't mean "Dallas"... I will let you know and change the name of this blog to, "The Chiropractors Ex-Wife" Which may actually increase my following as there are probably SOOOOOOOO MANY!!