Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walking On Sunshine!

I dragged my family and relocated to another state and was a big ole meanie wife and mother! I asked my husband to quit his cushy Chemistry teaching job which was on route to tenure at a reputable High School to support me and my Insurance Sales career. Why Not? I had supported him through Chiropractic school and post graduate hell so why not?
We've been settled not even two weeks and he has had the time to decide whether to transfer his Teaching license, his Chirpractic Physician license, or both to our new home. One of my insurance members refused to join the plan I was selling her if her chiropractor wasn't on it. I looked in to it and sure enough he wasn't participating on it so I told my memeber I would go talk to him because I spoke Chirorpactic because I am married to one.

The next day this member called me and told me she just got home from her chiropractors office and let him know I was going to be coming and that my husband was looking for a job. She said he told her to tell me to come in and bring my husband with me so we did just that a couple days ago!

When we walked in there was a front desk employee (always a good sign) and Standard Process nutritional supplements on display along with a TV looping fantastic information they were too busy to see us. At our second stop in that day due to his business, I was still suspicious. It turns out he was open to joining my insurance plan and retiring and meeting to negotiate the possible scenerios about my husband taking over his practice. Lunch was planned for tomorrow. I wasn't too excited about it because it felt like the exact scenerio we've already been through. "Retiring" doc seeking to sell and bow out gracefully.

Meanwhile, yesterday my husband chose his favorite 7 local chiropractors and stopped in to a few gleaning two job interviews today. The first interview went extremely well. They specialize in Family Wellness and owned a Subluxation Station. She offered a salary plus bonus with the understanding she is looking for her associate to do exactly what she does. His second interview went very well too and basically hired him on the spot with a thousand more a month plus bonus. Looks like we'll be getting that Chiroractic license effective immediately.....

I'm walking on sunshine.