Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parker Seminar or Bust! Bust!!

You want to know what is sad?

The price of Parker Seminar Las Vegas 2014- our sensible choice for all required things CE costs $427 for just the doctor to attend. That is if you get it early, as the price goes up in the middle of Dec! Unfortunately for my husband, the chiropractic business bank account is sitting at $395.96 and is expected to take another $100 hit from our Standard Process invoice later this week. His mal practice insurance was due again but I paid it last month (early). As usual, we are breaking even to live the Chiropractic dream!

I have been approving quite a bit of positive comments from affluent-fellow DC's all over the world lately on this blog, and their words inspire me. "Man, they are doing it, we can too!" I like their inspiration and admonishments to think out side the box to success and always welcome their urges on my blog. I also want each and every one of you to know that theirs is the minority. Why? Because the rest of us, the majority, are lazy good for nothing aspiring clinicians who don't want anything but a free ride.

Luckily, my husband has his full time teaching job! I remember the many months he only aspired to succeed in his dream profession. Casting all other possibilities asside and focusing on his practice and nothing else he devoted time, positive energy, and life to its success while I worked elsewhere to take care of our family. He might as well been molding an effigy to chiropractic and burning it up with his aspirations.

Truthfully the mobile chiropractic business isn't going as bad as I thought. I am noticing a lot of new patients who are only seen once. This is a phenomenon that even the best most expensive coaches can't curtail. Why? Because people only want an adjustment when THEY want it. Not when you tell them they need it. They like to treat chiropractic like a perk. Chiropractic adjustments to chiro friendly folk rate up there next to massages, pedicures, and getting their car detailed. It isn't happening unless they have extra expendable income and think about it.

Most of our chiropractic business has been made by family and friends. I wonder if they have him over to pity him or because they really want an adjustment? No matter the reason, nobody ever wants to pay for it. Ever. This is how it is. I am sure we will keep it going. There is nowhere to go but up!


  1. Good article on honest realities of running a business. More and more insurances aren't covering chiropractic healthcare, and your blog does a good job of providing real life examples of the costs to run a business. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog for the past few months and congrats on both you and your husbands integrity!

    I have been a miserable chiropractor for close to 14 years now! Don't get me wrong, I love treating and interacting with patients, love it! However being a chiropractor is equivalent to being a gazelle in Africa (not a gazelle in the zoo, that's the MD, nice and comfy, no predators, all the food you can eat!), you are always waiting for that lion, leopard, cheetah or a number of other predators to eat you, you can never really rest or chill out and even plan your future. As silly as the analogy seems ask 99% of chiropractors and they agree. You always have to be proving yourself, replenishing those new patients, hanging on to the patients you have because you don't know where the new ones are coming from, can never really plan for the future because the future is dimmer than ever.

    Now before the chiropractic elitists start gripping about my criticisms, I am not a starving chiropractor, my busiest week, I saw 417 visits myself, I have made over $200K a year at one time, this year I might make 80K, ask any of your friends if they would be happy with a pay cut every year for the past 3-4 years when they are working as hard as they can!

    And stop the physiological BS, elitist chiropractors, chiropractic colleges and of chiropractic management groups give good chiropractors every day .... well it must be YOU because Dr. So and so makes a million dollar and has more patient's than he knows what to do with! So after a while, you start to think, Holy Crap maybe it is me and if I just do this or try this (enter the chiropractic vultures that are more than happy to sign you up for a 5 year contract that you can't get out of when it doesn't work after 2 months) I will get more patients and have that dream practice, well when you don't bring in those 10-100NP promised by this company it is never their fault (because remember Dr.So and So did it), it is once again your fault, you must have screwed up their system or not followed something to the tee!

    There are great chiropractors out there like your husband and myself, that love chiropractic, but hate most process that goes with it.

    I would never recommend anyone be a chiropractor (unless they come from serious money and don't need a reliable salary and are doing it for the pure joy of helping people), it's a great field but a horrible career for 90% of us. I'm sure the other 10% will disagree but we are all entitled to our opinion.

    I am in the process of changing careers and thankfully have the education before chiropractic school to build upon (because we all know how useful your 100k chiropractic degree is if you want to do something beyond chiropractic).

    When I do, I plan on starting a free consulting group for chiropractors who want to change careers. Chiropractors are some of the smartest, most caring hard working people in America and they shouldn't have to feel trapped in that life forever, there are options out there and you should never give up!

    Sorry for the rant, for my fellow chiropractors out there that love it and are doing great, keep up the good work (and I am honestly glad for you), for those that are completely miserable, there are options out there for you, you only live one life, make the most of it!

    Take care.

    1. Dr. Doody:

      Thank you for posting your comment. I can identify definitively with a lot of what has been posted on this blog.

      I'd be interested in knowing more about your free consulting group that you plan to begin to help chiropractors change careers. Please feel free to let me know about this when you start this up, as by then I expect to have a mini-plethora of information for you: (I literally have just decided to change my career from chiropractic but so far of course have been running into the tremendously few options Sophia's mentioned on this blog). By the time you begin this consulting group, I will either be in the middle of my soon-to-follow career change or just be completing it.

      (I've now become a regular reader of this blog... you and others could "reach" me via comments to recent posts here).

      Thank you for your affirming moral support, helping we "bogus"chiros out there to not feel so guilty about switching careers again and to not let ourselves feel pressured to stay in it.