Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From DC to Secondary Education Certification

I just want you to know that we just paid $2,000.00 in addition to the $450 last year, and the $150 x2 years previous for the Alternative Route to licensing Program in our state. In post previous I go into intimate detail about the process. I have no desire to re-write all that so you'll have to dig it up. I just want to post in real live time that this $2,000 is for him to complete his education plan (that was the plan we paid the Utah State Office of Education the $450 for last year only to find out his teaching part time for 2 years didn't count in their eyes) It pays for materials and a couple tests so that he will, in fact, by next June have in his hand a license to teach Chemistry in the state of Utah that is transferable to maybe, 7-8 states which off the top of my head were Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and others I can't recall. We have no intention of relocating because I love Salt Lake so much but I wanted those making the transition to teaching High School for a living to be well aware of the requirements.

Now I bet you are wondering where on earth we got the $2,000 from? Since that is basically the teaching salary he brings home for the entire MONTH. The fact is this testing company actually charges $2,300 if you pay for the materials all up front. If you need installment plans it charges $2,800. And you pay them $300 a month for a long time. My husband called his mom and got the $2300 from her (bless her soul- as if she hasn't done enough for us). When he went to sign up for the discounted rate they said, "Oh, you're in luck, we're having a Veteran's day sale so its only $2,000." She has saved us a ton of money, and thanks to our awesome credit union I have set up auto bill pay to send her a more sensible, interest free payment monthly of $100 for 20 months automatically. Life is good. ;)

The side chiropractic business has been slow this month. It is my fault. I have dropped the ball on marketing as I have been studying for my Life/Health producer license exam next week. I actually plan to hit up the downtown hotels and let them know his info so weary business men/and women have resources after long flights and need to recover from long days in meetings in Salt Lake. Mobile chiropractic comes to you and works out the kinks!!


  1. I have always wanted to start a chiropractic practice in Brampton on the side. How is it going for you? I have a fairly good marketing plan in place and I've talked to other chiropractors and I think that it would be a great business.