Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From DC to Secondary Education Certification

I just want you to know that we just paid $2,000.00 in addition to the $450 last year, and the $150 x2 years previous for the Alternative Route to licensing Program in our state. In post previous I go into intimate detail about the process. I have no desire to re-write all that so you'll have to dig it up. I just want to post in real live time that this $2,000 is for him to complete his education plan (that was the plan we paid the Utah State Office of Education the $450 for last year only to find out his teaching part time for 2 years didn't count in their eyes) It pays for materials and a couple tests so that he will, in fact, by next June have in his hand a license to teach Chemistry in the state of Utah that is transferable to maybe, 7-8 states which off the top of my head were Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and others I can't recall. We have no intention of relocating because I love Salt Lake so much but I wanted those making the transition to teaching High School for a living to be well aware of the requirements.

Now I bet you are wondering where on earth we got the $2,000 from? Since that is basically the teaching salary he brings home for the entire MONTH. The fact is this testing company actually charges $2,300 if you pay for the materials all up front. If you need installment plans it charges $2,800. And you pay them $300 a month for a long time. My husband called his mom and got the $2300 from her (bless her soul- as if she hasn't done enough for us). When he went to sign up for the discounted rate they said, "Oh, you're in luck, we're having a Veteran's day sale so its only $2,000." She has saved us a ton of money, and thanks to our awesome credit union I have set up auto bill pay to send her a more sensible, interest free payment monthly of $100 for 20 months automatically. Life is good. ;)

The side chiropractic business has been slow this month. It is my fault. I have dropped the ball on marketing as I have been studying for my Life/Health producer license exam next week. I actually plan to hit up the downtown hotels and let them know his info so weary business men/and women have resources after long flights and need to recover from long days in meetings in Salt Lake. Mobile chiropractic comes to you and works out the kinks!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sexy Chiropractic CE Credits

While my husband is in attendance at a Standard Process seminar all day today for CE (continuing Education) credits I have found myself responding to blog comments here. I love that I decided to use this blog as a plat form for those in seek of real life chiropractic profession experiences.

To tell you the truth, if chiropractic put one in a position where one gets access to mental health services I would have never thought to turn to blogging. It saved me. Otherwise, I would have merrily blogged for fun about human sexuality and mocking societal constraints on the natural man. Talking about sex and building an empire of scandalous topics arraying from "Why Men Cheat!" to "Why She Does Married Men-An interview with a mistress!" I wouldn't stop there, I would do "Polygamy vs Polyamory" "Bisexual vs Bi-curious" "Why won't he/she put out" "Mad MILFS" "Disabled not Sexually Impaired" "Senior Sex" "Mormon Swingers" "Married, Monogamous, and Not Bored" and so on and so forth. By now, such a fantasy blog would have been a drop in the pool of an already oversexed superhighway still causing whip lash to those who stumbled upon it.

Clearly, chiropractic blogging was the right route for me. Someone has to remedy the whip lash from all the rubber necking! Who better than my very own husband? A chiropractor.

P.s. Today, on a side note, since I have nothing of substance to offer you but had the itch to contribute to my blog I have to tell you I was recently called, "and embarrassment to the profession" on a forum I adore. It is a good thing I am not a chiropractor myself but merely married to one observing his ongoing plight then, huh??