Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Part Time Chiropractic Back In Business

I can honestly say I have not missed owning a business one bit since closing our practice in December of 2010. That was almost three years ago! Those two years of our lives were the hardest and most rewarding and sobering of our marriage.

Today I am happy to announce that I have taken the initiative, with my husbands blessing of course, to build his part time chiropractic practice. He will be approaching it all this time as a sole proprietor and will not maintain an actual office but make house calls exclusively rendering his services to those in need.

I have spoken to our accountant and have the go ahead and council to keep it under $10,000.00 of income which will be the case for 2013 considering how far along in the year we are as I am just starting this! I feel like the entire thing is a joy and a pleasure to pursue this time because it feels more like a hobby than our livelihood.

I haven't told you but he was unemployed all summer with no prospects on the horizon but a couple chiropractic associate jobs that took forever to get back to him when he landed a Full Time Chemistry teaching position at our local high school. The same week he was in fact, offered a full time associate salary position locally at a practice that was amazing! He had already signed his teaching contract so those pursuits took precedence. He is also in college for one class two times a week to get endorsed not only in science but Math. Those of you who followed our story from the beginning know that I married a Math teacher! So it is all coming full circle in a round about way! He is a busy man.

As usual, I am working part time in health care...well sick care rather.... and I waste my time and talents carrying out tasks and making decent money doing things in a cubicle that are incongruent to my values and beliefs. Basically I sell poor confused people medicare replacement HMO plans so they have benefits that straight medicare alone doesn't allow. People in todays healthcare climate, hell, for the past 15 years of my Medical Assisting career, are as confused as ever and vulnerable. Dealing with it face to face all my life and now hiding behind a curtain where the big money is- insurance- makes me feel like a sell out!

Knowing this compels me to apply for other jobs every other week that are equally terrible. Last week, it dawned on me that rather than look elsewhere for work I should apply that energy directly in to my husband. I was working out at home because my local gym was under annual maintenance when his degrees and graduate photos caught my eye. There it was, screaming at me saying, "Hey! Work for him!"

My first thought was, "He can't afford me!" followed by my second thought, "Perhaps he can."

Perhaps he can. If it is to be it's up to me. If I can get him seeing a mere 10 patients a week I can be home, his expenses would be covered, and there would be enough to supplement a poor Utah teaching salary! As of now he has no intention of replacing teaching with chiropractic but we do hope to be able to upgrade his equipment and make enough to rent a 3 bedroom home, get the kids braces, take them to Disney land, and check out Europe as a family one summer in the next 5 years.

He is licensed, insured, and ready to serve!!!