Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Would You Like To Take A Survey? (Chiropractors Only Please) I am just curious.... please take my survey if you are a chiropractor or are intimately attached to one enough to know all the answers in their stead....THANKS

Today is July 13, 2013 and I have 204 responses and am quite pleased. When I have the $205 to access the entirety of the data I will put it in a blog post! Follow my blog please! You don't want to miss it!


  1. I am the Husband of a Chiropractor. We started our own practice in my hometown after my wife was laid off from another Chiropractic office. I love your blog and although it is unfortunate your current situation I have to say you can marginally succeed with a Chiropractic practice. We are going on having our practice open for 1.5 years. It isn't making much money however it pays it's own bills and most of my wife's student loans. I have a good career as an engineer and make a very good salary so that has a lot to do with our success so far. I also am very handy and take care of everything I can myself including our website. Feel free to check it our at My lovely wife is Dr. Misty Kosciusko! I still believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us, although we have had our doubts lately and have fantasized about moving our practice to a more "chiropractic" friendly or progressive state. Our practice is in Portsmouth, RI which is about as hard a place to start an alternative medicine practice as anywhere due to resistance to change that seems prevalent on Aquidneck Island. That being said it is a lovely place to live and we have many blessings to be thankful for. I guess I wanted to post to offer a glimmer of hope for those out there reading, you can start your own practice and be successful if you follow a few key ideas.

    1) Don't pay for anything if you can avoid it. Clean, fix, manage, call, bill, market do everything yourself and free methods are the best (optimizing your website and free listings on the internet are free ways you can make your business more visible in google search results)

    2) Don't be to proud to ask others for help, advice and opinions. You can learn something from everyone from astronautics to janitor everyone has knowledge and experience you can learn from.

    3) Barter (yes you can do that without getting taxed!) We traded adjustments with a local business planner who in trade put together our business plan)

    4) Get involved in your community. Volunteer, join the local chamber of commerce (this has been pivotal in our success as many patients are or have been referred to by chamber members). Volunteer a local golf event to give posture advice and be on call for sports related injuries. You get the idea promoting your business doesn't have to cost $800 dollars in the yellow pages per month. But it does require effort and creativity.

    5) Take your time with your patients and find out the root cause of their ailment and do your best to treat it not the symptoms. This isn't McDonald's high volume practices only mean one thing to patients, I'm a number and I'm not worth spending more than 5 minutes with. Sure you can treat a bunch of patients but will they get better? Is it what is best for the patient? Treat your patients with respect, dignity (no open adjusting rooms, besides it violates HIPPA)and most of all give them quality natural healthcare. Chiropractic DOES work! Don't contribute to the stereotypes break them and help Chiropractors gain the respect they deserve.

    I guess I said more than I originally intended. I hope someone finds my comments helpful. One last aside, when I started dating my wife (again we dated in HS) she was in 3rd year of chiropractic school. For years I had suffered on and off with migraines often taking medication to treat them. My wife started treating me for them around this time and I can say with certainty chiropractic can help many issues including migraines. I rarely get them now, and if I do I know just where to go to get relief :)

  2. I am a chiropractor. Recently, I met my teacher who was a chiropractor teaching at TCC before. He still holds chiropractic license. However, he had to make his living as a journey electrician. I myself hold the license for twenty years but i had to close my clinic and become a grocer, I graduated 20 year ago, but I do not hear any positive chiropractic story from my class mate. Chiropracric has a bleak future

  3. I'm a chiropractor (Palmer 2005). I disagree with Tran. Chiropractic has terrific opportunity for the future. More and more research is validating our model for care. Individual chiropractors can do very well. I worked for a couple of very successful clinics before opening my own 2 years ago. My clinic is growing and expanding. Most that fail in chiropractic do so because they don't know how to run the business side of things. There are surely easier ways to make a buck if thats your primary objective....but for me there is no better way to contribute and live a life with a purpose that I believe in. All the best to you and your family!

  4. This is a really cool blog. Keep it up. I have an aunt who's husband is a chiropractor in Kaysville and reading this reminds me a lot of her. I am excited to see what you will post in the future.