Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Student Loan Debt and Chiropractic

I know it is easy to get excited to graduate and look forward to your career in chiropractic so you can pay off your student loans in record time. My husband graduated in Fall of 2008 and the 6 month grace period was as brief as a fart. Then for over 2 years we paid aministrative fees to defer them. All the fees did not apply to our loan balance but were strictly administrative hoopla. Meanwhile, the federal loans were all on an income contingent repayment plan. Eventually, as it turns out, we ran out of money for even the admin fees and ended up just defaulting on the private side. There was nothing else we could do because nobody would work with our situation. It was always, "$2K a month or nothing" or "Yes, another $150 for us to press a button to keep you in good standing until you can pay us $2k a month".

Now, it appears we make enough money to pay the federal side a reasonable monthly installment based on our income. Yay! And you know what? We are more than happy to! My husband set it all up today and couldn't help but notice our overall total including default, fees, and interest is sitting at over a half million dollars. What a downer!!! We owe over $500,000.00 for chiropractic school. Most of which is bogus fees and interest just gifted to the lenders.

If anyone knows how to settle private student loan runaway trains please let me know so I can let others know. I kid you not, the minimum payment currently due on our private student loans is $25,000.00. Minimum payment. WHAT???

The irony is, I just landed a really good job. I did. And I am sure our student loan payment for the ICR (income contingent)federal student loans will quadruple next year as a result. It is crazy that non chiropractic income will be footing the cost of chiropractic school. The private loans can at best be settled for the price of a home?? I don't know. Gosh.
Maybe divorce would be a good option because it would force the powers at be to only focus on my husbands teaching salary and supplemental chiropractic income rather than MINE TOO!!! It is a sad day in the USA when divorce is justified in a perfectly happy marriage to avoid being robbed from as a family. Ever heard anyone divorcing for financial salvage??
Avoid chiropractic school unless you can pay cash and be supported by parents or a spouse. It isn't worth it. No student loan debt is okay. It would be if it didn't multiply due to erronious fees and unreasonable interest compounding. Sickening...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Parker Seminar or Bust! Bust!!

You want to know what is sad?

The price of Parker Seminar Las Vegas 2014- our sensible choice for all required things CE costs $427 for just the doctor to attend. That is if you get it early, as the price goes up in the middle of Dec! Unfortunately for my husband, the chiropractic business bank account is sitting at $395.96 and is expected to take another $100 hit from our Standard Process invoice later this week. His mal practice insurance was due again but I paid it last month (early). As usual, we are breaking even to live the Chiropractic dream!

I have been approving quite a bit of positive comments from affluent-fellow DC's all over the world lately on this blog, and their words inspire me. "Man, they are doing it, we can too!" I like their inspiration and admonishments to think out side the box to success and always welcome their urges on my blog. I also want each and every one of you to know that theirs is the minority. Why? Because the rest of us, the majority, are lazy good for nothing aspiring clinicians who don't want anything but a free ride.

Luckily, my husband has his full time teaching job! I remember the many months he only aspired to succeed in his dream profession. Casting all other possibilities asside and focusing on his practice and nothing else he devoted time, positive energy, and life to its success while I worked elsewhere to take care of our family. He might as well been molding an effigy to chiropractic and burning it up with his aspirations.

Truthfully the mobile chiropractic business isn't going as bad as I thought. I am noticing a lot of new patients who are only seen once. This is a phenomenon that even the best most expensive coaches can't curtail. Why? Because people only want an adjustment when THEY want it. Not when you tell them they need it. They like to treat chiropractic like a perk. Chiropractic adjustments to chiro friendly folk rate up there next to massages, pedicures, and getting their car detailed. It isn't happening unless they have extra expendable income and think about it.

Most of our chiropractic business has been made by family and friends. I wonder if they have him over to pity him or because they really want an adjustment? No matter the reason, nobody ever wants to pay for it. Ever. This is how it is. I am sure we will keep it going. There is nowhere to go but up!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From DC to Secondary Education Certification

I just want you to know that we just paid $2,000.00 in addition to the $450 last year, and the $150 x2 years previous for the Alternative Route to licensing Program in our state. In post previous I go into intimate detail about the process. I have no desire to re-write all that so you'll have to dig it up. I just want to post in real live time that this $2,000 is for him to complete his education plan (that was the plan we paid the Utah State Office of Education the $450 for last year only to find out his teaching part time for 2 years didn't count in their eyes) It pays for materials and a couple tests so that he will, in fact, by next June have in his hand a license to teach Chemistry in the state of Utah that is transferable to maybe, 7-8 states which off the top of my head were Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, and others I can't recall. We have no intention of relocating because I love Salt Lake so much but I wanted those making the transition to teaching High School for a living to be well aware of the requirements.

Now I bet you are wondering where on earth we got the $2,000 from? Since that is basically the teaching salary he brings home for the entire MONTH. The fact is this testing company actually charges $2,300 if you pay for the materials all up front. If you need installment plans it charges $2,800. And you pay them $300 a month for a long time. My husband called his mom and got the $2300 from her (bless her soul- as if she hasn't done enough for us). When he went to sign up for the discounted rate they said, "Oh, you're in luck, we're having a Veteran's day sale so its only $2,000." She has saved us a ton of money, and thanks to our awesome credit union I have set up auto bill pay to send her a more sensible, interest free payment monthly of $100 for 20 months automatically. Life is good. ;)

The side chiropractic business has been slow this month. It is my fault. I have dropped the ball on marketing as I have been studying for my Life/Health producer license exam next week. I actually plan to hit up the downtown hotels and let them know his info so weary business men/and women have resources after long flights and need to recover from long days in meetings in Salt Lake. Mobile chiropractic comes to you and works out the kinks!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sexy Chiropractic CE Credits

While my husband is in attendance at a Standard Process seminar all day today for CE (continuing Education) credits I have found myself responding to blog comments here. I love that I decided to use this blog as a plat form for those in seek of real life chiropractic profession experiences.

To tell you the truth, if chiropractic put one in a position where one gets access to mental health services I would have never thought to turn to blogging. It saved me. Otherwise, I would have merrily blogged for fun about human sexuality and mocking societal constraints on the natural man. Talking about sex and building an empire of scandalous topics arraying from "Why Men Cheat!" to "Why She Does Married Men-An interview with a mistress!" I wouldn't stop there, I would do "Polygamy vs Polyamory" "Bisexual vs Bi-curious" "Why won't he/she put out" "Mad MILFS" "Disabled not Sexually Impaired" "Senior Sex" "Mormon Swingers" "Married, Monogamous, and Not Bored" and so on and so forth. By now, such a fantasy blog would have been a drop in the pool of an already oversexed superhighway still causing whip lash to those who stumbled upon it.

Clearly, chiropractic blogging was the right route for me. Someone has to remedy the whip lash from all the rubber necking! Who better than my very own husband? A chiropractor.

P.s. Today, on a side note, since I have nothing of substance to offer you but had the itch to contribute to my blog I have to tell you I was recently called, "and embarrassment to the profession" on a forum I adore. It is a good thing I am not a chiropractor myself but merely married to one observing his ongoing plight then, huh??

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Part Time Chiropractic Back In Business

I can honestly say I have not missed owning a business one bit since closing our practice in December of 2010. That was almost three years ago! Those two years of our lives were the hardest and most rewarding and sobering of our marriage.

Today I am happy to announce that I have taken the initiative, with my husbands blessing of course, to build his part time chiropractic practice. He will be approaching it all this time as a sole proprietor and will not maintain an actual office but make house calls exclusively rendering his services to those in need.

I have spoken to our accountant and have the go ahead and council to keep it under $10,000.00 of income which will be the case for 2013 considering how far along in the year we are as I am just starting this! I feel like the entire thing is a joy and a pleasure to pursue this time because it feels more like a hobby than our livelihood.

I haven't told you but he was unemployed all summer with no prospects on the horizon but a couple chiropractic associate jobs that took forever to get back to him when he landed a Full Time Chemistry teaching position at our local high school. The same week he was in fact, offered a full time associate salary position locally at a practice that was amazing! He had already signed his teaching contract so those pursuits took precedence. He is also in college for one class two times a week to get endorsed not only in science but Math. Those of you who followed our story from the beginning know that I married a Math teacher! So it is all coming full circle in a round about way! He is a busy man.

As usual, I am working part time in health care...well sick care rather.... and I waste my time and talents carrying out tasks and making decent money doing things in a cubicle that are incongruent to my values and beliefs. Basically I sell poor confused people medicare replacement HMO plans so they have benefits that straight medicare alone doesn't allow. People in todays healthcare climate, hell, for the past 15 years of my Medical Assisting career, are as confused as ever and vulnerable. Dealing with it face to face all my life and now hiding behind a curtain where the big money is- insurance- makes me feel like a sell out!

Knowing this compels me to apply for other jobs every other week that are equally terrible. Last week, it dawned on me that rather than look elsewhere for work I should apply that energy directly in to my husband. I was working out at home because my local gym was under annual maintenance when his degrees and graduate photos caught my eye. There it was, screaming at me saying, "Hey! Work for him!"

My first thought was, "He can't afford me!" followed by my second thought, "Perhaps he can."

Perhaps he can. If it is to be it's up to me. If I can get him seeing a mere 10 patients a week I can be home, his expenses would be covered, and there would be enough to supplement a poor Utah teaching salary! As of now he has no intention of replacing teaching with chiropractic but we do hope to be able to upgrade his equipment and make enough to rent a 3 bedroom home, get the kids braces, take them to Disney land, and check out Europe as a family one summer in the next 5 years.

He is licensed, insured, and ready to serve!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Practice Chiropractic in Asia!

If you have been close to graduating chiropractic school, or did in the recent past, and were deciding which direction to go, you probably have come across the alluring opportunities to practice in Asia. Every time I saw those ads my mind quickly illustrated exotic images of my husband flying across the globe adjusting multitudes of people and sending money home to us before in time relocating there as a family to support him in his life passion being a practicing chiropractor. I imagined my little apartment in Singapore or Bangkok and my affection for the people and the culture while I became completely centered, enlightened, and zen!

Unfortunately, my husband never answered one of those ads, but I know someone who did! Meet Dr Rob! He was gracious enough to give me permission to share his post and has a treasure trove of book worthy experiences I hope he'll get to writing soon!

"There is an AD on here looking for a Chiropractor in Bangkok. I have worked with them before and wish to inform those that wish to pursue communications with this company:

My experiences:

1) You will be given a salary scheme and general information on the clinic...THAT DOES NOT MATCH THE ACTUAL PROPOSAL WHEN YOU BEGIN WORKING FOR THEM

2) You will be told to go get a visitor/business visa to enter the country and " work" because they do not make you legal. THERE ARE ASSOCIATES, CURRENTLY, WHO DO NOT HAVE A WORK VISA and the owners will not take responsibility for it.

3) You will pay for your airfare and get there to only be given an address to go to one of the outlets to talk to the people working there.

4) You will eventually meet the owners...possibly a week later

5) You will be responsible to find your own place and be informed " on the fly" of your work schedule as IT WILL CHANGE WEEKLY or even daily.

6) They will state that you will work 5 days a week and have 2 days off but before you know are actually working 7 days a week and may get a day off here and there.

7) You will go to " fairs" / " road shows" from time to time and will examine all patients and treat those that " sign up" to a package and only than you may make 500 Thai Baht per sign up.

8) These fairs can go 10 hours a day.
9) You will be getting paid in local currency and with exchange rate will mean nothing to you when you go home.



If you choose to go with them please look into it carefully and ask to talk to the other doctors working there to get more feedback. Otherwise good luck and be careful. It's unfortunate we have people like this. If you want more information on my experiences please feel free to email me."

For original and emailing Dr Rob see chiro classifieds!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Would You Like To Take A Survey? (Chiropractors Only Please) I am just curious.... please take my survey if you are a chiropractor or are intimately attached to one enough to know all the answers in their stead....THANKS

Today is July 13, 2013 and I have 204 responses and am quite pleased. When I have the $205 to access the entirety of the data I will put it in a blog post! Follow my blog please! You don't want to miss it!