Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

License Renewal Fail

So am I still considered a "Chiropractors Wife" if Utah refuses to provide some sort of alternative to the fact that my husband falls short of the 40 required CE credits 10 of which can be online and 10 of which have to be Acupuncture? Risking the fact that he could get audited at any time just after a renewal and we don't have any shady friends that we know of capable of forging CE credit proof we made the mistake of contacting our state professional license board to see if we had any options which exposed us and guarantees that if we renew despite our short in hours we will get audited. So the choice was don't bring it up, stay quiet, pay the fees and lie hoping we don't get audited or bring it up and see if there are options we don't know about. For those of you who delight in our misfortune you will be pleased to know that they refuse to grant any provision for part time chiropractors. In fact, they let us know he is not to practice effective immediately through July until a hearing and appeal can be pursued. He is officially professionally castrated. Most professions require CE credits. In fact, I can't think of any licensed positions that don't. What pisses me off is the fact that all my professional colleague's as well as family over the years all have that provided for them by their employers. Even my dad who is aircraft maintenance for American Airlines is paid to sit though classes provided for him towards maintaining his license. Even comparable fields like DO, or MD positions are very often treated by their hospital networks to a menu of options throughout the year. Now to explain the reality of CE credits of a DC practicing in Utah. First of all it is and honor system. This means that the DC's here may or may not be meeting their hours. Take my husband for example. Utah has very, very, very few options as far as opportunities to obtain said CE credits. The internet is full of them but our state only allows 10 out of the 40 to come from that resource. Luckily we are close to Denver, Vegas, and California which are full of options. Should you settle on one of these or several of these destinations throughout your two year at a time frame you need to plan to pay for expenses which not only require fees for the event, but travel, room, food, and board. Even when owning a practice it was difficult to loose money shutting down and paying for these vacation like getaways in the name of CE credit. While my husband was in practice full time and we owned a clinic we had no choice but to make it happen even if it meant putting it on a credit card. This behavior is what can lead to bankruptcy. If one is practicing like my husband extremely part adjusting 2 days a month it is hardly worth it. I am disgusted at the reality that has become chiropractic. Effective immediately I have decided to put full support behind his teaching and rock career. I intend to write the Tom Petty and ask for some connections in making that a reality. Flying my husband out for rock rhythm or lead guitar positions is far more worth it than this current sad
state of affairs. He is off all summer and the prospects are good. This fall he has a full teaching contract waiting for him if nothing pans out. Relationship wise, we have decided to do what we always do....cope with it by making love. Lot's and lot's of love.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Time=Part Time

I have decided to cut to part time at my job. I took a transfer within the company I work for to work 1/2 as much as I do now which is the worst timing because my husband has no income this summer. This fall he has a full time teaching contract and will get paid through next summer but not this one. Luckily we are proficient living lean and frugal. Being a chiropractor guarantees one will become experts at living at or below poverty level as defined by our federal government. I also expect this to be one of our families most memorable summers! Money doesn't mean happiness for us because we've hardly tasted what it feels like to have money at all so it is a non-issue. I guess we have become expert at hoping my husbands big break is right around the corner! I feel like his luck is going to change and we will all benefit and be ready for it. We are lucky to have really good kids who enjoy life as is. Our biggest desire is to take them to Disney Land in California this fall and it is possible if we play our cards right!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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