Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seeing Is Believing

In case you don't follow my husband, the Chiropractor, has resorted to earning a living through teaching via our states education department's alternative route to licenser. You see when one finishes their doctorate degree in chiropractic with a bachelors in life science you would think he could teach anything. He has been teaching astronomy and chemistry this year and making more than ever than chiropractic ever paid him. Well, it has been a colossal undertaking to keep the fulfillments of the ARL and pay their fees. Recently he took some math tests and the chemistry and was up for re-evaluation. They re- requested undergrad transcripts from his pre chiropractic school to determine his ability. Sadly, this is what he was told today:

To: Dr Chiro Husband
ARL recently received your UVU and Dixie State College transcripts which you asked us to review again to see if you were eligible for ARL in Math 3 yet. As of 4/9/12 USOE’s Licensing has changed the the eligibility requirements to teach Math in ARL (see below). You are not currently eligible to for ARL in Math and we were only able to count your Calculus I course because your Calc. II course at UVU did not earn a “C” (not C- or below) grade. At this time your current position is part time in Chemistry and Math and the Chemistry portion in which you are eligible for ARL is not 50% of a full teaching day to qualify for the ARL program. Please let us know if this changes when you receive your new teaching assignment on Cactus for the 2012-13 upcoming year after July 1st.

Please tell me this entire post chiropractic reality is just one joke! I affectionately responded to my husband's forwarded email for my review this response:

F@#$ THEM. Just go back to school part time or full while you teach. I will support us for as long as you wish. PHD in math?? Go for it babe. F$%# them all. I got your back. Apply to U of U and shoot for the stars!-Chiropractors Wife

I am beside myself in the first place that they by and large disregard ALL classes from Logan University where my husband spent over 100K and 4 years of his life (year round which equals 5 academic years +his 2 semesters of advanced science credits he took there) only to basically be in the same boat as he was when we first met 10 years ago! Regrets? Only a few.

UPDATE: Today now is 11/18/2012 and my husband is going on 2 years of teaching in the ARL program and has yet to be considered one step closer to a teaching license. He met with the powers at be 2 weeks ago and they told him it is because he is not teaching at least 3 chemistry classes. Rather, he has been teaching 2 for almost 2 years in addition to math, anatomy and physiology as well as Astronomy. None of which, at this point, they recognize him as eligible to teach at all. Therefore, he is nowhere fast. He is not without hope. He is about to take a math Praxis and apply to the University of Utah's SMART program in an attempt to expedite his ability to teach legally in this state's secondary education arena.

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