Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Fifth Element

Love? No. Money! When one is told they will be legitimate players in the post graduate field of Chiropractic as licensed physicians one is eager to stop by financial aide and happily sign the promissory notes involved year after year with delight! Little did they know that those astronomical fees and expenses related to becoming said provider will prove fruitless. We made the mistake of feeling like we would be the exception. We would defy the nay sayers and prove them all wrong by growing a spectacular clinic in the peak of a deep recession and defy all the odds coming out on top. Boy were we wrong! It feels like we traded our last and best beef cow for a bag of magic beans. Magic beans that didn't do anything but grow a weak vine withering away never to bare fruit. Coaches and practice management gurus come from far and wide to offer us their crop saving methods for a price only to further mock and tarnish the hope that was Chiropractic.


We reap the benefits of chiropractic care but that doesn't pay the bills. Raising the price on such an education is a scam. I know my husband's chosen profession is not the only one that feels this way but DAMN!!!!


  1. Delurking to let you know that I can completely relate to your frustration and heartache. I’ve been following your blog for the past few months, and I feel like so many of these posts I could’ve written myself.

    My husband is a technically skilled and philosophy-based chiropractor who’s changed the lives of numerous patients over the last two years he’s had his own practice. He is a honest and fair man, who really takes his patients’ needs to heart. We have taken out loans, run up our personal credit cards and borrowed against my 401K to start up and sustain his business that, while has a steady stream of patients, just can’t stay afloat in a climate of $10 Medicare reimbursements or patients who try to dictate their care because their insurance has such a high chiro deductible. On top of that, there’s his student loans (insert groans of dread here), and if they weren’t in forbearance, the monthly payments would be more than our mortgage.

    Probably the biggest disappointment for him is that there are so many people who have complete misconceptions about what chiropractic is, and it’s such an exercise in futility to try to educate people who think ALL chiropractors are money-grubbing quacks. In fact, during a benefits meeting at the company that employs me, the CEO stood up and told everyone to “never go to a chiropractor because you’d be going to one for the rest of your life”. Would anyone dream of saying that about a dentist, gynecologist, or a GP?

    Fortunately, I have a job that can support our family, and while we’re nowhere near to bankruptcy, reading your posts over the past few months have helped us come to terms with the fact that we need to cut our losses now and close up his practice before we get in over our heads. We really wanted to ride out the next two years to continue building a solid practice, but it’s just too risky. This is very hurtful decision because my husband is so committed to giving chiropractic care and helping those who “get it” and benefit tremendously from it. I know that both you and your husband share the same sense of disappointment and futility, but know that you weren’t the only ones who “bought the beans.”

    Thanks so much for bringing your experiences and thoughts to your blog, Sophia.

  2. Stef, your contibution and all chiro wives are always welcome here! Thank you, thank you! THANK YOU!