Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Beware The Ides of March

We are finally getting around to filing bankruptcy. Man oh man is it an ordeal. We figured the second law suit slapping us meant that it was time. I have found great representation and they tell me we have an open and shut case. I am actually looking forward to it and NOT looking forward to it all at once. I have recently taken a full time job and completely moved on with my life beyond Chiropractic Clinic ownership. In fact, it is a funny ole fact that I have unresolved left low back pain for weeks and weeks and make for a rather crappy patient.
I don't know how many times I bug my husband to adjust me an then fail to keep my arranged time. I am the WORST patient. Who knew?
I know for a fact RN's and MD's make for terrible patients too. Funny ole world!

Another funny moment to share was the fact that my husband went to get adjusted at his old clinic where he associated last year and the doc there said 2 large unfriendly men were looking for my husband! SCARY! Can we say, busted knee caps anyone? Honestly, we do owe a ton of money from the old commercial real estate 5 yr lease we signed so I don't blame people for hunting him down but it is scary stuff!

Life is good. We just got to pay the premium again on mal-practice insurance. I am tired of paying that quite frankly. It's like a car payment or something quarterly.

I think about Navy Seals and such how you try out for that and you know going in only a pool of the best and brightest make it. In chiropractic, even if you are the best and brightest bookwise and skillwise like my husband was, you are not guareenteed to make any money. What's tradgic is you are under the assumption that although not everyone makes it that it is a viable career choice worth 30K a year for years and years! When I asked the attourney about trying to get student loans dropped he said he tried once and had a pretty good case but failed. Sigh. We live in Utah so it would be even harder to get the private loans dropped!

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