Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Medical Doctor tells you the Truth

I have been a fan of Dr Mercola long before my husband ever became a Doctor of Chiropractic. In case you didn't know here is why my husband got to pay as much as an MD for school but can't make a minimum wage in the profession! Thank you Dr Mercola!

Medicine's opposition to chiropractic was its strongest under the leadership of Morris Fishbein, Secretary of the American Medical Association from 1924 to 1949, who led a 50-year anti-chiropractic campaign in both professional publications and the public media.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Perfect Post DC Graduate World

"I left the profession after 17 years of just getting by. Couldnt afford to go back to school for another degree, and now work for the county sheriff in corrections. Made more my second year here than my best year in practice, plus health, vacation and retirement benefits I didn't have."-Ken

When one endeavors to earn their chiropractic degree they never dream that their efforts would ever be viewed as disingenuous or short of intentions to help preserve health, quality of life, and longevity to those whom they serve. The journey is long and expensive. The DC's today are well educated and capable of offering primary care to their patients. Unfortunately, when they get out of school and enter their profession they quickly find that their patients are more patrons and consumers than patients. From the 2 years I was managing my husbands clinic I learned right away that nobody wanted to hear why they were having pain or health problems much less how to truly get rid of it. They wanted to be "cracked," pay, and sent on their way. We learned the hard way that everything my husband worked to achieved would not be manifested in a traditional clinical setting without a mountain of endless business loans (which weren't being offered in fall 2008) or the agreement that we would, with our two children, need to be dependent on family or the government for the basic necessities of life henceforth. To us, after 2 years and projections that at best would have us independent as a family in 10 years+ we had to make hard decisions or face the agreement that we would be spinning our wheels in a profession that is largely misunderstood by its consumers.
I am quite baffled at the diversity of misinformation the world has to offer about what a DC is. Baffled or not, despite our best efforts to educate our niche of the world it was never enough to do anything but stay in business breaking even and existing so our patients could get "cracked", pay, and be sent on their way. We stewed in gratitude for every singe patient. We averaged 10 a day and had great energy in our office. At the end of the day the risk, benefits, and alternatives had to be considered. Too many DC's are learning the hard way and at this point, it is what it is, but in a perfect post DC graduate world there would be a single strong central national organization, commercials educating the public incessantly, and decent small business loans to give people like my husband the chance to exist in the profession he loves.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chiropractic School Accreditation On trial

Being by my husbands side and invested in his choice of career in chiropractic has revealed a lot of things nobody can possibly know without eye opening experience in this journey. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education the accreditation of chiropractic school is finally getting the attention it demands. In summary chiropractic school is hardly worthy of federal financial blessings and the people involved at keeping it in good standing and accreditation is getting exposed for the greedy liars that they are. According to Kelderman, "The Council on Chiropractic Education, which oversees 15 programs offering the doctor of chiropractic degree in the United States, makes its case for renewal Wednesday in front of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, an 18-member panel that makes recommendations to the education secretary on accreditation issues. The committee's meetings rarely attract any notice at all, much less controversy." Yes, tell us something we don't know!

This same effort to bring attention to the corrupted state of the chiropractic profession also took place in 2006 but obviously proved fruitless or else our situation along with thousands of others would be quite a different reality. Kudos to those working to bring integrity to the profession! I hope we can see change in my lifetime! I wouldn't wish the current state of things on anyone!! The debt load alone is an atrocity and a horrible return on investment. The powers that be knew this when the federal government briefly extended programs to DC's in the mid 2000's. It was at that time an 80% default rate on loans was discovered yet by the time my husband entered school in 2004-2008 he was granted however much he needed to borrow to get to be a chiropractor! Where is the accountability?? Isn't 80% default high enough to put an end to this madness?? Hopefully the CCE is cleaned up and held accountable for the scam.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chiropractic Is The Best

My husband graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic almost 3 1/2 years ago. His lovely framed diplomas are on our wall. His Doctorate of Chiropractic is slightly faded from being in a sunny place on our clinic wall for over 2 years. You don't notice unless you take some time to really look at it. His skills are paramount. His passion for his profession burns bright. With yet another payment towards his mal-practice and a careful planning on how he is to achieve his CE requirements to keep his license in good standing with the state of Utah money that is already in scarce supply runs through our fingers. Like the fading of the ink on his overpriced diploma my hopes and dreams have been waning. I have finally reconciled the fact that I will have to work full time and support this family myself with my meager Medical Assisting diploma that I am still paying off. While we do maintain a handful of faithful patients, mostly family doing US a favor, it isn't enough to fiscally sustain his chiropractic professional requirements let alone offer any sort of living. In fact, to be honest, chiropractic holds a place at the table that is our family budget under expenses. I use to fight this and make myself crazy. This reality is the Twilight Zone where you can be an awesome student, pass board exams, borrow unprecedented amounts of money only to find yourself paying to remain in the profession that is chiropractic.

Moving forward I wrap myself today in the warmth of resentment towards chiropractic. The institutions that allow us to be where we are, and the professionals who encourage it still. It is gross. I regret the day I didn't pout like a bitchy selfish wife and dig my heels in the ground when my husband said he wanted to change directions in his educational pursuits. I thought our story would have a delightfully thrilling turn that I could share with the world. I hoped I could redeem the profession and regain my zeal on my husbands behalf. Alas, today I am announcing my defeat. I give up. Aside from printing some business cards that we may casually offer interested friends and family to take advantage of over 200K worth of skills, knowledge, and passion I am done.