Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Fail

A long story short my husbands ARL Application expires next month and apparently he isn't suppose to be teaching chemistry without a couple of safety classes and science teaching method classes along with an expensive content Praxis exam which we just missed taking! So he has to have a discussion with the principal today who more than likely will keep him on faculty even though he has every right to just let him go given the circumstances. In the mean time we need to reapply to the ARL program which is expensive, sign him up for about a $1,000 worth of classes and testing to get back on track for the spring making it all better. Isn't life delightful?

On the chiropractic side he has to renew his mal-practice insurance next month and the premiums went up 150% being it is his 2nd year with this particular company. If any one has a good company that is not NCMIC or National Chiropractic Council please let me know. This and keeping his CE credits current with Vegas Parker seminar coupled with the road to teaching license will most certainly take the Merry out of our Christmas! Which is fine by us because we aren't big on it anyway!

The return on investment for chiropractic education is evidently still in a lifetime of red ink! I wonder if teaching will ultimately lead to us dropping the profession on its up side down hind end!?

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