Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Adjustment vs Manipulation

As a chiropractors wife, I felt compelled to address the difference between an "adjustment" and a "manipulation." I recall back to my Medical Assisting days working in Fort Worth, Texas where we happen to have a hearty (DO) Doctor of Osteopathy school where I worked with student doctors daily. One time I let one of them practice their OMT (Osteopath Manipulation Treatment) on me! I remember it well because the student had me lay down on a table and proceeded to place her hands on me and it tickled so much that I couldn't even finish getting the treatment! Flash forward to my first chiropractic adjustment and I can say the biggest difference was the lack of tickles! Because I am not a DC but am merely married to one, I asked him how he explains the difference in technical terms and he told me the easiest method he uses is simply Webster's dictionary! Wow! So in honoring KISS methodology here it is:
I'm going old school and actually taking our Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary to report the following..... control or operate by skilled use of the hands. 2. To manage or influence shrewdly or deviously 3.To falsify or tamper with (financial records) for personal Gain.

Manipulation 1.The act of manipulating or state of being manipulated. 2.Shrewd, often devious management, esp. for one's own advantage.

Adjust-1.To change so as to match or fit. 2. To bring into proper relationship. 3. To conform or adapt, as to new conditions.

Adjustment-1.a.The act of making fit or conformable. b. The condition of being adjusted. 2. A means for adjusting 3. The settlement of a debt or claim.

I am the first one to admit the problems with the chiropractic profession but I have to tell you, I much prefer a chiropractic adjustment to a manipulation ANY day!

Also, Did you See Jay Leno's Headlines Tuesday night?? He held up an ad for a chiropractor that had a color picture of him at the head of an adjustment table smiling where a woman was laying face down who was wearing a business short skirt and high heels. Jay said, "Why do people become a chiropractor?" before showing the picture and said, "This may explain it." No doubt it must be a pleasure for a male or female to adjust attractive people but I know that the majority of them are professionals. It was hilarious though!


  1. A crack is a crack is a crack. I can teach anyone how to do it in 4 weekend courses. All they have to do is practice on bodies and they can be just as good as anyone at it. Osteos do not crack as muck as to chiros. That is why it going to feel diff. Waisted a lot of money for something with no concrete proof. That god I am out after 15 years. But it took 10 years to pay off the scam DC degree. What a waste. I hope your husband keeps teaching!!!!!