Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not considered "Post-Doctorate" by the world of Education

So if it isn't bad enough that Chiropractors are treated like the step-children of healthcare it is quite a blow to find that they don't consider you post doctorate when entertaining taking a class or two after chiropractic school. We contacted the University of Utah to look into what type of admission process we are looking at to take some required classes to fulfill his ARL requirements and obtain certain endorsements I was told by the post doctorate counselor that he needs to apply as a graduate. Truth be told, I sort of knew that was the case but was in la la land hoping otherwise! Poor husband and all of you chiropractic graduates! I pity you! Even in attempts to valiantly change careers or obtain alternative employment you are faced with tremendous scarcity of options! We'll tackle this elephant one bite at a time and stay the coarse but I felt compelled to discourage prospective chiropractic students from completing the program or ever starting it! Just do something else, ANYTHING else!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Fail

A long story short my husbands ARL Application expires next month and apparently he isn't suppose to be teaching chemistry without a couple of safety classes and science teaching method classes along with an expensive content Praxis exam which we just missed taking! So he has to have a discussion with the principal today who more than likely will keep him on faculty even though he has every right to just let him go given the circumstances. In the mean time we need to reapply to the ARL program which is expensive, sign him up for about a $1,000 worth of classes and testing to get back on track for the spring making it all better. Isn't life delightful?

On the chiropractic side he has to renew his mal-practice insurance next month and the premiums went up 150% being it is his 2nd year with this particular company. If any one has a good company that is not NCMIC or National Chiropractic Council please let me know. This and keeping his CE credits current with Vegas Parker seminar coupled with the road to teaching license will most certainly take the Merry out of our Christmas! Which is fine by us because we aren't big on it anyway!

The return on investment for chiropractic education is evidently still in a lifetime of red ink! I wonder if teaching will ultimately lead to us dropping the profession on its up side down hind end!?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Financial King Dave Ramsey Calls going into Chiropractic "Idiotic"

Listen for yourself... this guy has only been out of school 1 year. He has about 50K more than we borrowed. It is an atrocity!!

Post Chiropractic School

So you've finished chiropractic school! Now what? If you were like us you started your own practice! Others take an associate position with another established doctor working for peanuts while you learn the ins and outs of a business. No matter what you choose to do it is a quick realization that it is very difficult to make ends meet without getting involved in some sort alternative avenue of income even if you are living in your mother's basement. Whether it be supplements, gadgets, coaching, energy work, multi level pyramid passions or a complete abandonment of chiropractic altogether to promote laser or decompression clinics! The options are easiest to find by visiting a Parker Seminar event! We find Vegas to be the most convenient!
In the 3 years since graduating we have explored many options and find that pursuing teaching has felt the most fulfilling, honest, and has shown the greatest immediate return on investment! To choose teaching is no small process. I wanted to share with you that reality and all it involves......

Brief Summary of the Alternative Route to Licensure Steps:

First, apply for the ARL Program & get an “Eligibility" Letter
1. Complete the Online Background Check. (
2. Get fingerprinting done.
3. Complete an Application ( with official transcripts. Pay the Evaluation Fee $100. Elementary applicants must also complete the “Content Course Eligibility Checklist” form (
4. Become Eligible – If eligible, you will get an Eligibility letter which you can give to District Human Resources where you want to apply to teach. The letter will designate the license area (i.e. Secondary or Elementary) and which area of endorsement (subject) you can earn if hired.
5. Apply for jobs at various districts/Charter Schools/Private Schools as long as they are accredited. Apply at: and/or each district you are interested in working in.
Then, get a job:
6. Get a Job. (Must be hired in an accredited school for .50 contract or more).
7. Inform our ARL office if you are hired in a licensed teaching position.
8. Submit an ARL “Confirmation of Employment” Form with signatures from the principal and HR director. Your new teaching assignment will be put on CACTUS (the State Teacher Tracking System).
9. Pay the Program Development & Tracking Fee $400.
Next, get an “ARL” Plan outlining required Coursework, Testing, etc. to earn a license and endorsement(s) while you teach. A Professional Growth Plan is developed only after a candidate is hired and pays the requisite program development and tracking fee. You are responsible for all costs involved in completing your ARL Plan:
10. Get a “Professional Growth Plan” (PGP) Plan. You will meet with an ARL advisor to make sure you understand your plan and program expectations. There are usually at least 6 general Pedagogy Methods Classes, 4 Elementary Ed. Methods Courses (if teaching K-8), and Content Praxis test(s) at a minimum for any PGP Plan.
11. Pass the Praxis II Content Area test to become HQ highly qualified as soon as possible (preferably by the first semester of teaching).
12. Teach full time for at least 1 year (or at least .50 part-time for 2 years). Your plan can be renewed for up to 3 years if you have never had a temporary authorization before.
13. Work with a trained mentor assigned by your Principal in your school.
14. Take Courses that are outlined on your PGP Plan.
15. Each Spring, you submit "Progress Forms” with official transcripts and documentation.
16. Each Spring, your Principal will submit their observations and evaluations of you. You must successfully pass these observations/classroom performances with “meets standards” or above.
17. Your first year Temporary ARL Authorization will be reissued to a Temporary ARL License if you complete your Progress Forms and your Principal’s evaluations satisfactorily. You must do this each year that you are in the program in order to have your temporary license re-issued for the following year.
Finally, complete the plan & be recommended licensure:
18. Complete PGP plan. (Let us know if anything changes in your employment during the time you are completing the plan.)
19. Once the Plan is completed, we will request a Principal’s Letter of Recommendation for Licensure from your current principal.
20. Complete a Level 1 Licensure Application form.
21. Update your background check only if it is outdated - more than 3 years old.
22. Complete the "Ethics Review" online at .
23. Pay the Level 1 Licensing Fee ($55) to USOE.
24. Once the Principal’s Recommendation letter is received and the Level 1 License Form & fees are in, you will be recommended for licensure.
25. Yeah! The licensing process is complete when you receive your license in the mail.

We started this process 2 years ago. We are on step 10 now and found ourselves at a cross road! We've come so far in such a tedious process to rationally drop it all now so we are pressing forward. With an uncertain future and many lessons already learned the hard way my husband has decided to continue to teach and do chiropractic part time. Maintaing a chiropractic license is in short a huge pain in the ass! His mal-practice premiums are due 4 times a year and he has to continue his CE endeavors to stay in good standing with the state chiropractic board not to mention pay the state board every 2 years!

The return on investment to be a chiropractor is horrible! I am not statistician but I doubt my husband will technically ever be out of the proverbial "red" in his lifetime. Even if his private student loans were forgiven and federal student loans written off tomorrow he would still be in a lifetime of red based on the professional debt we have accrued and the continuing maintenance expenses. I don't recommend it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Adjustment vs Manipulation

As a chiropractors wife, I felt compelled to address the difference between an "adjustment" and a "manipulation." I recall back to my Medical Assisting days working in Fort Worth, Texas where we happen to have a hearty (DO) Doctor of Osteopathy school where I worked with student doctors daily. One time I let one of them practice their OMT (Osteopath Manipulation Treatment) on me! I remember it well because the student had me lay down on a table and proceeded to place her hands on me and it tickled so much that I couldn't even finish getting the treatment! Flash forward to my first chiropractic adjustment and I can say the biggest difference was the lack of tickles! Because I am not a DC but am merely married to one, I asked him how he explains the difference in technical terms and he told me the easiest method he uses is simply Webster's dictionary! Wow! So in honoring KISS methodology here it is:
I'm going old school and actually taking our Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary to report the following..... control or operate by skilled use of the hands. 2. To manage or influence shrewdly or deviously 3.To falsify or tamper with (financial records) for personal Gain.

Manipulation 1.The act of manipulating or state of being manipulated. 2.Shrewd, often devious management, esp. for one's own advantage.

Adjust-1.To change so as to match or fit. 2. To bring into proper relationship. 3. To conform or adapt, as to new conditions.

Adjustment-1.a.The act of making fit or conformable. b. The condition of being adjusted. 2. A means for adjusting 3. The settlement of a debt or claim.

I am the first one to admit the problems with the chiropractic profession but I have to tell you, I much prefer a chiropractic adjustment to a manipulation ANY day!

Also, Did you See Jay Leno's Headlines Tuesday night?? He held up an ad for a chiropractor that had a color picture of him at the head of an adjustment table smiling where a woman was laying face down who was wearing a business short skirt and high heels. Jay said, "Why do people become a chiropractor?" before showing the picture and said, "This may explain it." No doubt it must be a pleasure for a male or female to adjust attractive people but I know that the majority of them are professionals. It was hilarious though!