Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Monday, October 17, 2011

I like crack!

My husband has been adjusting coworkers at the school and they love it. Faculty chiropractic access is a win win....too bad most school districts don't consider it as a permanent perk of the education establishment! For all I know there are closet former chiropractors teaching in every school as it is! Go figure my husband's school is charter so of corse it is cool enough to allow him to do this! The money is fun money or as Dave Ramsey would say, "blow money." Which is ironic because I wanted to put a fully warm heartfelt cheer for getting adjusted yesterday and feeling awesome! I love getting "cracked!"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Post Graduation Gossip

I had lunch with a dear old friend who was visiting from out of town! We knew each other the 4 years that my husband was in Chiropractic School in Saint Louis, Missouri! She and I went to the same church at the time and she was excited to tell me she had read my entire blog and feels like telling the newer students that move in to run the other way!

None of us students keep as good as tabs on one another post school as we should but the overall feeling is that everyone is doing "well." Perhaps I am the only chiropractor's wife who knows differently! I don't have solid statistics and the economy tanking 2008+ hasn't helped the situation either but what amazes me is that people have still been enrolling in chiropractic school as a second career! I remember this in our flock of student life! I can count 3 middle aged people who went through school around the same time as we did who were doing this too!

At this point in time it is inconceivable to imagine people flocking to be a chiropractor. The profession is constantly scrutinized as not being legit in the first place and is not supported by a national organization strongly leaving the post graduate professional to sell it to the consumer who is typically only interested in an adjustment even though these chiropractors are licensed physicians well trained and tested in the human body.

We've been fighting for the piece of the pie since my husband graduated and it isn't nearly as glamorous as we had hoped! We have one foot out of the door so to speak regarding this profession as it is! Hope keeps us pressing on to bigger and better things! Ideally, my husband will land a kick ass position locally doing what he loves in a field he worked really hard to be in!!