Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Teacher's Wife

Everything has sorted out as far as compensation and ARL program progress. The principal cut him a check and he came home with it later that day! Now we get to send $400 of it to the state as my husband keeps jumping through hoops in the world of US education trying to be highly qualified in various subjects. Since my last post I have shopped with hundreds of dollars and almost obliterated our needs list entirely and managed to get our 2nd car back on the road making life much more luxurious! Bill collectors have mostly given up at this point and are just selling our debt or beginning to sue us. My husband has been a teacher since he graduated chiropractic school so transitioning to a teachers wife has been quite natural for me. He seems SO MUCH HAPPIER teaching! Probably because he actually gets paid to do it! He'd love being a chiropractor too if it actually fed, sheltered, and clothed him!

Our kids are both in school which is odd to adjust to and leaves me a little time to figure out this home office scene we are lightly endeavoring. On one hand it is exciting and on the other I feel like something is wrong and I feel resentment and bitterness not much different than trying to reconcile with a loved one who has lied or cheated on you!! It's hard to get excited about jumping back into the sack with something that has brought you nothing but financial ruin!! Add to this the fact that for over 4 weeks I have been "un-adjustable!" Honestly!! My neck is so messed up for some reason that my husband can't even adjust me! Me!! His favorite most loyal patient! He declared me an Activator patient this morning and I am so sad! Me? An Activator patient? Have I completely regressed to pre-Chiropractic school physiology? What is wrong with me?? Oy! My husband did prescribe a massage and planted a seed of hope that I may return to the diversified technique one day...maybe.

My tip of the month: Please don't go in to chiropractic unless your school was paid for almost entirely, you have family in the business or a job completely in the bag when you graduate, and are really good at sales!

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