Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Home

We actually saw our first new patients here at the house on Saturday. My husband was definitely in his element as he engaged in his exams. I tried not to watch but snuck peeks as I entered them into the computer because I am kinky like that. Watching him adjust people is mesmerizing too! Eventually I took our kids outside which is something I couldn't do at our clinic! It turns out they like to watch too and get in cat/dog fights which is unacceptable!

It felt really natural to have real people over and they seemed extremely pleased with my husband! That always pleasantly surprises me because *I* think he is marvelous and worth every penny and more a visit but always hold my breathe when we have new people as I wonder if they feel they are getting their money's worth and such! We work really well together too and it felt really good to greet the patients, get them started on paperwork, and turn them over to the good doctor! Even preparing our little home office systems was fun as we emailed our final paperwork proofs back and forth and will also do the same thing for his business cards!

It almost feels as though a home office should have been our endeavor ALL ALONG! Who knew? We obviously have to learn things the hard way!

It is still his desire to bag the hospital job altogether and he might have a chance to do so working part time at The Joint in Sugarhouse! They are still interviewing and my husband stopped by there after a haircut on Saturday to get a badly needed adjustment! They mentioned they are still looking for someone loosely to work part time. We, shall, see...... I know it would please my husband! You know the place is awesome if that is where the chiropractors go to get adjusted!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Teacher's Wife

Everything has sorted out as far as compensation and ARL program progress. The principal cut him a check and he came home with it later that day! Now we get to send $400 of it to the state as my husband keeps jumping through hoops in the world of US education trying to be highly qualified in various subjects. Since my last post I have shopped with hundreds of dollars and almost obliterated our needs list entirely and managed to get our 2nd car back on the road making life much more luxurious! Bill collectors have mostly given up at this point and are just selling our debt or beginning to sue us. My husband has been a teacher since he graduated chiropractic school so transitioning to a teachers wife has been quite natural for me. He seems SO MUCH HAPPIER teaching! Probably because he actually gets paid to do it! He'd love being a chiropractor too if it actually fed, sheltered, and clothed him!

Our kids are both in school which is odd to adjust to and leaves me a little time to figure out this home office scene we are lightly endeavoring. On one hand it is exciting and on the other I feel like something is wrong and I feel resentment and bitterness not much different than trying to reconcile with a loved one who has lied or cheated on you!! It's hard to get excited about jumping back into the sack with something that has brought you nothing but financial ruin!! Add to this the fact that for over 4 weeks I have been "un-adjustable!" Honestly!! My neck is so messed up for some reason that my husband can't even adjust me! Me!! His favorite most loyal patient! He declared me an Activator patient this morning and I am so sad! Me? An Activator patient? Have I completely regressed to pre-Chiropractic school physiology? What is wrong with me?? Oy! My husband did prescribe a massage and planted a seed of hope that I may return to the diversified technique one day...maybe.

My tip of the month: Please don't go in to chiropractic unless your school was paid for almost entirely, you have family in the business or a job completely in the bag when you graduate, and are really good at sales!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking on $unshine!

Today the teachers got paid all over our state!! Well, everyone but my husband, naturally. Also, for some reason he is not in the CACTUS system which keeps track of teachers in this state and was asked to follow up on why so this morning he called the ARL program director who pulled up his account and told him he isn't employed "half time." Right now he is teaching 2 chemistry classes and contracted to teach Astrology after 24 weeks so we thought we were good to go. Not so much. Needless to say my husband has much to sort out with the principal this morning. The worst thing that can happen is he has to fire my husband and hire someone who is already licensed, or add another class to the two he is already teaching. I will try not to speculate how it will turn out one way or the other. I am just all consumed with feelings that my husband can't seem to get a break! I find myself inventorying our experience since graduating exactly 3 years ago and it just seems like no matter what we do to move forward in the right direction there is always something waiting to kick us back and suck any progress (typically in the form of money/quality of life) out of us!!

On a purely wife level, I am so tired of the tight budget, the bill collectors, the needs list that gets longer every day, and the sacrifices we have endured throughout it all! On a human level, I am full of gratitude for how good we have it despite it all!!

Just a Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners update: We officially have the letter giving us the green light to pay a local company to take the Texas juris prudence exam and fulfill our last step in my husband having a license in Texas! Not bad considering we sent everything in back in early May, late April!!!