Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Side Dish Chiropractic

So my husband has been on fire lately! Our course is plotted and after a year of trying to get hired ANYWHERE in the teaching arena he has finally been offered and accepted a part time teaching position in a local high school teaching Chemistry and Astrology. This was the last step in the right direction to getting set to fulfill his ARL (Alternative Route to Licenser) to teach in this state. The best part is we will have an extra $1,000 a month for the next 24 weeks and most likely next semester as well which officially will put chiropractic on the side. If my husbands profession were a plate of food the hospital job would still be the main meat, the teaching position his potatoes, and chiropractic is officially a side! It is still on there and will remain such to serve those handful of people who seek his services but we will no longer be scraping and pining for patients like we have up to this point! Our ultimate plan is for my husband to get a full time position teaching and doing clinic in the evenings eliminating the hospital all together! It will be worth it! I am so happy. Cheers to a future where teaching and chiropractic become a beautiful entree that provides us with security, stability, and financial satisfaction we so desperately have been longing for!!!

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