Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventures in Home Office

All the summer fun has finally caught up to me and I have been living with a mild upper respiratory infection for a week! Yesterday and today my husband has orientation all day at the High School he will be teaching at which bleeds in to his evening shift at the hospital so we haven't seen him! For some odd reason, despite my running at 50% I completely reorganized and moved things around in our living room providing a place for my husband to see patients here. I emailed the accountant to see what we need to do and he said as long as we are pulling in under $10,000 a year providing chiropractic services then he can file it under sole proprietor next tax season. That is a lot of wiggle room for us seeing how this year alone chiropractic has probably brought in, if I am being honest around $1500.
We have two kids. My oldest starts the 2nd grade next week and my youngest starts afternoon kindergarten the week after. I had imagined working as a medical assistant again during school hours for nothing but fun money but I am not available hardly at all when I really look in to it...yet. So, I have decided to just work for my husband again and already started business card designs on Vista Print and intend to focus on our limited balut chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional services from home. This time, in order to maintain joy in this arena I am limiting his entire practice to 20 people. That is it. Liability for 20 golden patients who are a pleasure to service! No more desperate sloppy care and flaky patients. Once we have our footing on the 20 and my husbands schedule clears up we will go 50. We will charge $35 a visit and I will manage our Standard Process branch too! Standard Process is whole food nutrition supplementation only distributed by healthcare professionals. The farm is in the USA and has maintains the highest standards to ensure quality and efficacy for which their products are required.
In the few minutes in passing I was with my husband this morning I asked him if any of his new colleagues knew he was a chiropractor. He smiled big and told me no sooner had he walked into orientation yesterday that a guy walked right up to him and asked him if he was the chiropractor! He also asked my husband if he took their insurance! According to their benefits packet they cover 20 visits with a $35 co-pay. On our end we'd expect another $20-$40 after me sending in claims and being on the phone all day which I have no interest in doing! My husband told him that he didn't but that he would take their co-pay price. So he already has a reputation and he already has interested prospective patients and I find myself getting the bug to sign my husband up as their insurance provider! What am I thinking!!!!?!
Whatever I am thinking I am not delusional enough to know we want chiropractic to ever be our bread and butter. When chiropractic has taken that role it is nothing but misery for our little family. All consumed chiropractic chaos! Stress. Yelling at the kids to be quiet. Constantly wondering if you'll be busy next month or next week. Oh, the horror that we lived and will never, ever go back to! From now on chiropractic will be on our terms and more of a hobby. We won't complain if it makes money!
If this little venture turns out to keep me busy enough as a self employed chiropractor's wife I will just continue doing it henceforth. If it turns out to be a joke and we find ourselves living around his roller table and adjustment table and wellness decor for nothing we will move it all out and I will take a medical assisting job next fall around my kids school schedule for fun!


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  2. I'm glad to hear that your chiropractic offices are going good! I've been trying to start my own chiropractic office for the longest time now. Do you have any advice for starting out in the chiropractic world?