Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Positive

Some recent scans of my blog might lead people to believe I am negative and anti-chiropractic so today I make some time to post something positive about chiropractic. Yesterday my husband took some time out to adjust me, and our two little creations right in our living room. It felt good. I don't know what a headache is, or what dis-ease is. We have been traumatizing our nervous systems with germy fun as we frequent the local amusement park and recover from 2 day family vacation road trip in the sun in California last week! I am shocked that they haven't gotten ill. Then again, I am not. If chiropractic is all dogma and placebo how is it my children remain unscathed year, after year, after year.....? They don't know the difference between an adjustment and a hug or a back scratch! We have eaten poorly making ICEE's from 7-11 a more frequent occurrence this summer! While we have Standard Process supplements available my kids avoid their vitamin all the time! My husband and I are more diligent and it must be that and our adjustments that keep us walking on sunshine! My daughter fell out of a second story window earlier this summer and we took her to the ER and she was completely fine. I would love to credit chiropractic with that too but honestly, it was just plane ole' good luck and our strawberries in potted plants that broke her fall! But who knows, perhaps flexibility was paramount due to her lifetime chiropractic care!?

What else.... hum.... oh! A new patient is coming in Thursday! Let's see, and he made $30 in clinic today! He also applied for a higher paying position at the hospital while we continue to wait for his office to pick up or for something better to come along whether in or out of chiropractic!

Texas board of chiropractic examiners still hasn't gotten back to us on whether or not his licenser application was approved. Once approved, he can take a test and be officially licensed there in addition to Utah and Colorado. It's expensive to be legal! No wonders so many try to avert the system! I may end up calling them even though they specifically ask us not to! ha ha

In closing today, I hope you can feel my positive energy through tingly sensations all over your body! If nothing else, I am so, so, so honored and thankful that my husband has been down this long road and paid as much as a house for the knowledge to be able to benefit us. That is certainly worth it! Jeff Foxworthy jokes, "We may be going hungry but we got tuuuunes!" I can match that joke, "We may be going hungry but we got adjustments!!"

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