Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Rolfing or KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration)

What a beautiful 4th of July! We were at a street festival in SugarHouse today and I picked up a brochure that looked like a chiropractic office but it was actually a massage therapist who offered what sounded like chiropractic philosophy 101!? How can this be? The first visit was $55 and included structural posture photos to be compared to post treatment and the similar services offered health benefits that chiropractic patients benefit from! She basically practiced Rolfing.
My first thought was a very ironic flashback to the Salem City a run to remember where we had a booth as premier sponsors and I was asked what the difference was between my husband and a massage therapist. It is nice to finally have a reference point to understand how ANYONE could confuse the two professions. With massage therapists able to get results that chiropractic can get it is no wonders in places like Boulder, Colorado where the mind-body connection is so spot on people are finding their yoga, acupuncture, and massage alone is aligning their spine without the need of a chiropractor.
I am torn because on one hand I see this sort of progress as revolutionary and awesome. On the other, it makes me feel so sorry for my husband for spending so much money on a wonderful education when he could have just set up a cracker jack box and spend 1/8th of the price to do what he already does now after a LMT and some weekend seminars. Live and learn!
On a brighter note, we saw The Joint and its owner and I got to personally tell them how I think their concept is spectacular. I wish them well. With concepts like The Joint we are one step closer to accessibility, price, and time that patients want to continue to live in a world that includes chiropractic!


  1. Hey you guys, and look what I got just now from my most favorite LMT:
    ONE Hour. ONE Principle. ONE Big Change!

    Get your body in order from top to bottom

    Change the way you think about your body

    You’ll learn
    · How you are actually creating the pain in your body
    · How to eliminate the pain you feel NOW
    · How to increase your ability to move
    · How to work with your body instead of against it
    · How to get your body to work with you

    All by applying one fundamental principle

    Fundamental Alignment is meant for you if you suffer from;

    · Headaches
    · Muscle stiffness
    · Joint pain
    · Neck pain or tension
    · Shoulder, arm, or wrist pain or tension
    · Back pain or tension
    · Knee pain
    · Foot pain

    Or you just want to increase your ability to play longer in life!

    Fundamental Alignment

  2. Wow it has been awhile since I checked your site. Well I can see your husband really wants to make it in this dying field. I thought by now he would have woke up bur Logan did a great job fooling him. I get it when you spend that much money you have to learn to love something that only 7% of the public is using chiro. 15 years it took me wake up and get out of this so I could make real money not 50k.

  3. So what may I ask did you do after 15 years of chiro disenfranchisement so my husband can get right on that!? Also, if you gave it 15 years why are you so shocked he hasn't moved on in just shy of 3 years out of school? Believe me, *I* am ready for him to move on now no matter!

  4. Well I did make a lot Of money doing this BS field. I got The hell out because I could not sell the lie anymore. I told my wife when I get my student loans paid off I am out Of this corrupt field. The problem you are going
    To have is your husband loves this field is sounds like. I knew I was screwed in second third or fourth tri when all my frat buddies were cracking each others necks like they knew what they were doing. Sitting in class listening to wackos like strang and then I knew this field was full of
    It but I was already 40 grand into it so I figured I better make
    This shit work. If I was 3 or 4 years into it and
    Not making money I would be running.

  5. It is easy for me to think it is just chiropractic but it seems like all of our friends are struggling: lawyers new grads, dentists, MBA's, and such. Yes, my husband loves what he does but he doesn't get to do what he loves because he is not in demand. He also isn't a business man. We would love marketing a lot more if we actually had a budget! ha ha!! In the mean time we're happy and thankful that we have that hospital job with Intermountain Healthcare and are enjoying life despite it! If anyone knows a viable direction he can go that doesn't require him to start over in school we are all ears!

  6. We are starting to branch out for more income after 14 years in practice. Real States to flip and rent. We had been learning how to set them up. One of our friend lawyer is totally just doing this. Anyway I hope you guys get TX license soon.

  7. Thanks Enid! My neighbor keeps inviting us to a real estate seminar with his lawyer pal. Unfortunately kids aren't invited and my husband's schedule won't permit it. Either way, it just really isn't in our stars! GOOD News though, he has 2 interviews. One is for a promotion in the department he is in now at the hospital and the other one is a nutritional position with the state for an adult care facility. It starts at 40K. If he gets the state one we may move about 20 min south of where we are now and I may contemplate a home office set up so he can practice on Fridays. We shall see.......