Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Got tubes in your kids ears? Great!!

I was in Texas a couple years ago when my brothers wife was telling me her child was scheduled for tubes due to frequent ear infections. I literally gasped and told her she should take her to a chiropractor instead of having a foreign crap that doesn't work get put in her baby! Mind you, I was in full practice ownership mode and passionate! She did and canceled the surgery all within 48 hours of having the conversation and to date her baby is now a healthy happy tube free 3 year old!
Flash forward earlier this year a facebook conversation with a friend whos daughter is 8 and has had tubes 2 times to date:

Status Says: "Traded on set of Steroids for another. Hopefully this one will prevent surgery for {daughters name}."

Chiropractors wife says: "If you ever get tired of surgery and drugs consider a chiropractor. {Sister in law's} her daughters tube surgery scheduled and tried chiropractic the day or two before and got to cancel the surgery altogether. She gets care casually an..."

Different friend: "had that done as a child and was able to cancel her tube surgery as well."

Original friend: "I may check into that. I'm very hopeful that the nasal spray works. We are on CHIPs so Chiro is not covered and {husband} in school, we may not be able to afford it. Really hesitant about putting tubes back in and so is the Dr. The surgery for the first tubes cause her first psoriasis flair up and we just got her weened off her steroids. I just don't want to go through that whole process again."

Chiropractors Wife: "That Chiro Wellness cafe (Texas) seriously will take $1 a visit if that is ALL you have. You have nothing to lose but some gas to get her over there! She looks really approachable too (the doc)! A Win Win!"

So my husband's sister has a baby who is just under a year old who already was born with serious hearing loss. What a slap in the face to find she is just today having tubes put in her ears! My husbands family obviously don't have any respect for him, his opinion, his education, his skills, and his willingness to provide them with FREE care to see that this sort of thing, especially, is avoided. I haven't met a mother yet who has tried chiropractic care to avoid tubes in the ears that were not successful. Perhaps they are out there but I don't know any. I am of corse open to hearing from a mother or father who gave chiropractic a shot and ultimately got the tubes anyway! This same sister in law is dating a insurance underwriter who at my birthday dinner thought my husband a nerd and later joked that there was food on the floor I can take home to him. Nice. It is easier to be indifferent to friends but family is hard to ignore.

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