Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Dr Hogarth:

I really, REALLY don't know what it is about human nature that causes us to spare one another time and time again of the reality we live. I suppose it is to save face in professional surfaces. I mean, what a nightmare it would be for my other Chiropractor wives to know that we financially make very little from chiropractic! Oh the horror if someone were to know our secret! I wish everyone could be more honest. Isn't that what society and relationships are all about? I don't waste my time lying or stretching the truth. It seems to me if more people were honest we wouldn't be here in the first place!! We would probably be 3 years into an Associate position somewhere in the USA!

My husband was not the 4.0 of his class but he was in the top 3 most spectacular students in his class. He was class president, and master of Logan Basic technique not to mention he was also clinicians assistant at his student clinic. The physician that presided over his student clinic was Dr Bill Hogarth who my husband holds in high esteem. Out of the clear blue sky he emailed my husband a simple "How are things going?". I think that is nice to check in on some of your favorite students a few years down the road and can only suspect he does this out of genuine concern and curiosity! My husband replied this:

Things here are going okay. I wish I could say things were perfect, but we're in a tough economy right now, but we're plugging along making ends meet. Are you still at Logan? at St. Peters? How are things there? Thanks for all you did for me/us students. I still repeat things that you said that made a lot of sense to me. Those little pearls go a long way. Hope to hear from you soon,

To which Dr Hogarth was "glad to hear things are going well."

If I were my husband I would have replied this instead:

Hi Doc! Things are going really well because I have an awesome wife and two adorable kids who love and support me and are really great at staying in budget!! The practice we purchased right out of school went under last Dec and I am currently making a few dollars over minimum wage at the local hospital to provide for my family. We look forward to greener pastures every day while enjoying right where we are. I am an independent contractor at a local clinic in the community a few mornings a week but even with a 60/40 split in my favor has been for the most part less of a clinic and more of a waiting room. Waiting for patients who don't come, waiting to practice my craft waiting to benefit from a most excellent and expensive education! I long for the days to be part of busy clinic such as student clinic! I trust you are doing well there and loving the steady income and bonus's the school hopefully awards you for keeping your numbers! If you know of any job openings please send them my way!"

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