Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Approaching the bureaucrat

I couldn't resist touching base with the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners as to why we haven't gotten the green light to take the jurisprudence test and have my husband licensed by now! I didn't have the heart or patience to call but an email did the trick. The girl in charge of this sort of thing was nice enough to let me know they are just waiting on transcripts from Dixie State College and Utah State University.
Now it comes down to a chiropractors wife "I told you so" as the impossible application did specifically say transcripts should be sent "FROM EACH INSTITUTION" that the applicant attended. My husband figured the chiro school one would be sufficient as it INCLUDES all of his previous transcripts. So here we are. The funny thing is he has never been to Utah State University so Texas will never ever get one from there! However, he has gone to Utah Valley University formally known as Utah Valley State College. So add that to the list! I am sure that both these schools will charge us for these transcript requests which means it will have to wait because we have absolutely no money right now. None. I know, I know, it is indeed pay day but the entire check went to August's rent (and wasn't even enough for it technically)! The good news is rent is paid and we have enough food in the house for 2 weeks and our amusement park season passes still work as does the rec center passes and Netflix so we have everything we need!

I do look forward to the days that we don't have to dodge invites to lunches, dinners, movies, cool play-dates at bounce houses, BBQs, etc due to insufficient funds! I have a very good feeling that those days are right within reach! Ever since we decided that we don't want to move and want to settle here and raise the kids HERE he has been getting interviews for better situations! Being on the same page is such a rewarding phenomenon indeed!

Now, stop reading this and go get adjusted!

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