Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Illness Trends

Is it just me or is it fashionable to have an ailment these days? I really hope I am not just coincidentally over hearing conversations when I am out and about because I am a chiropractors wife! Sickness is cool! Even if it isn't you, it is your parents or kids or cousin or neighbor. When we hear the name Lance Armstrong most of us think Cancer-live strong-tour de France but Cancer survivor first!? When will it be cool to be fit, unmedicated, well, and spritely? Colors are being highjacked for various ailments and conditions left and right! I can't even keep track! I am not trying to minimize the severity of those who are in reality suffering but its getting lost in a sea of causes, concerns, and conditions these days!

My husband told a teen at an amusement park today to see a chiropractor when he overheard her complaining about something and she said, "I can't my mom won't let me, she said I am still growing." My husband then said, "The youngest patient I ever adjusted was hours old." The teen reaffirmed he parents won't let her and he simply said, "That's too bad." You know what? It really IS to bad! In my opinion, every person on the planet would benefit from a simple adjustment! It never ceases to amaze me how audacious people are when it comes to knowing about chiropractic. They know more than my husband because you can't possibly benefit children by popping their backs when they are still growing! I mean, circumcise them, pull their tonsils, put tubes in their ears, vaccinate them, medicate them but by golly don't ever think about taking them to a chiropractor where nothing synthetic is used to help their bodies heal themselves!

Sometimes I think I have no idea just how stacked the odds are against us and our chosen passion! Perhaps a Parker Seminar attendance would fix me and my husbands attitudes right up! Nothing like a bog ole Texas size dose of chiropractic pride to pump us up sky high to inebriate us from all these illness trends!

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