Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Chiropractic Blues

Weeks ago after my Yoga class at the Murray Park Center I picked up a free 'Healthy Utah' magazine. I was so excited to see such a publication existed and soaked up the articles. Near the front they have a editorial advisory board with many MDs, some dentists, yoga expert, RD, and even one ND but no chiropractors (DC) whatsoever. Given the fact that my world is largely made up of an awareness of chiropractors because I am married to one my heart started to beat fast and I found myself to feel the publication illegitimate. Chiropractors know wellness and prevention so much better than so many professionals swimming in discomfort and disease. While I am aware most people don't consider them unless in pain, I am telling you that they do health and prevention better than pain! My blood boiled and I wrote the editor an email. I can't seem to find it which is a shame because it was splendid! I felt like my words were on paper like a sword of truth swiping through the bull and avenging chiropractic! My main beef was that they had not 1 DC on their editorial advisory board. I didn't hear back from them and was content because it was less for them and more for me to 'feel' better about it all. I wanted to let them know I can't take their publication seriously at all when it lacks any mention of chiropractic beyond where you can find their publications!
I got a personal call from a delightful marketing representative from the magazine who was forwarded the email and asked to handle it by her editor. She listened to my concerns and agreed it needs more chiropractors. It turns out that the reason it lacks chiropractors is basically chiropractors in this state's fault! To be on the editorial advisory board one must first sign up with news channel 4's health directory and then contribute in some way with an article or interview, and pay about $1,000 a month. Oh, well that explains it. She was kind enough to spend a significant amount of time talking to my husband about it. Sure, we can be on the editorial advisory board, IF...... and frankly, we can't afford it although it would be REALLY REALLY cool.
After some investigating it appears Healthy Utah, more specifically channel 4 does and excellent job getting it right about chiropractic. Under their Wellness tab the very top is chiropractic so someone did their homework! We have added my husband to the directory which is free and I am pleased to say I am quite appeased! My husband wrote an article about the top 10 misconceptions about chiropractic that probably won't get anywhere but that is okay.
Flash forward to yesterday in Salt Lake. My husband was invited to attend a University Of Utah demonstration of a new spinal surgery procedure that is to impress. Among the DC's in attendance was the president of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association Dr Roller. My husband knew him but he didn't know my husband and he asked him if he was a member of the UCPA. My husband said no. Dr Roller asked why and my husband told him it was because he doesn't have an extra $400+ to throw at that every year. Then he told my husband he can do $35+ or so a month instead. Maybe. Then he followed up letting my husband know that the UCPA single handedly defended and succeeded in allowing chiropractors in this state to retain the ability to call themselves "Doctors" and continue to use cold laser in practice. Wow. Let that sink in a minute. The UCPA did that for my husband? Holy $hit! We should be finding the $4000 a year to flood over to them! ((((that was sarcasm))))

Here's the vent of the week: If this state or any other prohibits a person who earns a "Doctorate of Chiropractic" to not call themselves "Doctors" I want a new diploma that omits the word Doctor. I also want an immediate optional stance offered to C's (that means Chiropractors without the Doctorate in front of the title) making it possible for them to practice without mal practice insurance, an immediate ridiculously drastic cut in the price of a modern chiropractic education, and 4 parts of the national board exams eliminated, AND a immediate emancipation from all student loan balances.

I also feel like Dr Roller has interesting things to say to any DC he meets practicing in this state who is not part of the UCPA regarding the accomplishments of the UCPA. How can this chiropractors wife verify the said accomplishments? I am not sure that I can! Maybe he can explain to me why the UCPA doesn't advertise in Healthy Utah or why a DC is not on its editorial board, or have commercials educating the state on what chiropractors are and how much schooling they have. THAT is worth $400 a year. Not my husband, and hundreds of others having to work full time at the local hospital or elsewhere to make ends meet outside of their beloved profession in this state.

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