Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Holy Cats! What a process Texas puts my husband through to be able to have the privilege to practice the craft of chiropractic there legally! The application fee alone was $385 (+.50 cents for Money order) and it was extensive compared to Utah and Colorado. His smiling face required on a passport photo glued or taped to the upper right hand corner ($10) is the cherry on top. The specific requirement to use BLUE ink to fill out the actual application was funny to me but then again blue is my favorite color so it works. The finger print aspect is troubling because we had to request a card from Texas and just today took it to the police department to have filled out ($5). The funny thing is they only process finger prints Monday-Friday 10-11am. We had no idea what time it was when we got there but to our delight it was within that hour of the day which is a miracle considering I usually don't see my husband before 11am unless I go bed hunting for him! When we presented the card to the police that Texas had us send for it looked like theirs. The officer had to cover the top of the one we gave him because their system is all computerized and we filled it out by hand prior to arriving. Long story short, we have 2 cards we are sending the background check people with our $44.20. Hopefully one of them is approved. If not, it delays the entire process up to 30 days. In this packet is 3 separate forms from 3 different chiropractors who have known my husband at least a year and were licensed chiropractors themselves which was free but a pain to go get done. Luckily we have a loot of professional friends around! The notary was free at our credit union but was a pain also probably because it was pouring down rain today when we decided to get this all done. We included a madatory copy of his DC diploma which I had on hand so that was free as well! Once all of our national testing transcripts $25, and school transcripts $5, and letters of recommendations from the professional boards of Utah ($25) and Colorado ($0) arrive in Texas and they process it: assuming we didn't miss something and our background check passes, we will get told that it is a green light to have my husband take the Texas jurisprudence exam ($150). Once that is passed we will expect a honorary Texas license. Grand Total For us when all is said and done.....Approximately (because I didn't report postage which was all in all about $5) $644.70 Ye Haw!!!

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