Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sink or Swim

I have found my place on Sunday's at the Inner Light Center here in Murray, Utah. I haven't made any friends yet because I am so new and typically preoccupied with my two children to really reach out and meet people. Today a woman named Susan befriended me. I really like the name Susan and always say if I ever had another girl we would name her Susan Marie. When I told her my name she said, "You know, if I could relive that stage of my life and had girl I would name her Sophia." This struck me as very coincidental and I told her how honestly I feel that very same way about her name! As she got to know me she started glowing when I told her about my husband being a Chiropractor and how he does Acupuncture as well and and and I continued about how I really desired to live here but he just isn't making a living here and how he has to work at the local hospital and and and and you know the story!
Well, she just so happens to be an advertising agent or something for Value Pages and is excited about helping us tell Salt Lake about my good husband! Immediately all the horrors of advertising during those business ownership days flooded my mind and my mouth got sour. I also recall my husband's biggest complaint about the clinic he is currently at is the gross spending on marketing and such that reap ZERO rewards. Then a second thought embracing the fact he is an independent contractor of a beautiful June ad and July complete with coupons introducing my husband to the community as a last ditch effort to make this place work. We will bite the bullet and execute an ad with our last $500 cash with a kiss and a prayer that it will at the very least end up paying for itself. Give Salt Lake a chance to shine brighter than that small rural town ever did! 60K people will get this ad 2 months in a row. It will be our last ditch effort to make it here! Susan's last words were, "We'll take care of you." It felt good. We plan on having several Saturday open houses to meet my husband offering spinal screenings, free nutritional evaluations, kosher hot dogs, balloons and I may even dress up like a clown and stand on the street!

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