Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Friday, May 13, 2011


My husband and I took a time out in Las Vegas for a couple of nights this week. I let him know how I really, REALLY love living where we are now with the exception of our home which I actually do love but know it is too practical for us for any more time than perhaps another year because my kids share a room and are not the same gender. I can work around that for a time but ideally when our lease is up we can be in a freestanding 3 bedroom home. I think we both are going to try and make this location work but we understand that chiropractic will HAVE to take the back burner as a price to choosing to stay. IN Las Vegas we were hanging out with my brother and sister in law who live in Texas. Both of them thought my husband could make a living there. Even my husband knowing we could own a home for under a 100K in Texas was getting him leaning in that direction again. I really think I could live there again, and raise kiddos there but I honestly have to say, whatever position he takes there needs to be sound in order to move. IN Utah he has to work a completely different career to provide us with a home. IN Texas, I think it would need to be exclusively chiropractic, or something guaranteed. Or at least a growing list of people who will commit to being his patient once a month!
My husbands current office just had a ribbon cutting hosted by a city right next door. It felt good to mingle and help set up for that. Their office is still too slow for comfort. I half expect it to be out of business by the end of summer if I don't step it up and start marketing for them. Who knows....

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  1. Hello Sophia,
    I am a chiropractor's wife and administrator for two clinics in Texas. I found your blog while preparing a job description for our CA's. We are looking for an associate. If your family is serious about moving to Texas, I would love to speak with you about an opportunity we have available. You can check out our website at and Google us (David Luquette, D.C. and Teresa Luquette) You can reach me at for more information.