Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sink or Swim

I have found my place on Sunday's at the Inner Light Center here in Murray, Utah. I haven't made any friends yet because I am so new and typically preoccupied with my two children to really reach out and meet people. Today a woman named Susan befriended me. I really like the name Susan and always say if I ever had another girl we would name her Susan Marie. When I told her my name she said, "You know, if I could relive that stage of my life and had girl I would name her Sophia." This struck me as very coincidental and I told her how honestly I feel that very same way about her name! As she got to know me she started glowing when I told her about my husband being a Chiropractor and how he does Acupuncture as well and and and I continued about how I really desired to live here but he just isn't making a living here and how he has to work at the local hospital and and and and you know the story!
Well, she just so happens to be an advertising agent or something for Value Pages and is excited about helping us tell Salt Lake about my good husband! Immediately all the horrors of advertising during those business ownership days flooded my mind and my mouth got sour. I also recall my husband's biggest complaint about the clinic he is currently at is the gross spending on marketing and such that reap ZERO rewards. Then a second thought embracing the fact he is an independent contractor of a beautiful June ad and July complete with coupons introducing my husband to the community as a last ditch effort to make this place work. We will bite the bullet and execute an ad with our last $500 cash with a kiss and a prayer that it will at the very least end up paying for itself. Give Salt Lake a chance to shine brighter than that small rural town ever did! 60K people will get this ad 2 months in a row. It will be our last ditch effort to make it here! Susan's last words were, "We'll take care of you." It felt good. We plan on having several Saturday open houses to meet my husband offering spinal screenings, free nutritional evaluations, kosher hot dogs, balloons and I may even dress up like a clown and stand on the street!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Age

Last night I was watching episodes of that show produced by Morgan Spurlock called '30 DAYS'. I only watched the episodes I found to be most appealing as they are all sitting on Netflix commercial free at my disposal. One of the ones I watched was where an overweight, stressed out, ex football player, divorced salesman was to subscribe to a life coach and engage in elements of the New Age movement for the next 30 days. His girlfriend was a hardcore Christian and extremely apprehensive about her man taking on this project.
I didn't know what New Age was and was shocked to find it was basically Yoga, Reiki, Paganism, Acupuncture, Chakras, Oils, and holistic or alternative medicine. Half of my brain was sure that chiropractic was boxed in to this New Age package and the other half felt there was no way. Spurlock takes some minutes to talk to the editor and founder of Skeptic magazine who is the only one who sputters the word chiropractic and is vehemently opposed to ALL of it!! Go figure!
Funny side note though, I have been known to throw the "New Age" title out when meeting strangers or when new LDS(Mormon) friends are getting to know our family. I tend to describe my philosophy in life as "New Age Psycho Babble" even though I didn't really know what it was! All I knew is where we owned and operated our clinic for 2 years was a small Utah town full of homeschooling, gun toting, God fearing, doomsday conservative right wingers and I would make teaching suggestions when they were leaving our clinic, I would typically hear "That sounds like New Age Psyco Bapple." In the slow hours of our clinic I took it upon myself to read most EVERYTHING in our lending library and completely blame my consciousness change on that!
The chiropractic profession seems split because most chiropractors want to be seen as the rehab spine specialists and get the respect a podiatrist would get towards the feet but for spine while the others that admittedly my husband seems to be camped with is this New Age flock. He offers Acupuncture, nutritional support, and relentless teaching (as Dr Means teacher) that the mind and body is connected and that staying adjusted is less about pain and more about benefits of strong immunity and optimal function.
Sometimes I think we belong in Oregon or Colorado with like-minded New Age junkies but those places are saturated with chiropractors and New Age practitioners! This episode made an interesting highlight of a New York hospital that offers its patients Reiki and acupuncture (no mention of Chiropractic, surprised?) free to their patients. The MD interviewed who is in charge of that program within the hospital said she can't stand when her colleagues dismiss these alternatives as viable integrative options in the name of lack of proof or research when many of their own traditional overused therapies lack the same research! Bravo! The patients interviewed KNOW the alternatives helped and knew what to ask for when blood work would reveal a dip in white blood cells and such! It was amazing to hear.
So this dude on 30 DAYS ended up changing and the girlfriend relaxing when she was involved in finally meeting his life coach! In the end he walked on fire and took and left some of his experiences. It was funny to see an MD he went to go see give him acupuncture complete with cupping! The girlfriend was ticked off! She was very skeptical but in the end happy with the results.

New Age is also ironically the exact opposite. VERY VERY OLD AGE to be exact. None of these New Age modalities are new but ancient techniques! Even chiropractic's roots seem to correlate with bone setting back in the day. Beliefs aside I am for whatever has results and has the path of least resistance. I also think the modern world needs the old age/"new age" stuff more than ever!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Holy Cats! What a process Texas puts my husband through to be able to have the privilege to practice the craft of chiropractic there legally! The application fee alone was $385 (+.50 cents for Money order) and it was extensive compared to Utah and Colorado. His smiling face required on a passport photo glued or taped to the upper right hand corner ($10) is the cherry on top. The specific requirement to use BLUE ink to fill out the actual application was funny to me but then again blue is my favorite color so it works. The finger print aspect is troubling because we had to request a card from Texas and just today took it to the police department to have filled out ($5). The funny thing is they only process finger prints Monday-Friday 10-11am. We had no idea what time it was when we got there but to our delight it was within that hour of the day which is a miracle considering I usually don't see my husband before 11am unless I go bed hunting for him! When we presented the card to the police that Texas had us send for it looked like theirs. The officer had to cover the top of the one we gave him because their system is all computerized and we filled it out by hand prior to arriving. Long story short, we have 2 cards we are sending the background check people with our $44.20. Hopefully one of them is approved. If not, it delays the entire process up to 30 days. In this packet is 3 separate forms from 3 different chiropractors who have known my husband at least a year and were licensed chiropractors themselves which was free but a pain to go get done. Luckily we have a loot of professional friends around! The notary was free at our credit union but was a pain also probably because it was pouring down rain today when we decided to get this all done. We included a madatory copy of his DC diploma which I had on hand so that was free as well! Once all of our national testing transcripts $25, and school transcripts $5, and letters of recommendations from the professional boards of Utah ($25) and Colorado ($0) arrive in Texas and they process it: assuming we didn't miss something and our background check passes, we will get told that it is a green light to have my husband take the Texas jurisprudence exam ($150). Once that is passed we will expect a honorary Texas license. Grand Total For us when all is said and done.....Approximately (because I didn't report postage which was all in all about $5) $644.70 Ye Haw!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


My husband and I took a time out in Las Vegas for a couple of nights this week. I let him know how I really, REALLY love living where we are now with the exception of our home which I actually do love but know it is too practical for us for any more time than perhaps another year because my kids share a room and are not the same gender. I can work around that for a time but ideally when our lease is up we can be in a freestanding 3 bedroom home. I think we both are going to try and make this location work but we understand that chiropractic will HAVE to take the back burner as a price to choosing to stay. IN Las Vegas we were hanging out with my brother and sister in law who live in Texas. Both of them thought my husband could make a living there. Even my husband knowing we could own a home for under a 100K in Texas was getting him leaning in that direction again. I really think I could live there again, and raise kiddos there but I honestly have to say, whatever position he takes there needs to be sound in order to move. IN Utah he has to work a completely different career to provide us with a home. IN Texas, I think it would need to be exclusively chiropractic, or something guaranteed. Or at least a growing list of people who will commit to being his patient once a month!
My husbands current office just had a ribbon cutting hosted by a city right next door. It felt good to mingle and help set up for that. Their office is still too slow for comfort. I half expect it to be out of business by the end of summer if I don't step it up and start marketing for them. Who knows....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Now Hiring

I just wanted to say my husband applied for 6 civil service Chiropractic Physician jobs on various Air Force bases sprinkling from Oklahoma City to Nebraska, and Virginia, and Maryland and more! I really, Really hope he gets one. It is what we've been dreaming of at this point. Salary, benefits, and endless need for his skills.
There was one we attempted to apply for and I thought you would be surprised to know that while you can precede an application with Dr and it asks for credential options that the pick list has everything under the sun except for DC. Story of our lives!! Honestly, it sometimes feels like this profession and those who enter it are in the Twilight Zone......