Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Park City, Utah

Yesterday I accompanied my husband on a scope out operation. We saw an ad for an associate seeking doc in Park City. We are 20 minutes from there so rather than think about it we just went to investigate. We found the office pretty quickly and I went to the car with my preschooler princess. My brief observation before ditching my husband was the beauty of the office and its vast emptiness. Boy have we been there! I like seeing the guy had a receptionist. Park City is beautiful but I really like living in Murray.

To my surprise, my husband spent a fair amount of time in the guys office before returning to the car. He said the guy adjusts well and has been out 9 years. I mentioned the empty office and he said that the doc was actually finishing up with one when he got there and a new one was getting processed when he was finished talking. All in all my husband, while he did like it, wasn't "feeling it". So he took me to a posh lunch there! Being a chiropractors wife sure has its benefits!

Our situation right now is completely bearable so we are in no rush to change, it is just fun to entertain the prospects. Both of us would like to see him making money at what he actually went to school for! Is that even possible? He applied to a handful more local teaching jobs as his ARL (Alternative Route To Licenser) in this state is still in effect and pending at the "GET HIRED" step!!

We did hear back, well, sort of... from the Fort Worth, Texas associate seeking prospect. Someone responded "I like this guy" or something like that but we haven't heard anything beyond that obscure reply. Should my husband interview down yonder and even take a position, I have already decided we aren't moving this family anywhere until the end of Dec. I have plenty of friends and family my husband can rent a room from down there with and support us from afar to make sure he landed a position that 1) actually pays and 2) he really likes.


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