Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Licenser to the 3rd Power

As it is now, my husband is licensed in the state of Utah and Colorado. It has been on our list to get a Texas license as well. Most of my immediate family lives there and my husband never feels comfortable adjusting anyone because he isn't licensed there! Yeah, he's a NERD!! The funny irony is, there are a loot of jobs for Associate doctors to be found at any given moment in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex! The other irony is my family alone has dropped more money on chiropractic care than my husbands entire family and extended family combined in the years he has been a chiropractor. Combine this and the fact Texas has no income tax and plenty of people to go around and you have a recipe for a lifestyle that is hard not to seriously consider!
We would have instant friends and family and I know I could sell the kids on it if I took them down for a visit. On the other hand, man oh man do I love Murray (Utah). I love our life here but I do miss my husband. I feel like a single parent, but it always feels this way for stay at home mom's! The men pull in 8-10 hour shifts no matter their profession! I was lucky to be is partner right after school and soak up hours by his side in the chiropractic trenches! It was nice to set our own hours and such but there was a huge price we paid for that called Destitution!!
Perhaps we can put up with the tornados and hail, nasty drinking water and heat for a more comfortable lifestyle and friends! Who knows, it may be the best move we ever make!


  1. I'm sure Texas would love to get y'all back.

  2. Best move would be have your husband stop wasting your families time and money and get the hell out of chiroville. Until he gets OUT he will never be truly happy. I k ow this and your husband knows this moving again is not going to change things for him in the chiro world.

  3. David, my husband is just shy of 3 years out of school so he still has the zeal and hope. Perhaps having the paid associate experience will give him the insight to move on to other things! Either way, it would be nice to see how it feels to actually get paid for something he spent so much time and money on in school! We just want enough to pay our bills! He will work on being a certified teacher one way or another. If he lands a teaching job here we will just stay the course.

  4. Well good luck. Do not let Him waste much time. I spent 14 years in this worthless career. Wait until obama care kicks in. My wife
    Got back from a executive meetings with CEOs with insurance companies about the new national healthcare and I am advising you to have your husband to
    Take action and get out. This is going to
    Crush this
    Field. I guess if getting paid 18 bucks
    An hour max with no
    Benifits or insurance is
    What he is ok with then go for it. Hopefully he will not be the bitch and have to do all the Humiliating mall screenings.