Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insufficient Funds

The practice my husband works with doesn't have rent money for next month- yet. Please take a moment and look at the calendar! I am pretty sure the clinic owes my husband about $300 which we won't expect. My husband and I have been there so we are not upset in the least. To our credit, while we were in business having no mountain of money to draw on we didn't experience not having rent until month 25 in practice. We probably did so because both of us were hell bent on making it at least 2 years just because we felt nobody thought we could! Once we reached that I think I gave up and actually withdrew help more than ever in the office which, ultimately, killed it.
What is nice and miserable is the fact my husband and I feel comfortable right now. I am at home full time and have no pressure- except for today to some extent, to market for the office he is employed with. Economy aside, I just really don't think most people know what a chiropractor does. I also don't feel it should be my responsibility or my husbands to tell them. The profession itself needs to get their shit together. It is really outrageous and becoming a huge regret! I read some advice where someone was inquiring whether to go into this field or not and it was from a patient who said, "If you do go into this field, do it to help people, not for the money!" What a noble man or woman to endure such expensive, exhausting, grueling road to help people and work at Mc Donald's at the same time so to speak so one can eat, have shelter, and clothing. It makes my husband that much more attractive on one hand but it is hard to have a front row seat sending him to that awful hospital job. He deserves better than that.

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