Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insufficient Funds

The practice my husband works with doesn't have rent money for next month- yet. Please take a moment and look at the calendar! I am pretty sure the clinic owes my husband about $300 which we won't expect. My husband and I have been there so we are not upset in the least. To our credit, while we were in business having no mountain of money to draw on we didn't experience not having rent until month 25 in practice. We probably did so because both of us were hell bent on making it at least 2 years just because we felt nobody thought we could! Once we reached that I think I gave up and actually withdrew help more than ever in the office which, ultimately, killed it.
What is nice and miserable is the fact my husband and I feel comfortable right now. I am at home full time and have no pressure- except for today to some extent, to market for the office he is employed with. Economy aside, I just really don't think most people know what a chiropractor does. I also don't feel it should be my responsibility or my husbands to tell them. The profession itself needs to get their shit together. It is really outrageous and becoming a huge regret! I read some advice where someone was inquiring whether to go into this field or not and it was from a patient who said, "If you do go into this field, do it to help people, not for the money!" What a noble man or woman to endure such expensive, exhausting, grueling road to help people and work at Mc Donald's at the same time so to speak so one can eat, have shelter, and clothing. It makes my husband that much more attractive on one hand but it is hard to have a front row seat sending him to that awful hospital job. He deserves better than that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Park City, Utah

Yesterday I accompanied my husband on a scope out operation. We saw an ad for an associate seeking doc in Park City. We are 20 minutes from there so rather than think about it we just went to investigate. We found the office pretty quickly and I went to the car with my preschooler princess. My brief observation before ditching my husband was the beauty of the office and its vast emptiness. Boy have we been there! I like seeing the guy had a receptionist. Park City is beautiful but I really like living in Murray.

To my surprise, my husband spent a fair amount of time in the guys office before returning to the car. He said the guy adjusts well and has been out 9 years. I mentioned the empty office and he said that the doc was actually finishing up with one when he got there and a new one was getting processed when he was finished talking. All in all my husband, while he did like it, wasn't "feeling it". So he took me to a posh lunch there! Being a chiropractors wife sure has its benefits!

Our situation right now is completely bearable so we are in no rush to change, it is just fun to entertain the prospects. Both of us would like to see him making money at what he actually went to school for! Is that even possible? He applied to a handful more local teaching jobs as his ARL (Alternative Route To Licenser) in this state is still in effect and pending at the "GET HIRED" step!!

We did hear back, well, sort of... from the Fort Worth, Texas associate seeking prospect. Someone responded "I like this guy" or something like that but we haven't heard anything beyond that obscure reply. Should my husband interview down yonder and even take a position, I have already decided we aren't moving this family anywhere until the end of Dec. I have plenty of friends and family my husband can rent a room from down there with and support us from afar to make sure he landed a position that 1) actually pays and 2) he really likes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Licenser to the 3rd Power

As it is now, my husband is licensed in the state of Utah and Colorado. It has been on our list to get a Texas license as well. Most of my immediate family lives there and my husband never feels comfortable adjusting anyone because he isn't licensed there! Yeah, he's a NERD!! The funny irony is, there are a loot of jobs for Associate doctors to be found at any given moment in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex! The other irony is my family alone has dropped more money on chiropractic care than my husbands entire family and extended family combined in the years he has been a chiropractor. Combine this and the fact Texas has no income tax and plenty of people to go around and you have a recipe for a lifestyle that is hard not to seriously consider!
We would have instant friends and family and I know I could sell the kids on it if I took them down for a visit. On the other hand, man oh man do I love Murray (Utah). I love our life here but I do miss my husband. I feel like a single parent, but it always feels this way for stay at home mom's! The men pull in 8-10 hour shifts no matter their profession! I was lucky to be is partner right after school and soak up hours by his side in the chiropractic trenches! It was nice to set our own hours and such but there was a huge price we paid for that called Destitution!!
Perhaps we can put up with the tornados and hail, nasty drinking water and heat for a more comfortable lifestyle and friends! Who knows, it may be the best move we ever make!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love Dr Oz

I appreciate Dr Oz's efforts to encourage chiropractic care as prevention because that is what it is all about. Too many use chiropractic after they already have pain and as a last resort rather than the other way around. I noticed the awkward silence when the chiropractor was finished and spoke of alleviating the nerves allowing the body to heal itself! Please watch the clip and enjoy!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Now Hiring

Job Description
Chiropractic Office in Midvale is looking for an outgoing and friendly clinic employee.
Some receptionist and medical assistant duties. Personality is more important than experience. We will train the right person. Our schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8-1:00 and 2:30-6:30, also Tuesdays 11:30-3:30.
The ideal candidate would have a positive and dynamic personality. This position offers a great work environment with excellent pay.
Responsibilities will include scheduling appointments over phone and in person, greeting all incoming clientele, insurance verification, collecting payments, creating patient files and assisting with therapy as needed. Any chiropractic office, medical or dental experience is a plus but not necessary.
We would love to meet you! Please apply in person and be ready to interview for this great position! We are located at
Come join our team! We look forward to meeting you!
Any chiropractic office, medical or dental experience is a plus but not necessary. Personality is more important than experience. We will train the right person.

I am sorry. I just can't help but laugh at this job posting. I have been a Medical Assistant for 11 years, and a Chiropractic Assistant for 2 and can't help the irony! Before marriage I primarily worked in out patient medical office clinics as a back office MA. I preferred the patient interaction and loved sporting my skills. It gave me the opportunity to work with the doctors and be their right hand help without exposure to vomit, wiping butt, or lot's of schooling and liability. My least favorite aspect was the medication refill pile waiting for me at the end of every shift! In medical offices the front office work was entirely different. In fact, you'd very typically have a separate person for each job: reception/phones, and billing/collections. All making about $10-$15 an hour or more.

In a typical chiropractic office and this one advertising obviously, one gets the pleasure of doing front AND back office work! Anyone not having an image of Dick Van Dyke on Mary Poppins playing his one man band contraption??

The kicker is, when I did it I worked for free! I brought my glowing personality to work every day! I loved our patients. They were people to me! None of my part was fake. Granted we were less busy so to justify paying more and heaping on the responsibility at first glance seems respectable. I am sure it is not.

I almost have half a mind to go for this job just for kicks. To actually get paid "$9.50-$10 DOE" as the ad advirtised would be a dream come true! Oh please, yes, to get paid to do it ALL and as a bonus get blamed for their lack of retention or new patients numbers would be fantastic! At least in this office, I wouldn't have to sleep with the provider on top of it all! ;o)

I hope Chiropractors everywhere learn this secret sooner than later, if you are going to employ a dynamite CA worth her weight in gold, you better consider paying $20-$25 an hour!!! It is criminal not to! I know many do have spectacular people getting a whopping $11 (or less) an hour with healthy bonuses ($1,000 or less) at the end of the year when they are making you far, far more!? Nothing motivates like money!