Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
Have Curves In All The Right Places?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Reflecting today about the handful of trades we engaged while in business made me laugh. Our first trades were with a guy who is quite a character who warned us about Babylon in copies of elaborate DVDs! We never had the heart to charge him. He was always so entertaining and engaging when it came to current events and warning us of the end of the world. We traded him for these DVDs and fresh farmed eggs. Needless to say we never got our fair share but we had no regrets!
My second main trade experience was a local quilter. Our clinic was right next to a popular quilt shop and I was always feeling like I was missing out on something watching people come and go from that busy shop! A patient owned a small quilting business and offered to trade in November to make a couple twin quilts and a queen that I boasted would be perfect Christmas presents for our little family. She said if we buy the material she'll make it happen. I bought the material that very day letting the kiddos pick out their own! I speant $130 on material and dropped it off to her home. She frequented our clinic weekly sometimes multiple times a week. Christmas came and went. Mothers day was greeted with my husband and my quilt completed and beautiful. I pressed her for my daughters for the end of April for her birthday. My sons trickled in I recall around September or October. Finally it was over yet she was still coming in for free 3 times while I asked for an invoice. She was getting student rates $15 an adjustment because her husband was a professor at BYU. She insisted on her statement first and I printed it out but let her know I would be adjusting the adjustment prices based on market rates if she brought me a bloviated invoice. I didn't know but she was very upset with me. Scared of me almost. She came back shaking and printed off online quilts and their prices and the bill was $1,300. My invoice to her was I believe in the $900 ballpark but that was with $15 adjustments. Instead of printing her off the national chiropractic average adjustment price being in the $65 ballpark I just let he be upset and told her we are all even and square and I let her vomit her unappreciation for my treatment of her! Wow.
I loved our almost trade with an attorney who was offering $200 an hour consulting for adjustments for him and his family. I very nicely let him know we have a no trade policy because so many screw us. He offered to sue them!! He also insisted any trade we do with him needs to be off the books. Oh yes, sounds so wonderful. We declined and he left relenting to my husband eye to eye that he'll leave and let us "sort it out." Which translated to, "Hey Doc, control your wife! She is too clever and can tell I am a snake trying to take advantage of you and I am not use to her kind in these parts!"
My favorite was when my husband was manning the office solo and traded a case of expired toothpaste for an adjustment or two for a family. Yes, toothpaste.
Today let me also make mention that my husband woke up early, drove and hour south to his old high school so he can do a small presentation to his little cousins class earning her 50 bonus points. He also had a new patient at 1pm. Finally! He is a dedicated chiropractor and I applaud his efforts to honor his profession even in the midst of bankrupcy!

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