Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mo Money, Mo Money $$

I decided today for the first time that my husband needs to make more money. Not in the winey wife way but in the, HEY you REALLY need to make more money! You went to a bunch of school and it wasn't free!

Today he saw two patients but I am not jumping for joy. In private practice we saw on average 10 a day so it means nothing. I spent some time in his room today hanging his awards, diplomas, recognitions, and some posters. His room looks great and he is ready to be a chiropractor full time! It is funny how we aren't yet motivated to blanket the county with coupons and information! BUt I am almost there. I miss him in the evenings and I know he hates his hospital pee on job. I also hate the words "declined" and "insufficient funds".

Alternatives are me working again so he can focus on chiropractic practice building or finding a better job where his income matches his education qualifications even if it isn't in the chiropractic field. I have been searching for him since he is unable to do so with his current schedule. Hey, it truly is my pleasure! I am also good at it. In my search it seems the VA extended decent jobs to chiropractors in 2004 but there seems to be no evidence of this! Which means the guys who landed those jobs are staying put! There are lots of options, even in Utah for him to bring in 90+K if he were a MD or DO. In fact, as I research the federal governments site altogether they don't even acknowledge Physician's being chiropractors. Its a strange world when the document on his wall issued by the state reads "Chiropractic Physician" and he is required to have mal-practice insurance and pays just as much for the training to exam, diagnose, and treat and isn't even acknowledged. I can't find any 'real' chiropractic employment. He is strictly commission.

We live by an exquisite Intermountain Healthcare facility named TOSH which is an orthopedic specialty hospital. I find it rather odd that they don't employ chiropractors at this point. I think I am finally seeing the reality for how it really is. You become a chiropractor, you are a sucker!!! So what now? Focus on his bachelors criteria and education. Oh, alright, it is in life science. Try as I might I can't seem to find him anything suitable. This means I have to make more friends. Friends I can either grow his practice by associating with, or friends who may consider an on staff chiropractor for their corporation for their employees and selves. Its a business idea I came up with long ago!

It would be presented in such a way that they see the value in having on site chiropractors to decrease their ill calls, and offer employees relief! I could contract penniless chiros to staff different sites. It could be great in occupational health departments in various companies across the state.

We went to see a pal in Salt Lake who my husband went to a retreat with in Colorado. At this retreat they were presented with incorporating a program called Creating Wellness into their private practice. My husband wanted to do it but as a general marital rule would not sign up without discussing it with me seeing how it comes with a $20K price tag! They did not get our sale but did get this pals we visited. It has been 2 years since that retreat and we followed up to see if Creating Wellness was a money making opportunity that we may have regretted not buying. To my delight, it is "a financial burden" and has not been what he had hoped it would be. I can't say for sure but I think my husband loves me a little bit more whenever he thinks about me blocking that transaction. I make a hot Bad Cop in these cases!

My husband has been looking in to going back to school but it just seems absurd! Truly absurd. Not only can we NOT afford it, his lifetime max is such that whatever he chooses he will exhaust it. A PHD in Neurology and/or Masters in {{{fill in the blank}}} requires so much more than we ever expected after all he's been through. If Shakespeare were only alive today, it would make a remarkably fantastic tragedy!


  1. O the pain! My chiro husband is now working as an LPN in a clinic during the day and stops to see his in the evening.

    I can remember many a day chanting "you need to bring in more money."

  2. oops skipped a word...sees his patients in the evening.

  3. Oh my god this was my world!! My advise as a ex chiro is get your husband the hell out he will be much happier

  4. You are not alone!I am another chiro wife too. My husband was one of those staying put at a military base, but his department was cutting costs and he was one of the first ones to go! I even wrote about this underemployment/unemployment problem in the American Chiropractic Association's website, and my post got deleted! Anyone I know wanting to go to Chiropractic school, I tell them that the American Medical Association has demonized chiropractors, and they are not seen as "real" doctors, only those with an MD or DO degree are. In addition, there are no programs to bridge their Chiropractic education toward a usable degree. May the Lord have mercy of all of us!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. We must tell the truth, because these chiropractors are too proud to!! :o)