Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doctor Wanna Be

What's nice about 3 graduating classes a year is you get to keep tabs on each other post graduation easier. A friend of ours who is about 10 years older than us decided to be a chiropractor after years of business management being his background. He began with my husband but fell behind which can easily happen if you fail any classes. Also, just in case you forgot, if passing every class isn't enough they have to master and pass a series of 4 national exams that are expensive. This gentleman graduated and was not able to pass one of the parts of the national exams. In fact, right now he is waiting to hear results of the one part that he has taken several times so that he can FINALLY get to do what my husband has been doing for almost 3 years. The tests themselves are over a $1,000 and they make you wait 6 months to take it and retake it and retake it potentially. In the mean time, to make a living he is pulling in about 50K a year managing a restaurant near the school. I asked him how he landed such a sweet job and he said, "I took all signs of Doctor and Chiropractic completely off my resume." I told him he may not want to quit his day job right away!!

The smartest guy in Brads graduating class went on to associate and is still not pulling in sustainable income! If it weren't for his wife, a nurse working for a major auto manufacturer's occupational health department bringing in close to 80K a year herself they would be broke. I don't know about her, but I didn't sign up for that! I don't think our husbands did either! We were under the false impression that it was a growing industry and gaining popularity and such to justify paying so much time, and money to become a chiropractor! I will make sure on our next round of job applications we purge the term chiropractor off completely! 50K a year is better than 20K!

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  1. Damn Sophia I hate to here that you and your husband made the same mistake with the falsehoods of this field. The colleges do NOT paint a true picture of the real world. I knew I was doomed when I saw how hard it was to get patients into the clinics. People paying people off the streets to come in. Using family mbers to get numbers I was shocked. All to fond out it was no different in the real world unless you knew how to scam or if you were so brainwashed you truly thought you were doing the right thing. Even then times were changing and rembersments were decreasing with no letting up in the future. I was miserable and saw the Writing on the wall. So I told my wife if I can get my students loans paid off I am out and this is what I did. I could not be happier now
    Than ever but lost 14 years of my life In the process. Oh by the way the underserved program was only a pilot program and it did not work so you will not see this again probably in our lifetime. Only 9 chiros did the pilot.