Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hate Chiropractic!

The problem as I see it, is chiropractic takes as much money and time as medical school does but pays 99% less. This sort of reality is the majority not the exception. You can hire coaches who claim to have built million dollar practices and charge a struggling DC $500 to $1000 a month to get a few 30 minute calls and secrets emailed to them. Its a scam. We paid $700 for ours for a few months and purchased all his materials and my husband followed them to the letter and we just ended up in more debt.
Why would ANY one go into such a misunderstood profession? Where are the chiropractic commercials? What the hell is a chiropractor again??
My husband is excited because he is getting a $50 1.5 hour massage tomorrow from the LMT that is in his office. It is striking to me that my husband beamed at me that "he usually charges $90." Now, this is funny because I KNOW my husband has adjusted this gentleman at least once and it was, well, free. Perhaps my husband should make a point to let him know its $75 an adjustment next time! Not to discount what a LMT does, but it doesn't take near as long to go through that training and isn't as expensive as a DC education. Please don't patronize me with the fact that an adjustment takes 5-10 minutes and a massage in this case is over an hour and a half. You're comparing waiters to MDs here for the most part.
This is a profession that feeds on the desperate flock of their young 3 times a year! The mere fact that 3 times a year there are full graduating DC's ready to take the world by the reigns from over 10 chiropractic colleges in the USA means that if I were a coach, or the founder of some product that is a new practice MUST HAVE you have an endless supply of money to line your pockets with. Not to devalue some of the better companies out there but most of them take advantage of the desperate young who want to offer their public the services they were trained to offer.
I am also dumbfounded at the fact that this has continued to happen. Why hasn't congress or the AMA shut chiropractic down? Because frankly, they have NOTHING to worry about. The government doesn't seem to care that this profession has over an 80% student loan default rate. Former students don't seem to care enough to fight back with the truth rather, they take $10 an hour jobs elsewhere and change professions casually.
The profession of chiropractic throws around the term "de-value" and admonishes new grads not to devalue themselves. In our private practice right out of school we found that them higher our prices the more people blatanly walked out. Even when we de-valued ourselves to extremes our infamous "High Five Fridays" $5 adjustments, we were still not seeing enough people to make a profit. In fact, we have worked for free since he walked the stage. Not cool when there is only a 6 month grace period on loans that equate to a house, a boat, and a time share or two in numbers!
My husband took this 60%/40% associate job and only warrants showing up a few times a week for 1/2 days. He has made absolutely peanuts since starting in late Oct. $200 to be precise. The best thing is, he doesn't own the place so in many ways it is worth it. I asked him the other day in the car whether anyone in his schooling indicated at any point in time that it would be hard to get someone to actually come in and see him, or for that matter, return. He said, "yeah, they told us don't expect to throw up a sign and to have patients. They said you have to go and get them." To be fair, if someone were to show up at my door, or stop me at the mall or drug store to let me know I need to come and see them I would think they were nuts. I also would never have money to go to a chiropractor when there are movies to see, hair to have highlighted, and dining to partake. When the economy is down, which it has been since 2001 and continues to be in spots, people give up even more!
It is alright because my husband now has consigned himself to auto accidents but who wants to get in one of those? And who would go to a chiropractor first when the ambulance of local clinic is offering pain meds and x-rays to show if there is anything done with no out of pocket?
I hope my husband gets comfortable in his day job and continues to persevere or seriously consider a career change soon. At least our two kiddos don't seem to notice or mind! We have a blast ever since we moved to the city! We're able to eat, play, and live on his $10 something an hour. As a wife, I mind, not because I wish he were bringing home over 20K EVER since we've married, but that I have had a front row seat to see how hard he has worked, and how much we have sacrificed and thrown to the black hole that is his passion.
I love chiropractic and it is part of my life. I can't live without it, and can't blame you for not coming to see my husband. I wouldn't even be able to afford to see him even if I wanted to! Luckily he adjusts us and his family for free along with the massage therapist!


  1. I really enjoyed your note along with the great sense of humor. I am a female chiropractror and I know exactly what you mean. After 10 years of practice, I am heading another direction. The problem is as a chiropractor, one is so limited that when wants to change career, there is no where to go either!
    Good luck to you all.