Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Chiropractors Wife . Org

So while I was brushing my teeth this morning I had the desire to take a year and plan a legitimate organization that would focus on getting real chiropractic commercials out to educate people on what they are exactly. Very basic. Most people in Utah county say "choir-practor" which is fine if they would sing while they adjust but most doctors I know aren't in that habit! I wanted to create this organization to be 100% non profit where ALL, EVERY PENNY goes to funding an already negotiated spot on state wide morning TV. Once that was done, funding another and another and gathering the local talent needed to pull that off. We already know several composers, and I am in love with a guy who produces those exmo videos and figured I could talk him in to doing some for nominal. Then I thought that I have extremely talented cousins living in Orem who I could pull in. I could start basic with a You tube channel featuring chiropractors wives saying what they wish people knew about their husbands! Then my husband said that excludes all his female pals who are docs and he is right. In fact, it excludes lot's if people! Unmarried folks for two! Then I say, look it isn't about being married to a chiropractor it is about education. If my efforts only accomplish people being able to at the very least say chiropractor and know that they are licensed physicians in this state I think I could rest in peace! Okay so the ultimate goal would be to see happy people getting adjusted and justifying chiropractic care as being part of their lives like their starbucks and cheetos and Yoga and Massages are. ::::::stares out into space in dreamland::::::::

Okay so I am in luck, that particular .org has not been taken and in my research to start the beginnings of this project a informative business dude suggested not doing it as it is a down economy and gave a list of alternatives. Go figure, alternatives are my favorite! So I have swallowed my pride and my ambition and decided to piggy back and work with the Utah Chiropractic association. I need their sponsorship, or any already established .org's to make this a reality. Or, just this blog and my own you tube channel. We'll see. Either way, if you are a chiropractors wife, husband, or friend and you are tired of lending them money or trading services with them please keep me in mind! Mission 1, starte establishing a following here.....

What do you wish people knew about the chiroractic profession???

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