Chiropractor's Wife!

Chiropractor's Wife!
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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Medical Doctor tells you the Truth

I have been a fan of Dr Mercola long before my husband ever became a Doctor of Chiropractic. In case you didn't know here is why my husband got to pay as much as an MD for school but can't make a minimum wage in the profession! Thank you Dr Mercola!

Medicine's opposition to chiropractic was its strongest under the leadership of Morris Fishbein, Secretary of the American Medical Association from 1924 to 1949, who led a 50-year anti-chiropractic campaign in both professional publications and the public media.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Perfect Post DC Graduate World

"I left the profession after 17 years of just getting by. Couldnt afford to go back to school for another degree, and now work for the county sheriff in corrections. Made more my second year here than my best year in practice, plus health, vacation and retirement benefits I didn't have."-Ken

When one endeavors to earn their chiropractic degree they never dream that their efforts would ever be viewed as disingenuous or short of intentions to help preserve health, quality of life, and longevity to those whom they serve. The journey is long and expensive. The DC's today are well educated and capable of offering primary care to their patients. Unfortunately, when they get out of school and enter their profession they quickly find that their patients are more patrons and consumers than patients. From the 2 years I was managing my husbands clinic I learned right away that nobody wanted to hear why they were having pain or health problems much less how to truly get rid of it. They wanted to be "cracked," pay, and sent on their way. We learned the hard way that everything my husband worked to achieved would not be manifested in a traditional clinical setting without a mountain of endless business loans (which weren't being offered in fall 2008) or the agreement that we would, with our two children, need to be dependent on family or the government for the basic necessities of life henceforth. To us, after 2 years and projections that at best would have us independent as a family in 10 years+ we had to make hard decisions or face the agreement that we would be spinning our wheels in a profession that is largely misunderstood by its consumers.
I am quite baffled at the diversity of misinformation the world has to offer about what a DC is. Baffled or not, despite our best efforts to educate our niche of the world it was never enough to do anything but stay in business breaking even and existing so our patients could get "cracked", pay, and be sent on their way. We stewed in gratitude for every singe patient. We averaged 10 a day and had great energy in our office. At the end of the day the risk, benefits, and alternatives had to be considered. Too many DC's are learning the hard way and at this point, it is what it is, but in a perfect post DC graduate world there would be a single strong central national organization, commercials educating the public incessantly, and decent small business loans to give people like my husband the chance to exist in the profession he loves.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chiropractic School Accreditation On trial

Being by my husbands side and invested in his choice of career in chiropractic has revealed a lot of things nobody can possibly know without eye opening experience in this journey. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education the accreditation of chiropractic school is finally getting the attention it demands. In summary chiropractic school is hardly worthy of federal financial blessings and the people involved at keeping it in good standing and accreditation is getting exposed for the greedy liars that they are. According to Kelderman, "The Council on Chiropractic Education, which oversees 15 programs offering the doctor of chiropractic degree in the United States, makes its case for renewal Wednesday in front of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, an 18-member panel that makes recommendations to the education secretary on accreditation issues. The committee's meetings rarely attract any notice at all, much less controversy." Yes, tell us something we don't know!

This same effort to bring attention to the corrupted state of the chiropractic profession also took place in 2006 but obviously proved fruitless or else our situation along with thousands of others would be quite a different reality. Kudos to those working to bring integrity to the profession! I hope we can see change in my lifetime! I wouldn't wish the current state of things on anyone!! The debt load alone is an atrocity and a horrible return on investment. The powers that be knew this when the federal government briefly extended programs to DC's in the mid 2000's. It was at that time an 80% default rate on loans was discovered yet by the time my husband entered school in 2004-2008 he was granted however much he needed to borrow to get to be a chiropractor! Where is the accountability?? Isn't 80% default high enough to put an end to this madness?? Hopefully the CCE is cleaned up and held accountable for the scam.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chiropractic Is The Best

My husband graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic almost 3 1/2 years ago. His lovely framed diplomas are on our wall. His Doctorate of Chiropractic is slightly faded from being in a sunny place on our clinic wall for over 2 years. You don't notice unless you take some time to really look at it. His skills are paramount. His passion for his profession burns bright. With yet another payment towards his mal-practice and a careful planning on how he is to achieve his CE requirements to keep his license in good standing with the state of Utah money that is already in scarce supply runs through our fingers. Like the fading of the ink on his overpriced diploma my hopes and dreams have been waning. I have finally reconciled the fact that I will have to work full time and support this family myself with my meager Medical Assisting diploma that I am still paying off. While we do maintain a handful of faithful patients, mostly family doing US a favor, it isn't enough to fiscally sustain his chiropractic professional requirements let alone offer any sort of living. In fact, to be honest, chiropractic holds a place at the table that is our family budget under expenses. I use to fight this and make myself crazy. This reality is the Twilight Zone where you can be an awesome student, pass board exams, borrow unprecedented amounts of money only to find yourself paying to remain in the profession that is chiropractic.

Moving forward I wrap myself today in the warmth of resentment towards chiropractic. The institutions that allow us to be where we are, and the professionals who encourage it still. It is gross. I regret the day I didn't pout like a bitchy selfish wife and dig my heels in the ground when my husband said he wanted to change directions in his educational pursuits. I thought our story would have a delightfully thrilling turn that I could share with the world. I hoped I could redeem the profession and regain my zeal on my husbands behalf. Alas, today I am announcing my defeat. I give up. Aside from printing some business cards that we may casually offer interested friends and family to take advantage of over 200K worth of skills, knowledge, and passion I am done.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not considered "Post-Doctorate" by the world of Education

So if it isn't bad enough that Chiropractors are treated like the step-children of healthcare it is quite a blow to find that they don't consider you post doctorate when entertaining taking a class or two after chiropractic school. We contacted the University of Utah to look into what type of admission process we are looking at to take some required classes to fulfill his ARL requirements and obtain certain endorsements I was told by the post doctorate counselor that he needs to apply as a graduate. Truth be told, I sort of knew that was the case but was in la la land hoping otherwise! Poor husband and all of you chiropractic graduates! I pity you! Even in attempts to valiantly change careers or obtain alternative employment you are faced with tremendous scarcity of options! We'll tackle this elephant one bite at a time and stay the coarse but I felt compelled to discourage prospective chiropractic students from completing the program or ever starting it! Just do something else, ANYTHING else!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Fail

A long story short my husbands ARL Application expires next month and apparently he isn't suppose to be teaching chemistry without a couple of safety classes and science teaching method classes along with an expensive content Praxis exam which we just missed taking! So he has to have a discussion with the principal today who more than likely will keep him on faculty even though he has every right to just let him go given the circumstances. In the mean time we need to reapply to the ARL program which is expensive, sign him up for about a $1,000 worth of classes and testing to get back on track for the spring making it all better. Isn't life delightful?

On the chiropractic side he has to renew his mal-practice insurance next month and the premiums went up 150% being it is his 2nd year with this particular company. If any one has a good company that is not NCMIC or National Chiropractic Council please let me know. This and keeping his CE credits current with Vegas Parker seminar coupled with the road to teaching license will most certainly take the Merry out of our Christmas! Which is fine by us because we aren't big on it anyway!

The return on investment for chiropractic education is evidently still in a lifetime of red ink! I wonder if teaching will ultimately lead to us dropping the profession on its up side down hind end!?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Financial King Dave Ramsey Calls going into Chiropractic "Idiotic"

Listen for yourself... this guy has only been out of school 1 year. He has about 50K more than we borrowed. It is an atrocity!!

Post Chiropractic School

So you've finished chiropractic school! Now what? If you were like us you started your own practice! Others take an associate position with another established doctor working for peanuts while you learn the ins and outs of a business. No matter what you choose to do it is a quick realization that it is very difficult to make ends meet without getting involved in some sort alternative avenue of income even if you are living in your mother's basement. Whether it be supplements, gadgets, coaching, energy work, multi level pyramid passions or a complete abandonment of chiropractic altogether to promote laser or decompression clinics! The options are easiest to find by visiting a Parker Seminar event! We find Vegas to be the most convenient!
In the 3 years since graduating we have explored many options and find that pursuing teaching has felt the most fulfilling, honest, and has shown the greatest immediate return on investment! To choose teaching is no small process. I wanted to share with you that reality and all it involves......

Brief Summary of the Alternative Route to Licensure Steps:

First, apply for the ARL Program & get an “Eligibility" Letter
1. Complete the Online Background Check. (
2. Get fingerprinting done.
3. Complete an Application ( with official transcripts. Pay the Evaluation Fee $100. Elementary applicants must also complete the “Content Course Eligibility Checklist” form (
4. Become Eligible – If eligible, you will get an Eligibility letter which you can give to District Human Resources where you want to apply to teach. The letter will designate the license area (i.e. Secondary or Elementary) and which area of endorsement (subject) you can earn if hired.
5. Apply for jobs at various districts/Charter Schools/Private Schools as long as they are accredited. Apply at: and/or each district you are interested in working in.
Then, get a job:
6. Get a Job. (Must be hired in an accredited school for .50 contract or more).
7. Inform our ARL office if you are hired in a licensed teaching position.
8. Submit an ARL “Confirmation of Employment” Form with signatures from the principal and HR director. Your new teaching assignment will be put on CACTUS (the State Teacher Tracking System).
9. Pay the Program Development & Tracking Fee $400.
Next, get an “ARL” Plan outlining required Coursework, Testing, etc. to earn a license and endorsement(s) while you teach. A Professional Growth Plan is developed only after a candidate is hired and pays the requisite program development and tracking fee. You are responsible for all costs involved in completing your ARL Plan:
10. Get a “Professional Growth Plan” (PGP) Plan. You will meet with an ARL advisor to make sure you understand your plan and program expectations. There are usually at least 6 general Pedagogy Methods Classes, 4 Elementary Ed. Methods Courses (if teaching K-8), and Content Praxis test(s) at a minimum for any PGP Plan.
11. Pass the Praxis II Content Area test to become HQ highly qualified as soon as possible (preferably by the first semester of teaching).
12. Teach full time for at least 1 year (or at least .50 part-time for 2 years). Your plan can be renewed for up to 3 years if you have never had a temporary authorization before.
13. Work with a trained mentor assigned by your Principal in your school.
14. Take Courses that are outlined on your PGP Plan.
15. Each Spring, you submit "Progress Forms” with official transcripts and documentation.
16. Each Spring, your Principal will submit their observations and evaluations of you. You must successfully pass these observations/classroom performances with “meets standards” or above.
17. Your first year Temporary ARL Authorization will be reissued to a Temporary ARL License if you complete your Progress Forms and your Principal’s evaluations satisfactorily. You must do this each year that you are in the program in order to have your temporary license re-issued for the following year.
Finally, complete the plan & be recommended licensure:
18. Complete PGP plan. (Let us know if anything changes in your employment during the time you are completing the plan.)
19. Once the Plan is completed, we will request a Principal’s Letter of Recommendation for Licensure from your current principal.
20. Complete a Level 1 Licensure Application form.
21. Update your background check only if it is outdated - more than 3 years old.
22. Complete the "Ethics Review" online at .
23. Pay the Level 1 Licensing Fee ($55) to USOE.
24. Once the Principal’s Recommendation letter is received and the Level 1 License Form & fees are in, you will be recommended for licensure.
25. Yeah! The licensing process is complete when you receive your license in the mail.

We started this process 2 years ago. We are on step 10 now and found ourselves at a cross road! We've come so far in such a tedious process to rationally drop it all now so we are pressing forward. With an uncertain future and many lessons already learned the hard way my husband has decided to continue to teach and do chiropractic part time. Maintaing a chiropractic license is in short a huge pain in the ass! His mal-practice premiums are due 4 times a year and he has to continue his CE endeavors to stay in good standing with the state chiropractic board not to mention pay the state board every 2 years!

The return on investment to be a chiropractor is horrible! I am not statistician but I doubt my husband will technically ever be out of the proverbial "red" in his lifetime. Even if his private student loans were forgiven and federal student loans written off tomorrow he would still be in a lifetime of red based on the professional debt we have accrued and the continuing maintenance expenses. I don't recommend it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Adjustment vs Manipulation

As a chiropractors wife, I felt compelled to address the difference between an "adjustment" and a "manipulation." I recall back to my Medical Assisting days working in Fort Worth, Texas where we happen to have a hearty (DO) Doctor of Osteopathy school where I worked with student doctors daily. One time I let one of them practice their OMT (Osteopath Manipulation Treatment) on me! I remember it well because the student had me lay down on a table and proceeded to place her hands on me and it tickled so much that I couldn't even finish getting the treatment! Flash forward to my first chiropractic adjustment and I can say the biggest difference was the lack of tickles! Because I am not a DC but am merely married to one, I asked him how he explains the difference in technical terms and he told me the easiest method he uses is simply Webster's dictionary! Wow! So in honoring KISS methodology here it is:
I'm going old school and actually taking our Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary to report the following..... control or operate by skilled use of the hands. 2. To manage or influence shrewdly or deviously 3.To falsify or tamper with (financial records) for personal Gain.

Manipulation 1.The act of manipulating or state of being manipulated. 2.Shrewd, often devious management, esp. for one's own advantage.

Adjust-1.To change so as to match or fit. 2. To bring into proper relationship. 3. To conform or adapt, as to new conditions.

Adjustment-1.a.The act of making fit or conformable. b. The condition of being adjusted. 2. A means for adjusting 3. The settlement of a debt or claim.

I am the first one to admit the problems with the chiropractic profession but I have to tell you, I much prefer a chiropractic adjustment to a manipulation ANY day!

Also, Did you See Jay Leno's Headlines Tuesday night?? He held up an ad for a chiropractor that had a color picture of him at the head of an adjustment table smiling where a woman was laying face down who was wearing a business short skirt and high heels. Jay said, "Why do people become a chiropractor?" before showing the picture and said, "This may explain it." No doubt it must be a pleasure for a male or female to adjust attractive people but I know that the majority of them are professionals. It was hilarious though!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I like crack!

My husband has been adjusting coworkers at the school and they love it. Faculty chiropractic access is a win win....too bad most school districts don't consider it as a permanent perk of the education establishment! For all I know there are closet former chiropractors teaching in every school as it is! Go figure my husband's school is charter so of corse it is cool enough to allow him to do this! The money is fun money or as Dave Ramsey would say, "blow money." Which is ironic because I wanted to put a fully warm heartfelt cheer for getting adjusted yesterday and feeling awesome! I love getting "cracked!"

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Post Graduation Gossip

I had lunch with a dear old friend who was visiting from out of town! We knew each other the 4 years that my husband was in Chiropractic School in Saint Louis, Missouri! She and I went to the same church at the time and she was excited to tell me she had read my entire blog and feels like telling the newer students that move in to run the other way!

None of us students keep as good as tabs on one another post school as we should but the overall feeling is that everyone is doing "well." Perhaps I am the only chiropractor's wife who knows differently! I don't have solid statistics and the economy tanking 2008+ hasn't helped the situation either but what amazes me is that people have still been enrolling in chiropractic school as a second career! I remember this in our flock of student life! I can count 3 middle aged people who went through school around the same time as we did who were doing this too!

At this point in time it is inconceivable to imagine people flocking to be a chiropractor. The profession is constantly scrutinized as not being legit in the first place and is not supported by a national organization strongly leaving the post graduate professional to sell it to the consumer who is typically only interested in an adjustment even though these chiropractors are licensed physicians well trained and tested in the human body.

We've been fighting for the piece of the pie since my husband graduated and it isn't nearly as glamorous as we had hoped! We have one foot out of the door so to speak regarding this profession as it is! Hope keeps us pressing on to bigger and better things! Ideally, my husband will land a kick ass position locally doing what he loves in a field he worked really hard to be in!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome Home

We actually saw our first new patients here at the house on Saturday. My husband was definitely in his element as he engaged in his exams. I tried not to watch but snuck peeks as I entered them into the computer because I am kinky like that. Watching him adjust people is mesmerizing too! Eventually I took our kids outside which is something I couldn't do at our clinic! It turns out they like to watch too and get in cat/dog fights which is unacceptable!

It felt really natural to have real people over and they seemed extremely pleased with my husband! That always pleasantly surprises me because *I* think he is marvelous and worth every penny and more a visit but always hold my breathe when we have new people as I wonder if they feel they are getting their money's worth and such! We work really well together too and it felt really good to greet the patients, get them started on paperwork, and turn them over to the good doctor! Even preparing our little home office systems was fun as we emailed our final paperwork proofs back and forth and will also do the same thing for his business cards!

It almost feels as though a home office should have been our endeavor ALL ALONG! Who knew? We obviously have to learn things the hard way!

It is still his desire to bag the hospital job altogether and he might have a chance to do so working part time at The Joint in Sugarhouse! They are still interviewing and my husband stopped by there after a haircut on Saturday to get a badly needed adjustment! They mentioned they are still looking for someone loosely to work part time. We, shall, see...... I know it would please my husband! You know the place is awesome if that is where the chiropractors go to get adjusted!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Teacher's Wife

Everything has sorted out as far as compensation and ARL program progress. The principal cut him a check and he came home with it later that day! Now we get to send $400 of it to the state as my husband keeps jumping through hoops in the world of US education trying to be highly qualified in various subjects. Since my last post I have shopped with hundreds of dollars and almost obliterated our needs list entirely and managed to get our 2nd car back on the road making life much more luxurious! Bill collectors have mostly given up at this point and are just selling our debt or beginning to sue us. My husband has been a teacher since he graduated chiropractic school so transitioning to a teachers wife has been quite natural for me. He seems SO MUCH HAPPIER teaching! Probably because he actually gets paid to do it! He'd love being a chiropractor too if it actually fed, sheltered, and clothed him!

Our kids are both in school which is odd to adjust to and leaves me a little time to figure out this home office scene we are lightly endeavoring. On one hand it is exciting and on the other I feel like something is wrong and I feel resentment and bitterness not much different than trying to reconcile with a loved one who has lied or cheated on you!! It's hard to get excited about jumping back into the sack with something that has brought you nothing but financial ruin!! Add to this the fact that for over 4 weeks I have been "un-adjustable!" Honestly!! My neck is so messed up for some reason that my husband can't even adjust me! Me!! His favorite most loyal patient! He declared me an Activator patient this morning and I am so sad! Me? An Activator patient? Have I completely regressed to pre-Chiropractic school physiology? What is wrong with me?? Oy! My husband did prescribe a massage and planted a seed of hope that I may return to the diversified technique one day...maybe.

My tip of the month: Please don't go in to chiropractic unless your school was paid for almost entirely, you have family in the business or a job completely in the bag when you graduate, and are really good at sales!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking on $unshine!

Today the teachers got paid all over our state!! Well, everyone but my husband, naturally. Also, for some reason he is not in the CACTUS system which keeps track of teachers in this state and was asked to follow up on why so this morning he called the ARL program director who pulled up his account and told him he isn't employed "half time." Right now he is teaching 2 chemistry classes and contracted to teach Astrology after 24 weeks so we thought we were good to go. Not so much. Needless to say my husband has much to sort out with the principal this morning. The worst thing that can happen is he has to fire my husband and hire someone who is already licensed, or add another class to the two he is already teaching. I will try not to speculate how it will turn out one way or the other. I am just all consumed with feelings that my husband can't seem to get a break! I find myself inventorying our experience since graduating exactly 3 years ago and it just seems like no matter what we do to move forward in the right direction there is always something waiting to kick us back and suck any progress (typically in the form of money/quality of life) out of us!!

On a purely wife level, I am so tired of the tight budget, the bill collectors, the needs list that gets longer every day, and the sacrifices we have endured throughout it all! On a human level, I am full of gratitude for how good we have it despite it all!!

Just a Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners update: We officially have the letter giving us the green light to pay a local company to take the Texas juris prudence exam and fulfill our last step in my husband having a license in Texas! Not bad considering we sent everything in back in early May, late April!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventures in Home Office

All the summer fun has finally caught up to me and I have been living with a mild upper respiratory infection for a week! Yesterday and today my husband has orientation all day at the High School he will be teaching at which bleeds in to his evening shift at the hospital so we haven't seen him! For some odd reason, despite my running at 50% I completely reorganized and moved things around in our living room providing a place for my husband to see patients here. I emailed the accountant to see what we need to do and he said as long as we are pulling in under $10,000 a year providing chiropractic services then he can file it under sole proprietor next tax season. That is a lot of wiggle room for us seeing how this year alone chiropractic has probably brought in, if I am being honest around $1500.
We have two kids. My oldest starts the 2nd grade next week and my youngest starts afternoon kindergarten the week after. I had imagined working as a medical assistant again during school hours for nothing but fun money but I am not available hardly at all when I really look in to it...yet. So, I have decided to just work for my husband again and already started business card designs on Vista Print and intend to focus on our limited balut chiropractic, acupuncture and nutritional services from home. This time, in order to maintain joy in this arena I am limiting his entire practice to 20 people. That is it. Liability for 20 golden patients who are a pleasure to service! No more desperate sloppy care and flaky patients. Once we have our footing on the 20 and my husbands schedule clears up we will go 50. We will charge $35 a visit and I will manage our Standard Process branch too! Standard Process is whole food nutrition supplementation only distributed by healthcare professionals. The farm is in the USA and has maintains the highest standards to ensure quality and efficacy for which their products are required.
In the few minutes in passing I was with my husband this morning I asked him if any of his new colleagues knew he was a chiropractor. He smiled big and told me no sooner had he walked into orientation yesterday that a guy walked right up to him and asked him if he was the chiropractor! He also asked my husband if he took their insurance! According to their benefits packet they cover 20 visits with a $35 co-pay. On our end we'd expect another $20-$40 after me sending in claims and being on the phone all day which I have no interest in doing! My husband told him that he didn't but that he would take their co-pay price. So he already has a reputation and he already has interested prospective patients and I find myself getting the bug to sign my husband up as their insurance provider! What am I thinking!!!!?!
Whatever I am thinking I am not delusional enough to know we want chiropractic to ever be our bread and butter. When chiropractic has taken that role it is nothing but misery for our little family. All consumed chiropractic chaos! Stress. Yelling at the kids to be quiet. Constantly wondering if you'll be busy next month or next week. Oh, the horror that we lived and will never, ever go back to! From now on chiropractic will be on our terms and more of a hobby. We won't complain if it makes money!
If this little venture turns out to keep me busy enough as a self employed chiropractor's wife I will just continue doing it henceforth. If it turns out to be a joke and we find ourselves living around his roller table and adjustment table and wellness decor for nothing we will move it all out and I will take a medical assisting job next fall around my kids school schedule for fun!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Side dish Chiropractic is like Balut

Do you eat Balut? I didn't think so but that won't take for granted the millions upon millions who consider balut an awesome side dish for a meal! Eluding to the previous blog where I painted a pretty picture where teaching was to be our main dish and avenue to making a living and chiropractic would be like the bonus corn on the cob or something desirable like french fries still on the plate I have now down graded that side dish to balut. I do realize it is a terrible choice because unlike balut, chiropractic isn't as desired by the general masses of any geographical region of the world to my knowledge!!

Today was the first day that my husband decided to arrive for clinic hours since taking the teaching job which meant he had to have a meeting with the guy who owns it and navigate their goals, explain the further limited availability my husband can offer for a time, and get on the same page whatever that ends up being. What it ended up being was the end of our "Independent Contracting Associate Position". Ideally I'd have preferred to maintain a place of practice for my husband so that as we continue to pursue these other avenues of income we can concurrently grow a clientele and replace the hospital job altogether with evening clinic hours 3pm-7pm but no matter because that won't be happening now.

Now I get to help pack up his office which I consider to be quite a nice room and live with it in our living room officially placing chiropractic on hold altogether at this point. Our living room will feel like a storage shed!! It never gets old being a chiropractors wife!

I am also completely off the wall excited about where my husband can end up when all is said and done! Perhaps our living room will be a fine alternative to any office in the area! I can bake fresh cookies and schedule his appointments and let prospective patients know we only accept 20 people or families at any given time creating a waiting list to those who desire my husbands hands on their spine!!

Oooh! Or I can just start soliciting oober wealthy people and offer my husband as their own exclusive personal chiropractor. We shall see..... My mind is a wonderland!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who put the D in Default?

Ever since we closed our practice last December we have been in contact with all of our creditors, forthright, and within their reach. We have probably specifically spoken to mentally challenged people from Sallie Mae, the carrier of our private student loan account, hundreds of times to say the same thing and every day several times a day they beckon us to return their call to discuss options. When we do call them back or answer to discuss options the exact same discussion happens over and over again with no new options to consider. Just the same old options which is actually only one option: "pay us something you can't afford that won't go towards your principal". Seriously, if I didn't know how imbalanced a small business makes ones life I would half expect myself to create a business for people in our situation to pay us a .10 cents a call for a sexy robot voice to answer the phones in behalf of them and repeat the following script:

"Hello, _____________, I understand we owe you a significant amount of money and there is nothing we would love more than to pay you regular payments or the entire balance but unfortunately in order to maintain a pulse for me and my dependents I must insist on putting every penny towards the basic necessities of life which at their bare bones exceeds my current income. If my situation changes you will be one of the first people I call. If this doesn't work for you it would serve you well to proceed with a lawsuit or writing off my account and sell it to secondary collection agency which really works to my advantage seeing how I am considered judgment proof in my state! If you continue to call me I will change my number and go into hiding for the next 10 years. Thank you and have a nice day."

It would be great because all these robots calling us can just talk to robots too!! So far default feels divine for the most part so I can't complain.

I just returned from a girls only float trip in Texas and although they are in a water shortage and the river was low we had a swell time! Hence the picture! It was just what I needed to recharge and renew! I came back with a pain in my neck something fierce and my chiropractor was right on it working it out and doing what he does best! Despite being in default officially, I managed to compensate him for his services the best way I know how! Cheers!

I am adding something disturbing to this. According to Sallie Mae's website they have a section that says if you go into default like we have, "You can lose many payment options, such as income-sensitive or graduated repayment." The mental breaks slammed! Hold the phone!! Well before we ever went in default we were on our knees begging for an income-sensitive option just like our Federal loans were in!! We knew our business was closing and that funds were severely limited! They never, ever in the 100+ times it seems we've talked to them to work out an agreement offered this. Now that we are in default I doubt it matters but I do smell a worthy lawsuit, perhaps class-action! When did they start this "income-sensitive" option? If it was after we and thousands of others were already hopelessly in default that is SOL material but if it has existed before we were in default and all these recorded conversations with us that I know for a fact exists then they are in big fat trouble. So frustrating! Their goons called my husbands teaching job today which I am sure they found through his public info on facebook. We are considered under the poverty line in our state so they have nothing to gain from driving us into destitution and homelessness!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Side Dish Chiropractic

So my husband has been on fire lately! Our course is plotted and after a year of trying to get hired ANYWHERE in the teaching arena he has finally been offered and accepted a part time teaching position in a local high school teaching Chemistry and Astrology. This was the last step in the right direction to getting set to fulfill his ARL (Alternative Route to Licenser) to teach in this state. The best part is we will have an extra $1,000 a month for the next 24 weeks and most likely next semester as well which officially will put chiropractic on the side. If my husbands profession were a plate of food the hospital job would still be the main meat, the teaching position his potatoes, and chiropractic is officially a side! It is still on there and will remain such to serve those handful of people who seek his services but we will no longer be scraping and pining for patients like we have up to this point! Our ultimate plan is for my husband to get a full time position teaching and doing clinic in the evenings eliminating the hospital all together! It will be worth it! I am so happy. Cheers to a future where teaching and chiropractic become a beautiful entree that provides us with security, stability, and financial satisfaction we so desperately have been longing for!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Approaching the bureaucrat

I couldn't resist touching base with the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners as to why we haven't gotten the green light to take the jurisprudence test and have my husband licensed by now! I didn't have the heart or patience to call but an email did the trick. The girl in charge of this sort of thing was nice enough to let me know they are just waiting on transcripts from Dixie State College and Utah State University.
Now it comes down to a chiropractors wife "I told you so" as the impossible application did specifically say transcripts should be sent "FROM EACH INSTITUTION" that the applicant attended. My husband figured the chiro school one would be sufficient as it INCLUDES all of his previous transcripts. So here we are. The funny thing is he has never been to Utah State University so Texas will never ever get one from there! However, he has gone to Utah Valley University formally known as Utah Valley State College. So add that to the list! I am sure that both these schools will charge us for these transcript requests which means it will have to wait because we have absolutely no money right now. None. I know, I know, it is indeed pay day but the entire check went to August's rent (and wasn't even enough for it technically)! The good news is rent is paid and we have enough food in the house for 2 weeks and our amusement park season passes still work as does the rec center passes and Netflix so we have everything we need!

I do look forward to the days that we don't have to dodge invites to lunches, dinners, movies, cool play-dates at bounce houses, BBQs, etc due to insufficient funds! I have a very good feeling that those days are right within reach! Ever since we decided that we don't want to move and want to settle here and raise the kids HERE he has been getting interviews for better situations! Being on the same page is such a rewarding phenomenon indeed!

Now, stop reading this and go get adjusted!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dislike About Being a Chiropractors Wife

I get shit like this in my email inbox once or twice a week no doubt from listings as the office manager in behalf of my husband:

Sixteen years of Catholic School and an upbringing by devout practitioners of guilt-slinging parenting – I’m compelled to ask your forgiveness.

Mind you I was not consciously nor was I maliciously misbehaving. I’m well aware that this does not excuse my actions. I say this in the hope that it will afford me leniency when you assign my penance.

I sincerely wish that my apologetic confession will lead to a deepening of our relationship moving forward.

Okay – here goes… deep breath… sin is as follows:

During the past several months – five, maybe six months – I have, on at least seven different occasions – barged into your inbox offering my products/services while failing to offer valuable innovative tools for success.

I admit that I violated one of the most significant commandments of email conduct and etiquette.

For this I am sorry.

I know better. I constantly remind my coaching clients that it is vitally important that they must ALWAYS BLEND YOUR MISSION WITH YOUR MARKETING!

I preach the power of stating your intention while extending your invitation.

I explain that the best and quickest way to piss off their peeps is by aggressive and relentless self-promotion. Sadly this strategy soon provides results in the polar opposite of the intention. The live commercials push people away vs. pulling them in.

Conversely, wishing not to appear too needy, too pushy or too greedy - doctors might select silence over solicitation.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Promote both your reason and your request. Whether you are requesting a referral, an in-office or community lecture, an advertisement, event or theme of the month – include your intention with your invitation.

Here are several examples…

SUCCESS STRATEGY: “There are far too many people in our community suffering needlessly. Many of whom are not familiar with chiropractic. That’s why I ask you to tell friends/family members about our office.”

“I've made it my mission to make a significant impact on the health of our town. As a member of my practice – you are a Chiropractic Ambassador. Please let me know if there is one person that you wish was coming here for care.”

“As a community service I offer lectures inside as well as outside of the office. Far too many sick and suffering are seeking ways to regain and enhance their health. If you are a member of a Church, health or civic organization that hosts lectures – I’d be honored to meet/speak with the members.”

I do hereby promise to practice what I preach. I will provide you with pearls prior to personal promotion.

Fair enough?


Dr. Tony Palermo

Let’s start where ALL success begins. We’ll start with your mindset and your consciousness. The following examples are from real-life discussions and coaching sessions that I’ve had with countless chiropractors from around the world.
These discussions have led me to create my Top Ten “You’re Full of Baloney” List when it comes to why a chiropractor’s business is NOT succeeding.

The purpose of the assessment is to understand the distinction between our feelings vs. the facts. During our coaching conversations my clients discover a far more objective perspective of themselves, their practices and their communities. And THAT’S where the real fun begins for them.

“In the absence of data – humans default to emotions.” (Palermo-ism)

Check it out for yourself – let’s see where it takes us…

“You’re full of Baloney (or NOT)” Self-Assessment

Instructions: Please place check marks next to each belief that you currently hold on the “You’re Full of Baloney (or NOT)” list below.

(Note that honesty counts! Please place a check mark next to each one that you may only “slightly” believe to be true for you)

_____ 1. “You Don’t Understand My Town/City”
______2. “I’m thinking of changing careers, professions.”
______3. “I’m really very good at what I do, but no one is coming into my office!”
______ 4. “Philosophy isn’t that important.”
_____ 5. “I don’t want to sell my services or my care.”
_____ 6. “EVERYONE deserves to get adjusted”.
_____ 7. “I’m doing everything I possibly can – and my business STILL isn’t doing any better!”
_____ 8. “I don’t get why people don’t get it! They just don’t understand the importance of chiropractic care!”
_____ 9. “I don’t know how to run a business – I just want to adjust as many people as possible and I know that the Universe/God will provide for me.”
_____ 10. “If I just had the right scripting for my report of findings, my consultation, my visit to visit communication, my health care demonstration, my examination, my blah, blah, blah….THEN I could be successful!”

_____ TOTAL – How full of baloney (or NOT) are you?

Please email your assessment to me and I’ll be happy to offer you my coaching response. Email your completed assessment to


“If YOU Knew What THEY Know – You’d Do What They Do!"
(Sound familiar? ‘Practice what YOU Preach’)

Are you finding that many of the "conventional" ways you've been taught to grow your practice and your income just ain’t working? Do you feel like you have to work twice as hard for half as much?

FACT: “We can’t solve new challenges with old strategies”

I've got a solution for you – it’s based on FACT and not feeling. Twenty-two years of personal success in a COMPLETELY CASH PRACTICE, sixteen-years of coaching thousands of successful as well as unsuccessful practitioners plus a lifelong commitment to diligent study of success – I've learned a thing or two along the way.

I’ve identified “The Nineteen Closely Guarded Secrets of the World’s Wealthiest Chiropractors.”

And the great news is that each and every one of the nineteen secrets can be learned AND reproduced. Every minute detail including the step-by-step “how to” recipe has been followed with great success by my clients.

I’m making it available to you today at a fee that makes it darn near impossible to resist.

Doc, this is not ‘hype’ or ‘theory’. This is real world strategy and practical application. This is not a one-hour review program. This is a “do it like this” resource for ultra-success.

To give you an idea of the depth of this material –

SIX FULL HOURS OF AUDIO! Yep, you read that right. Six hours of digital audio (upload to your mp3, iPod and/or hard-drive) in which I outline every single one of the 19-Secrets along with the step by step strategies for implementation.
THIRTY-FOUR PAGES OF NOTES! You will receive a 34-page Workbook to accompany the recorded materials. Every conceivable aspect of the Ultra-Successful Practice is explained including marketing, goal setting, reactivations, referrals, correspondence, communication and much, much more.
THREE-MONTHS OF UNLIMITED EMAIL COACHING SUPPORT! Yes, as my gift to you I will include three months of coaching support. You can email me with any/all questions or clarification needed for THREE FULL MONTHS!
ADDED BONUS FOR THE FIRST EIGHT TO PURCHASE: The first eight doctors to purchase the program will be invited to an exclusive one-hour conference call with me as I offer six of the Marketing Musts that I consistently perform for my guaranteed professional success. The call will be recorded and available ONLY FOR THE FIRST EIGHT DOCTORS to order. (DUH – stop reading and order NOW!)
The fee for your copy of “The Nineteen Closely Guarded Secrets of the World’s Wealthiest Chiropractors” including the 6-hours of audio files and 34-page Workbook is being offered to you for a one-time and one-time ONLY “DOG DAYS OF SUMMER” tuition of only $59.00 US$.


This offer expires on Thursday August 4, 2011 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Doc, I sincerely hope that you can immediately see the immense value of this offer and submit your order now.

In health,

Dr. Tony Palermo

My vernacular usually doesn't include the word shit but alas there is a place for it. I have an idea for Dr. Palermo! Hey Doc, write my husband a thousand dollar check every month and he will call you for 30 minutes a week to stroke your ego and get your head so full of hot steam and unrealistic expectations of chiropractic prosperity that you will find it more than worth your time and money! As a bonus, he will plug out a glowing testimony of your services complete with bloviated numbers and maybe a meet and greet in Hawaii! How does that sound??

Dear Dr Hogarth:

I really, REALLY don't know what it is about human nature that causes us to spare one another time and time again of the reality we live. I suppose it is to save face in professional surfaces. I mean, what a nightmare it would be for my other Chiropractor wives to know that we financially make very little from chiropractic! Oh the horror if someone were to know our secret! I wish everyone could be more honest. Isn't that what society and relationships are all about? I don't waste my time lying or stretching the truth. It seems to me if more people were honest we wouldn't be here in the first place!! We would probably be 3 years into an Associate position somewhere in the USA!

My husband was not the 4.0 of his class but he was in the top 3 most spectacular students in his class. He was class president, and master of Logan Basic technique not to mention he was also clinicians assistant at his student clinic. The physician that presided over his student clinic was Dr Bill Hogarth who my husband holds in high esteem. Out of the clear blue sky he emailed my husband a simple "How are things going?". I think that is nice to check in on some of your favorite students a few years down the road and can only suspect he does this out of genuine concern and curiosity! My husband replied this:

Things here are going okay. I wish I could say things were perfect, but we're in a tough economy right now, but we're plugging along making ends meet. Are you still at Logan? at St. Peters? How are things there? Thanks for all you did for me/us students. I still repeat things that you said that made a lot of sense to me. Those little pearls go a long way. Hope to hear from you soon,

To which Dr Hogarth was "glad to hear things are going well."

If I were my husband I would have replied this instead:

Hi Doc! Things are going really well because I have an awesome wife and two adorable kids who love and support me and are really great at staying in budget!! The practice we purchased right out of school went under last Dec and I am currently making a few dollars over minimum wage at the local hospital to provide for my family. We look forward to greener pastures every day while enjoying right where we are. I am an independent contractor at a local clinic in the community a few mornings a week but even with a 60/40 split in my favor has been for the most part less of a clinic and more of a waiting room. Waiting for patients who don't come, waiting to practice my craft waiting to benefit from a most excellent and expensive education! I long for the days to be part of busy clinic such as student clinic! I trust you are doing well there and loving the steady income and bonus's the school hopefully awards you for keeping your numbers! If you know of any job openings please send them my way!"

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Chiropractor's Wife Song

I added this ole ditty from the past to my blog! Please listen to it and enjoy it! If you married a chiropractor it may make you smile!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Positive

Some recent scans of my blog might lead people to believe I am negative and anti-chiropractic so today I make some time to post something positive about chiropractic. Yesterday my husband took some time out to adjust me, and our two little creations right in our living room. It felt good. I don't know what a headache is, or what dis-ease is. We have been traumatizing our nervous systems with germy fun as we frequent the local amusement park and recover from 2 day family vacation road trip in the sun in California last week! I am shocked that they haven't gotten ill. Then again, I am not. If chiropractic is all dogma and placebo how is it my children remain unscathed year, after year, after year.....? They don't know the difference between an adjustment and a hug or a back scratch! We have eaten poorly making ICEE's from 7-11 a more frequent occurrence this summer! While we have Standard Process supplements available my kids avoid their vitamin all the time! My husband and I are more diligent and it must be that and our adjustments that keep us walking on sunshine! My daughter fell out of a second story window earlier this summer and we took her to the ER and she was completely fine. I would love to credit chiropractic with that too but honestly, it was just plane ole' good luck and our strawberries in potted plants that broke her fall! But who knows, perhaps flexibility was paramount due to her lifetime chiropractic care!?

What else.... hum.... oh! A new patient is coming in Thursday! Let's see, and he made $30 in clinic today! He also applied for a higher paying position at the hospital while we continue to wait for his office to pick up or for something better to come along whether in or out of chiropractic!

Texas board of chiropractic examiners still hasn't gotten back to us on whether or not his licenser application was approved. Once approved, he can take a test and be officially licensed there in addition to Utah and Colorado. It's expensive to be legal! No wonders so many try to avert the system! I may end up calling them even though they specifically ask us not to! ha ha

In closing today, I hope you can feel my positive energy through tingly sensations all over your body! If nothing else, I am so, so, so honored and thankful that my husband has been down this long road and paid as much as a house for the knowledge to be able to benefit us. That is certainly worth it! Jeff Foxworthy jokes, "We may be going hungry but we got tuuuunes!" I can match that joke, "We may be going hungry but we got adjustments!!"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chiropractic: "There's No Money in It"

Bigweld: Whether you're made of old parts, new parts or spare parts, you can shine no matter what you're made of--
Ratchet: My goodness. What a remarkable legacy. Concern for the common robot. You don't get old-fashioned values like that anymore , folks. For a good reason. THERE'S NO MONEY IN IT!!! Hello! Memo to Bigweld: we're not a charity! That's why old Fat-face does not get to sit on the big chair. He's a relic!
Chairman: He'll be here next week at the Bigweld Ball! He always goes to that (Ratchet pushes a button which makes the chairman fall into a pit.
Bigweld: See a need, fill a need!

This just keeps coming to mind. This entire scene sets the stage in the world of chiropractic where the Ratchets are these Decompression docs and the Autos and conventional practitioners like my husband are the Bigwelds! Undoubtedly there is a need that chiropractors are filling, the problem is people don't know they need it! BIG problem wouldn't ya say???

Got tubes in your kids ears? Great!!

I was in Texas a couple years ago when my brothers wife was telling me her child was scheduled for tubes due to frequent ear infections. I literally gasped and told her she should take her to a chiropractor instead of having a foreign crap that doesn't work get put in her baby! Mind you, I was in full practice ownership mode and passionate! She did and canceled the surgery all within 48 hours of having the conversation and to date her baby is now a healthy happy tube free 3 year old!
Flash forward earlier this year a facebook conversation with a friend whos daughter is 8 and has had tubes 2 times to date:

Status Says: "Traded on set of Steroids for another. Hopefully this one will prevent surgery for {daughters name}."

Chiropractors wife says: "If you ever get tired of surgery and drugs consider a chiropractor. {Sister in law's} her daughters tube surgery scheduled and tried chiropractic the day or two before and got to cancel the surgery altogether. She gets care casually an..."

Different friend: "had that done as a child and was able to cancel her tube surgery as well."

Original friend: "I may check into that. I'm very hopeful that the nasal spray works. We are on CHIPs so Chiro is not covered and {husband} in school, we may not be able to afford it. Really hesitant about putting tubes back in and so is the Dr. The surgery for the first tubes cause her first psoriasis flair up and we just got her weened off her steroids. I just don't want to go through that whole process again."

Chiropractors Wife: "That Chiro Wellness cafe (Texas) seriously will take $1 a visit if that is ALL you have. You have nothing to lose but some gas to get her over there! She looks really approachable too (the doc)! A Win Win!"

So my husband's sister has a baby who is just under a year old who already was born with serious hearing loss. What a slap in the face to find she is just today having tubes put in her ears! My husbands family obviously don't have any respect for him, his opinion, his education, his skills, and his willingness to provide them with FREE care to see that this sort of thing, especially, is avoided. I haven't met a mother yet who has tried chiropractic care to avoid tubes in the ears that were not successful. Perhaps they are out there but I don't know any. I am of corse open to hearing from a mother or father who gave chiropractic a shot and ultimately got the tubes anyway! This same sister in law is dating a insurance underwriter who at my birthday dinner thought my husband a nerd and later joked that there was food on the floor I can take home to him. Nice. It is easier to be indifferent to friends but family is hard to ignore.

Dear Prospective Chiropractic Students

Listen up! Pay attention! If you are already a chiropractic student in Tri 1-8 it is NOT too late to get out and do something else! The schools want you to believe you are stuck and your brain does the math considering the investment but I along with hoards of others are here to tell you IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!! Just this morning in a tired stupor my husband said, "It feels like we are 10 years behind everyone." We are just entering our 30s so we actually feel like we are early 20s all over again but this time we have two little creations in the mix! If you are too lazy to read our story let me tell you that my husband is a brilliant man, passed everything with flying colors, was clinicians assistant, class president and bought a practice in his home town after school. We consider ourselves to be text book models of how to do things right! What we didn't know is we were following in the steps of countless many who 'did it right' and were destined to live in poverty with a Doctors debt hanging over your head. Don't do it! The Return on investment is so bad that those who do make it are as rare as a lottery winner! Look at the stats on the default rate on chiropractic student loans. Don't believe me? Here is government stats! May their names scream at you from the dust and implore you to heed my warning!

Here is a nice comment about my blog from a DC:
I read all your blogs and it seems like you and your husband are living the chiro dream (which is actually a nightmare). Like some many other people, you and your husband keep hoping that your ship will come in and your husband will be able to make a living at this field. I stayed in this profession for 8 long, broke years. I did everything to make this profession work, spinal screenings at malls, Wal-Mart, grocery stores, computer shows, gun shows, swap meets, fairs, retirement homes, you name it, I set up a booth there. I did talks at companies, advertising, door to door surveys. joined networking groups, etc. I even hired a girl to do telemarketing for me. I tried so hard to make it work that I wouldn't even take a day off 6 months out of the year. I made good money at times but it was always followed by a longer period of being broke. I would highly recommend your husband do something else that he enjoys. If he wants to continue to practice in the evenings let him, but once he gets into something that can actually support a family he won't want to. Moving to Texas will not solve your problems. Please have your husband look at this site and make him realize that it does not bet better.

The site he is referring to is

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rolfing or KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration)

What a beautiful 4th of July! We were at a street festival in SugarHouse today and I picked up a brochure that looked like a chiropractic office but it was actually a massage therapist who offered what sounded like chiropractic philosophy 101!? How can this be? The first visit was $55 and included structural posture photos to be compared to post treatment and the similar services offered health benefits that chiropractic patients benefit from! She basically practiced Rolfing.
My first thought was a very ironic flashback to the Salem City a run to remember where we had a booth as premier sponsors and I was asked what the difference was between my husband and a massage therapist. It is nice to finally have a reference point to understand how ANYONE could confuse the two professions. With massage therapists able to get results that chiropractic can get it is no wonders in places like Boulder, Colorado where the mind-body connection is so spot on people are finding their yoga, acupuncture, and massage alone is aligning their spine without the need of a chiropractor.
I am torn because on one hand I see this sort of progress as revolutionary and awesome. On the other, it makes me feel so sorry for my husband for spending so much money on a wonderful education when he could have just set up a cracker jack box and spend 1/8th of the price to do what he already does now after a LMT and some weekend seminars. Live and learn!
On a brighter note, we saw The Joint and its owner and I got to personally tell them how I think their concept is spectacular. I wish them well. With concepts like The Joint we are one step closer to accessibility, price, and time that patients want to continue to live in a world that includes chiropractic!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Next Ad

On the way to Lagoon today, (a Six Flags type amusement park here in Utah) my husband and I decided what to do with our next ad. Get this, a 1/4 page black and white value page that says:

Dr (Chiropractors Wife's Husband)

So would you call? So much for that stupid 1/2 page full color meaty ad that went to 60K people! This will get my phone ringing for sure! ::::sinisterly excited laugh::::: The best thing about being the wife of a non contracted Independent contracted associate DC is I can just pimp him out so to speak and build his chiropractic empire single handedly! ::::::more sinister less excited laughing:::::

The Joint- Sugar House, Utah

My husband has his name in a hat for a position with this company here locally in Sugar House. Sugar House is the cutest little town ever here in Salt Lake City and I recently only discovered this fact taking our creations to see a $1 movie there! It was so Boulder, Colorado where my husband and I met and married ourselves! It had a Whole Foods Market and just felt so us! Nothing would please us more than to be able to SETTLE DOWN. Preferably here. Our family dynamics really fit here and he is already a Taylor made Utah boy through and through who is anxious to get his hands on peoples spines full time! To see him work is like watching an artist paint something spectacular or a musician play something captivating! He is gentle and explains things and gets places to move where some patients sware "nobody can get". He has NEVER had a problem with retention, only getting the word out he exists! Getting people in the door isn't easy unless you have hot busty women or charismatic good looking guys out blanketing the area in his behalf! Not to mention staff is nice! Where he currently associates they don't have staff!!? It is insane!!

I am calling all of you forth to shout out to the four corners of the earth good vibes that he at the very least gets an interview for the position and lands it brilliantly so he can start his 25 year career as a chiropractor!! Thank you! I love you!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Print Advertising

I was on fire about our ad going out to 60,000 Salt Lake residence on the 15th. I knew my cell phone would be ringing and my husband would be getting used for free by at least 100 of the finest moochers the area has to offer! They would meet him and get their free care and say, "Hey, you are awesome, I want you to be my Chiropractor!" So would begin a small snowball that would eventually grow to be my husbands bread and butter. He would be helping enough people and doing his craft without the headache of practice ownership while supporting his little family with the basic necessities of life! It was going to be beautiful!

My cell phone only rang 2 times since that ad hit. 1 was a patient who came and went and was never heard from again, and the other was someone seeing if he carried Standard Process so she can do muscle testing on it. Honestly, I try not to dwell on it or wonder too much about why 60,000 trash cans don't cut out our coupons and bring them in!

Here's the part where you sit me down and tell me that I need to come up with another $200-$500 and do it again. All marketing gurus will tell you its all about repetition. We get it! The problem is, that we aren't newbies anymore to this marketing game. All the thousands we spent on print advertising in practice had a zero ROI (return on investment). I can see trying it again if 5 people out of 60,000 called me to use FREE coupons at my husbands clinic but 1?? We don't have money to shovel into a black hole anymore. It all went to advertising in the past and failed marketing events, website optimization, print ads, and hopes and dreams that it would pay off.

Here's the head space we shall visit now. It's called consumerism. *I* may have only been a chiropractors wife for almost 3 years now but I have been a consumer for much longer. I can tell you from a consumer stand point, most of my ads and coupons go in the trash. Sure, I may notice you but it doesn't decided where I will go. If anything it tells me where to NOT go. Why? Well, because, the biggest and best and fancy coupons or ads doesn't really suit me unless it is dry cleaning or food. Too many of us have cut the coupons full of glee and bounced our happy butts into an establishment only to walk out with a shoe up our behinds paying out more than we ever expected! Its all about fine print and wording! That scenario only has to play out in a consumer 1 time to turn on the auto trash feature! It is a shame but it is the truth!

Where shall we go from here? I don't know... give Utah the standard "5 years in business" time allotment and a chance to grow or just move to Texas. What would you do???

The Chiropractic Blues

Weeks ago after my Yoga class at the Murray Park Center I picked up a free 'Healthy Utah' magazine. I was so excited to see such a publication existed and soaked up the articles. Near the front they have a editorial advisory board with many MDs, some dentists, yoga expert, RD, and even one ND but no chiropractors (DC) whatsoever. Given the fact that my world is largely made up of an awareness of chiropractors because I am married to one my heart started to beat fast and I found myself to feel the publication illegitimate. Chiropractors know wellness and prevention so much better than so many professionals swimming in discomfort and disease. While I am aware most people don't consider them unless in pain, I am telling you that they do health and prevention better than pain! My blood boiled and I wrote the editor an email. I can't seem to find it which is a shame because it was splendid! I felt like my words were on paper like a sword of truth swiping through the bull and avenging chiropractic! My main beef was that they had not 1 DC on their editorial advisory board. I didn't hear back from them and was content because it was less for them and more for me to 'feel' better about it all. I wanted to let them know I can't take their publication seriously at all when it lacks any mention of chiropractic beyond where you can find their publications!
I got a personal call from a delightful marketing representative from the magazine who was forwarded the email and asked to handle it by her editor. She listened to my concerns and agreed it needs more chiropractors. It turns out that the reason it lacks chiropractors is basically chiropractors in this state's fault! To be on the editorial advisory board one must first sign up with news channel 4's health directory and then contribute in some way with an article or interview, and pay about $1,000 a month. Oh, well that explains it. She was kind enough to spend a significant amount of time talking to my husband about it. Sure, we can be on the editorial advisory board, IF...... and frankly, we can't afford it although it would be REALLY REALLY cool.
After some investigating it appears Healthy Utah, more specifically channel 4 does and excellent job getting it right about chiropractic. Under their Wellness tab the very top is chiropractic so someone did their homework! We have added my husband to the directory which is free and I am pleased to say I am quite appeased! My husband wrote an article about the top 10 misconceptions about chiropractic that probably won't get anywhere but that is okay.
Flash forward to yesterday in Salt Lake. My husband was invited to attend a University Of Utah demonstration of a new spinal surgery procedure that is to impress. Among the DC's in attendance was the president of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association Dr Roller. My husband knew him but he didn't know my husband and he asked him if he was a member of the UCPA. My husband said no. Dr Roller asked why and my husband told him it was because he doesn't have an extra $400+ to throw at that every year. Then he told my husband he can do $35+ or so a month instead. Maybe. Then he followed up letting my husband know that the UCPA single handedly defended and succeeded in allowing chiropractors in this state to retain the ability to call themselves "Doctors" and continue to use cold laser in practice. Wow. Let that sink in a minute. The UCPA did that for my husband? Holy $hit! We should be finding the $4000 a year to flood over to them! ((((that was sarcasm))))

Here's the vent of the week: If this state or any other prohibits a person who earns a "Doctorate of Chiropractic" to not call themselves "Doctors" I want a new diploma that omits the word Doctor. I also want an immediate optional stance offered to C's (that means Chiropractors without the Doctorate in front of the title) making it possible for them to practice without mal practice insurance, an immediate ridiculously drastic cut in the price of a modern chiropractic education, and 4 parts of the national board exams eliminated, AND a immediate emancipation from all student loan balances.

I also feel like Dr Roller has interesting things to say to any DC he meets practicing in this state who is not part of the UCPA regarding the accomplishments of the UCPA. How can this chiropractors wife verify the said accomplishments? I am not sure that I can! Maybe he can explain to me why the UCPA doesn't advertise in Healthy Utah or why a DC is not on its editorial board, or have commercials educating the state on what chiropractors are and how much schooling they have. THAT is worth $400 a year. Not my husband, and hundreds of others having to work full time at the local hospital or elsewhere to make ends meet outside of their beloved profession in this state.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good News!

Well there is some good news in those realities where chiropractic is an intimate part of existance!!
Here are the 10 fastest declining occupations:

• Textile bleaching and dyeing machine operators and tenders, $23,680

• Textile winding, twisting, and drawing out machine setters, operators, and tenders, $23,970

• Textile knitting and weaving machine setters, operators, and tenders, $25,400

• Shoe machine operators and tenders, $25,090

• Extruding and forming machine setters, operators, and tenders, synthetic and glass fibers, $31,160

• Sewing machine operators, $19,870

• Semiconductor processors, $32,230

• Textile cutting machine setters, operators, and tenders, $22,620

• Postal Service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators, $50,020

• Fabric menders, except garment, $28,470

As reported by a independent Yahoo News article online! I honestly half expected chiropractors to be on the list but am feeling mildly optimistic about my husbands choice of profession! "My life is good!"

We saw our ad on the 1st page inside the local Value pages yesterday! It was fun to see something go to 60,000 people here in Salt Lake city! Whether anything comes of it or not I am glad we gave it a go in attempting to introduce my husband to the community in which we live. Nothing would please me more than not having to move across the country, but to be honest, it may just be exactly what we need to do in order to best serve the world and continue to swim in the bliss that is our life!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Illness Trends

Is it just me or is it fashionable to have an ailment these days? I really hope I am not just coincidentally over hearing conversations when I am out and about because I am a chiropractors wife! Sickness is cool! Even if it isn't you, it is your parents or kids or cousin or neighbor. When we hear the name Lance Armstrong most of us think Cancer-live strong-tour de France but Cancer survivor first!? When will it be cool to be fit, unmedicated, well, and spritely? Colors are being highjacked for various ailments and conditions left and right! I can't even keep track! I am not trying to minimize the severity of those who are in reality suffering but its getting lost in a sea of causes, concerns, and conditions these days!

My husband told a teen at an amusement park today to see a chiropractor when he overheard her complaining about something and she said, "I can't my mom won't let me, she said I am still growing." My husband then said, "The youngest patient I ever adjusted was hours old." The teen reaffirmed he parents won't let her and he simply said, "That's too bad." You know what? It really IS to bad! In my opinion, every person on the planet would benefit from a simple adjustment! It never ceases to amaze me how audacious people are when it comes to knowing about chiropractic. They know more than my husband because you can't possibly benefit children by popping their backs when they are still growing! I mean, circumcise them, pull their tonsils, put tubes in their ears, vaccinate them, medicate them but by golly don't ever think about taking them to a chiropractor where nothing synthetic is used to help their bodies heal themselves!

Sometimes I think I have no idea just how stacked the odds are against us and our chosen passion! Perhaps a Parker Seminar attendance would fix me and my husbands attitudes right up! Nothing like a bog ole Texas size dose of chiropractic pride to pump us up sky high to inebriate us from all these illness trends!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sink or Swim

I have found my place on Sunday's at the Inner Light Center here in Murray, Utah. I haven't made any friends yet because I am so new and typically preoccupied with my two children to really reach out and meet people. Today a woman named Susan befriended me. I really like the name Susan and always say if I ever had another girl we would name her Susan Marie. When I told her my name she said, "You know, if I could relive that stage of my life and had girl I would name her Sophia." This struck me as very coincidental and I told her how honestly I feel that very same way about her name! As she got to know me she started glowing when I told her about my husband being a Chiropractor and how he does Acupuncture as well and and and I continued about how I really desired to live here but he just isn't making a living here and how he has to work at the local hospital and and and and you know the story!
Well, she just so happens to be an advertising agent or something for Value Pages and is excited about helping us tell Salt Lake about my good husband! Immediately all the horrors of advertising during those business ownership days flooded my mind and my mouth got sour. I also recall my husband's biggest complaint about the clinic he is currently at is the gross spending on marketing and such that reap ZERO rewards. Then a second thought embracing the fact he is an independent contractor of a beautiful June ad and July complete with coupons introducing my husband to the community as a last ditch effort to make this place work. We will bite the bullet and execute an ad with our last $500 cash with a kiss and a prayer that it will at the very least end up paying for itself. Give Salt Lake a chance to shine brighter than that small rural town ever did! 60K people will get this ad 2 months in a row. It will be our last ditch effort to make it here! Susan's last words were, "We'll take care of you." It felt good. We plan on having several Saturday open houses to meet my husband offering spinal screenings, free nutritional evaluations, kosher hot dogs, balloons and I may even dress up like a clown and stand on the street!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Age

Last night I was watching episodes of that show produced by Morgan Spurlock called '30 DAYS'. I only watched the episodes I found to be most appealing as they are all sitting on Netflix commercial free at my disposal. One of the ones I watched was where an overweight, stressed out, ex football player, divorced salesman was to subscribe to a life coach and engage in elements of the New Age movement for the next 30 days. His girlfriend was a hardcore Christian and extremely apprehensive about her man taking on this project.
I didn't know what New Age was and was shocked to find it was basically Yoga, Reiki, Paganism, Acupuncture, Chakras, Oils, and holistic or alternative medicine. Half of my brain was sure that chiropractic was boxed in to this New Age package and the other half felt there was no way. Spurlock takes some minutes to talk to the editor and founder of Skeptic magazine who is the only one who sputters the word chiropractic and is vehemently opposed to ALL of it!! Go figure!
Funny side note though, I have been known to throw the "New Age" title out when meeting strangers or when new LDS(Mormon) friends are getting to know our family. I tend to describe my philosophy in life as "New Age Psycho Babble" even though I didn't really know what it was! All I knew is where we owned and operated our clinic for 2 years was a small Utah town full of homeschooling, gun toting, God fearing, doomsday conservative right wingers and I would make teaching suggestions when they were leaving our clinic, I would typically hear "That sounds like New Age Psyco Bapple." In the slow hours of our clinic I took it upon myself to read most EVERYTHING in our lending library and completely blame my consciousness change on that!
The chiropractic profession seems split because most chiropractors want to be seen as the rehab spine specialists and get the respect a podiatrist would get towards the feet but for spine while the others that admittedly my husband seems to be camped with is this New Age flock. He offers Acupuncture, nutritional support, and relentless teaching (as Dr Means teacher) that the mind and body is connected and that staying adjusted is less about pain and more about benefits of strong immunity and optimal function.
Sometimes I think we belong in Oregon or Colorado with like-minded New Age junkies but those places are saturated with chiropractors and New Age practitioners! This episode made an interesting highlight of a New York hospital that offers its patients Reiki and acupuncture (no mention of Chiropractic, surprised?) free to their patients. The MD interviewed who is in charge of that program within the hospital said she can't stand when her colleagues dismiss these alternatives as viable integrative options in the name of lack of proof or research when many of their own traditional overused therapies lack the same research! Bravo! The patients interviewed KNOW the alternatives helped and knew what to ask for when blood work would reveal a dip in white blood cells and such! It was amazing to hear.
So this dude on 30 DAYS ended up changing and the girlfriend relaxing when she was involved in finally meeting his life coach! In the end he walked on fire and took and left some of his experiences. It was funny to see an MD he went to go see give him acupuncture complete with cupping! The girlfriend was ticked off! She was very skeptical but in the end happy with the results.

New Age is also ironically the exact opposite. VERY VERY OLD AGE to be exact. None of these New Age modalities are new but ancient techniques! Even chiropractic's roots seem to correlate with bone setting back in the day. Beliefs aside I am for whatever has results and has the path of least resistance. I also think the modern world needs the old age/"new age" stuff more than ever!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Holy Cats! What a process Texas puts my husband through to be able to have the privilege to practice the craft of chiropractic there legally! The application fee alone was $385 (+.50 cents for Money order) and it was extensive compared to Utah and Colorado. His smiling face required on a passport photo glued or taped to the upper right hand corner ($10) is the cherry on top. The specific requirement to use BLUE ink to fill out the actual application was funny to me but then again blue is my favorite color so it works. The finger print aspect is troubling because we had to request a card from Texas and just today took it to the police department to have filled out ($5). The funny thing is they only process finger prints Monday-Friday 10-11am. We had no idea what time it was when we got there but to our delight it was within that hour of the day which is a miracle considering I usually don't see my husband before 11am unless I go bed hunting for him! When we presented the card to the police that Texas had us send for it looked like theirs. The officer had to cover the top of the one we gave him because their system is all computerized and we filled it out by hand prior to arriving. Long story short, we have 2 cards we are sending the background check people with our $44.20. Hopefully one of them is approved. If not, it delays the entire process up to 30 days. In this packet is 3 separate forms from 3 different chiropractors who have known my husband at least a year and were licensed chiropractors themselves which was free but a pain to go get done. Luckily we have a loot of professional friends around! The notary was free at our credit union but was a pain also probably because it was pouring down rain today when we decided to get this all done. We included a madatory copy of his DC diploma which I had on hand so that was free as well! Once all of our national testing transcripts $25, and school transcripts $5, and letters of recommendations from the professional boards of Utah ($25) and Colorado ($0) arrive in Texas and they process it: assuming we didn't miss something and our background check passes, we will get told that it is a green light to have my husband take the Texas jurisprudence exam ($150). Once that is passed we will expect a honorary Texas license. Grand Total For us when all is said and done.....Approximately (because I didn't report postage which was all in all about $5) $644.70 Ye Haw!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


My husband and I took a time out in Las Vegas for a couple of nights this week. I let him know how I really, REALLY love living where we are now with the exception of our home which I actually do love but know it is too practical for us for any more time than perhaps another year because my kids share a room and are not the same gender. I can work around that for a time but ideally when our lease is up we can be in a freestanding 3 bedroom home. I think we both are going to try and make this location work but we understand that chiropractic will HAVE to take the back burner as a price to choosing to stay. IN Las Vegas we were hanging out with my brother and sister in law who live in Texas. Both of them thought my husband could make a living there. Even my husband knowing we could own a home for under a 100K in Texas was getting him leaning in that direction again. I really think I could live there again, and raise kiddos there but I honestly have to say, whatever position he takes there needs to be sound in order to move. IN Utah he has to work a completely different career to provide us with a home. IN Texas, I think it would need to be exclusively chiropractic, or something guaranteed. Or at least a growing list of people who will commit to being his patient once a month!
My husbands current office just had a ribbon cutting hosted by a city right next door. It felt good to mingle and help set up for that. Their office is still too slow for comfort. I half expect it to be out of business by the end of summer if I don't step it up and start marketing for them. Who knows....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Now Hiring

I just wanted to say my husband applied for 6 civil service Chiropractic Physician jobs on various Air Force bases sprinkling from Oklahoma City to Nebraska, and Virginia, and Maryland and more! I really, Really hope he gets one. It is what we've been dreaming of at this point. Salary, benefits, and endless need for his skills.
There was one we attempted to apply for and I thought you would be surprised to know that while you can precede an application with Dr and it asks for credential options that the pick list has everything under the sun except for DC. Story of our lives!! Honestly, it sometimes feels like this profession and those who enter it are in the Twilight Zone......

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Insufficient Funds

The practice my husband works with doesn't have rent money for next month- yet. Please take a moment and look at the calendar! I am pretty sure the clinic owes my husband about $300 which we won't expect. My husband and I have been there so we are not upset in the least. To our credit, while we were in business having no mountain of money to draw on we didn't experience not having rent until month 25 in practice. We probably did so because both of us were hell bent on making it at least 2 years just because we felt nobody thought we could! Once we reached that I think I gave up and actually withdrew help more than ever in the office which, ultimately, killed it.
What is nice and miserable is the fact my husband and I feel comfortable right now. I am at home full time and have no pressure- except for today to some extent, to market for the office he is employed with. Economy aside, I just really don't think most people know what a chiropractor does. I also don't feel it should be my responsibility or my husbands to tell them. The profession itself needs to get their shit together. It is really outrageous and becoming a huge regret! I read some advice where someone was inquiring whether to go into this field or not and it was from a patient who said, "If you do go into this field, do it to help people, not for the money!" What a noble man or woman to endure such expensive, exhausting, grueling road to help people and work at Mc Donald's at the same time so to speak so one can eat, have shelter, and clothing. It makes my husband that much more attractive on one hand but it is hard to have a front row seat sending him to that awful hospital job. He deserves better than that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Park City, Utah

Yesterday I accompanied my husband on a scope out operation. We saw an ad for an associate seeking doc in Park City. We are 20 minutes from there so rather than think about it we just went to investigate. We found the office pretty quickly and I went to the car with my preschooler princess. My brief observation before ditching my husband was the beauty of the office and its vast emptiness. Boy have we been there! I like seeing the guy had a receptionist. Park City is beautiful but I really like living in Murray.

To my surprise, my husband spent a fair amount of time in the guys office before returning to the car. He said the guy adjusts well and has been out 9 years. I mentioned the empty office and he said that the doc was actually finishing up with one when he got there and a new one was getting processed when he was finished talking. All in all my husband, while he did like it, wasn't "feeling it". So he took me to a posh lunch there! Being a chiropractors wife sure has its benefits!

Our situation right now is completely bearable so we are in no rush to change, it is just fun to entertain the prospects. Both of us would like to see him making money at what he actually went to school for! Is that even possible? He applied to a handful more local teaching jobs as his ARL (Alternative Route To Licenser) in this state is still in effect and pending at the "GET HIRED" step!!

We did hear back, well, sort of... from the Fort Worth, Texas associate seeking prospect. Someone responded "I like this guy" or something like that but we haven't heard anything beyond that obscure reply. Should my husband interview down yonder and even take a position, I have already decided we aren't moving this family anywhere until the end of Dec. I have plenty of friends and family my husband can rent a room from down there with and support us from afar to make sure he landed a position that 1) actually pays and 2) he really likes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Licenser to the 3rd Power

As it is now, my husband is licensed in the state of Utah and Colorado. It has been on our list to get a Texas license as well. Most of my immediate family lives there and my husband never feels comfortable adjusting anyone because he isn't licensed there! Yeah, he's a NERD!! The funny irony is, there are a loot of jobs for Associate doctors to be found at any given moment in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex! The other irony is my family alone has dropped more money on chiropractic care than my husbands entire family and extended family combined in the years he has been a chiropractor. Combine this and the fact Texas has no income tax and plenty of people to go around and you have a recipe for a lifestyle that is hard not to seriously consider!
We would have instant friends and family and I know I could sell the kids on it if I took them down for a visit. On the other hand, man oh man do I love Murray (Utah). I love our life here but I do miss my husband. I feel like a single parent, but it always feels this way for stay at home mom's! The men pull in 8-10 hour shifts no matter their profession! I was lucky to be is partner right after school and soak up hours by his side in the chiropractic trenches! It was nice to set our own hours and such but there was a huge price we paid for that called Destitution!!
Perhaps we can put up with the tornados and hail, nasty drinking water and heat for a more comfortable lifestyle and friends! Who knows, it may be the best move we ever make!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love Dr Oz

I appreciate Dr Oz's efforts to encourage chiropractic care as prevention because that is what it is all about. Too many use chiropractic after they already have pain and as a last resort rather than the other way around. I noticed the awkward silence when the chiropractor was finished and spoke of alleviating the nerves allowing the body to heal itself! Please watch the clip and enjoy!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Now Hiring

Job Description
Chiropractic Office in Midvale is looking for an outgoing and friendly clinic employee.
Some receptionist and medical assistant duties. Personality is more important than experience. We will train the right person. Our schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8-1:00 and 2:30-6:30, also Tuesdays 11:30-3:30.
The ideal candidate would have a positive and dynamic personality. This position offers a great work environment with excellent pay.
Responsibilities will include scheduling appointments over phone and in person, greeting all incoming clientele, insurance verification, collecting payments, creating patient files and assisting with therapy as needed. Any chiropractic office, medical or dental experience is a plus but not necessary.
We would love to meet you! Please apply in person and be ready to interview for this great position! We are located at
Come join our team! We look forward to meeting you!
Any chiropractic office, medical or dental experience is a plus but not necessary. Personality is more important than experience. We will train the right person.

I am sorry. I just can't help but laugh at this job posting. I have been a Medical Assistant for 11 years, and a Chiropractic Assistant for 2 and can't help the irony! Before marriage I primarily worked in out patient medical office clinics as a back office MA. I preferred the patient interaction and loved sporting my skills. It gave me the opportunity to work with the doctors and be their right hand help without exposure to vomit, wiping butt, or lot's of schooling and liability. My least favorite aspect was the medication refill pile waiting for me at the end of every shift! In medical offices the front office work was entirely different. In fact, you'd very typically have a separate person for each job: reception/phones, and billing/collections. All making about $10-$15 an hour or more.

In a typical chiropractic office and this one advertising obviously, one gets the pleasure of doing front AND back office work! Anyone not having an image of Dick Van Dyke on Mary Poppins playing his one man band contraption??

The kicker is, when I did it I worked for free! I brought my glowing personality to work every day! I loved our patients. They were people to me! None of my part was fake. Granted we were less busy so to justify paying more and heaping on the responsibility at first glance seems respectable. I am sure it is not.

I almost have half a mind to go for this job just for kicks. To actually get paid "$9.50-$10 DOE" as the ad advirtised would be a dream come true! Oh please, yes, to get paid to do it ALL and as a bonus get blamed for their lack of retention or new patients numbers would be fantastic! At least in this office, I wouldn't have to sleep with the provider on top of it all! ;o)

I hope Chiropractors everywhere learn this secret sooner than later, if you are going to employ a dynamite CA worth her weight in gold, you better consider paying $20-$25 an hour!!! It is criminal not to! I know many do have spectacular people getting a whopping $11 (or less) an hour with healthy bonuses ($1,000 or less) at the end of the year when they are making you far, far more!? Nothing motivates like money!