Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're moving to Saint Louis, Missouri

We chose Logan College of Chiropractic to embark on this journey mostly because of their ASP (Accelerated Science Program). When one changes their major from math to science one is lacking fun things that would take longer to get at the school he was already in. The ASP priced $99 a credit hour at the time and a cram course of 3 weeks to complete. Talk about fast, and cheap. Elements most appealing when it comes to school!

Missoui also won our affection because it was between both of our families and it was an institution that boasted beauty and longevity in the field. The move across several states from Utah to Missouri went smooth and a warm August rain welcomed us as we unloaded the moving truck. That same week we went to a BB King concert under the infamous gateway arch. I fell in love!

Our son was 8 months old and full of life! My husband would host study groups consisting of 7 people or so and our son would putter around ever present to entertain everyone. We also got in the habit of hosting elaborite Sunday dinners after our church attendence to people in our apartment complex. I loved the people of this place! I was content and cautiously optimistic!

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