Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"My husband can fix that!"......Neck Pain

I was experiencing decreased range of motion and neck pain and telling a fellow Logan wife, who was way further along in the program than us newbies were, about it. Logan wives were women married to men who were enrolled at Logan College of Chiropractic. We had our own network and reality TV show quality existence in many ways!

"Oh, My husband can fix that! He's in student clinic!" She failed to mention that he was stationed, so to speak, at one 30 minutes away. My first appointment I missed completely being disoriented to the Saint Louis highway system. I also had no clue really what out patient clinic meant or how qualified he was! I figured he would be watched like a hawk in a "student clinic"!

When I finally did make my first appointment it was brutal! It took an hour and a half! I thought Candid Camera folks would be jumping out at any time!

So it turns out the school owns several clinics sprinkled all around the St Louis metro area. When you begin trimester 7 out of 10 you are assigned to one of these clinics and expected to have 10 new patient cases followed threw completely in order to graduate. The visits cost money and the docs had to put us patients through tedious history and physicals and x-rays and have us come back the next day. I did and was told my neck was essentially messed up and would require some invested time. I recall following through completely but ironically forbidding them to touch my neck at all! He used Activator, a little instrument that looks a like a jumbo writing pen at first glance. It thumps you and does what they normally use their hands to do.

In the coarse of my care plan I ended up with a terrible ear ache. I mentioned it at one of my visits and the student doc had the clinic director come in and talk to me. Basically, I needed one of those mob neck adjustments. They asked me which one I wanted to do it. I chose the head honcho, naturally! It is a very vivid memory because my best est gal pal was in town to witness it all. He popped me mob style and I laid there until they left the room and I teared up again. Crocodile tears!! I also recall flipping the bird to the universe and getting a laugh from my friend. My ear hurt bad enough to endure the icky feeling that those neck mob techniques induce!

I somehow finished my care plan and retired from chiropractic for quite a season!

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  1. I'm laughing!!! Student clinic with 5 kids in tow!! We would be there for HOURS!!! I finally gave up and went to a "real" chiro. Then came my turn for being my hubby's guinea pig.......oh boy, I still flinch sometimes 5 years later! haha