Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Major Changes from Math to Chiropractic

"I think I want to be a chiropractor....."

It's the phrase uttered by my husband that started it all! I knew the word "chiropractor" from excessively repetitive TV commercials claiming that this particular brand of local post auto accident injury clinics were staffed with "real doctors, NOT CHIROPRACTORS."
I also knew that my husband was smart enough to be a "real doctor" so I tried to get him to be a Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine instead! At least he'd get to manipulate bones, write prescriptions, and have the best of both worlds so to speak!! Besides he was too smart to entertain the idea of being a fake doctor!

He expressed that conventional medicine was not for him because he didn't like body fluids! I suddenly had a moment of understanding as to why he had never changed our new 4 month old sons diaper! To spare you the details ultimately we compromised when he agreed to shadow a chiropractor before making any rash changes to his math degree plan that he was well on his way to finishing. Heaven knows I've worked with enough miserable health care workers in my medical assisting career to validate my petition to make sure chiropractic was a reality he truly understood! Even if I didn't! He agreed and ended up spending two days at a local chiropractic office.

In the midst of this effort to change his mind or get comfortable with his ambitions I decided I better go see what a chiropractor was. Since my husband had been to one himself as a patient, and now shadowed one to boot he was eager to go with me. My first impression of the clinic was that it looked like a regular doctors office but had more of a spa feel to it. I was led by a chiropractic assistant to a dim room with no door and I sat in a chair and watched my husband lie on a table centered in the room face down while the chiropractor cracked his back. When my husband was face up the chiropractor positioned himself near the crown of my husbands head and looked like he was feeling his neck with his fingers. Then, out of the blue he does this mob type maneuver with his hands and cracked my husbands neck to one side so audible that I pretty much assumed he had just killed him right in front of me! If that wasn't bad enough, he did it again on the opposite direction! I was horrified just in time for it to be my turn!

I, being of an assertive nature, pretended like I had done this a million times. Besides, it couldn't be any worse than a pap smear! I laid down and he pressed on my back, I flipped over and he positioned himself at the the crown of my head and felt my neck gently before out of the blue performing the mob like maneuver on ME! We checked out with a strong recommendation to have me come back in a week but he told my husband he was good for a month! Purely out of peer pressure I scheduled my next appointment trying to play nice!

I did in fact show up to my next appointment going to my happy pap smear place mentally just to get it over with. This time he said he needed to see me in a week AGAIN! We paid and I made an appointment and walked to the car with my husband. When we got into the car I sobbed. I just really felt like it was wrong. From head to toe I was filled with such a sensation to leave me practically begging from the bottom of my heart for him to be anything but a chiropractor. If it had been a battle I lost. I didn't campaign the issue or play silly wife games to manipulate him out of it but sometimes looking back, I really, really wish I had! At the end of the day, my husband was going to be a chiropractor!

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