Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

How Much???

So I finally had a husband far enough along in school that he knew how to adjust me properly. Needless to say he's been my chiropractor ever since! Here we were, living in the infamous Chesterfield Mobile Home Park and cruising right along. It is now Fall 2007 and we have a year left of school. My husband was now juggling school and out patient clinic. It almost seems like a joke. We get to pay 30K a year and they are expected to be able to afford to eat and live. Those of us with family had it worse! We usually had to borrow extra money in the ever so popular Sallie Mae "Tuition Answer Loan" where we all had access to up to 40K extra a year to supplement our already extensive loans. This is even with me working a day a week and around holidays at the local hospital. When all is said and done we would owe over $150K in federal loans and $80K in private student loans and even a random $11K owed back to the school!? If we had it to do all over again we would have been more intimate in the coming in and going out of money in our names. Financial Aide has it down and we all trust them to handle large amounts of money and kick back just about 1K a month for us to live off of. That sounds like big money post graduation. At least it was SOMETHING.

The Chiropractic education is 3 years but 5 academic years. Whatever rumors you have heard about it being substandard are false. Several don't cut it and fail out. Here is an older comparison of the hours vs MD.

They go to school year round in Trimester crammed to the brim! Basically you are unavailable and have no social life. It is miraculous if you marriage survives. Luckily we had a strong LDS community of which we were a part of to at the very least share similar blessings (kiddos) and burdens (needs).

My husband made it look easy. He served as class president for 2 years and also was the not so coveted 'clinicians assistant' in his assigned clinic. It is common to fail a class and straddle tri's stretching your school experience beyond comprehension further placing tension on personal relationships but luckily we were right on target projected to graduate in August 2008!

In addition to all this time and money comes the icing on the cake the ridiculous expectations placed by the big business that is chiropractic school regarding their out patient clinics. Crops of students tri-annually have to have 10 new patients that actually accept, and follow a care plan. This is easier said than done! In fact, I actually ended up getting my husband MOST of his 10 so basically they were following through as patients with the hoops just to help us out. Their visits were $25 and they had to diligently keep their appointments and comply to be counted. You can imagine many get close then their patients become non-compliant. Its a joke! The saturation statistically of in practice chiropractors around schools is a high percentage and add these students struggling to find people who need them is harder than it sounds. Many fall short and are forbid from graduating from their class!

There are 4 national boards. They cost $1500 each and are not a walk in the park either. All held at different times of the year and such many find they pass some parts but get hung up on others keeping them from actually practicing. This has happened to dear friends of ours. 3 attempts to pass a certain part and still pining to be a chiropractor.

It also is about time we knew WHAT we were going to do after school and WHERE. We always said, 'Colorado'... happy associate doctor in Colorado. :::Swoon::: What a perfect picture.

Remember that icing on the cake I spoke of? Well wait until you hear about the CHERRY.

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