Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cherry

We had less than a year left when we found ourselves on vacation once again in my husbands home town. A quiet little Utah town. We went to his 10 year high school reunion and the venue they held it at was a different town. When he opened my door to let me out at his reunion I had a serendipitous moment like magic and I asked where we were. He told me "Salem" and I thought, "Salem...." as the wind picked up in the tree tops I knew we had a dance with destiny.

Just for fun that week we drove to all the 6 chiropractors in his childhood town of Payson to visit. Now that he knew what he was talking about I thought it would be fun! Some weren't in and others were. The ones that were I'd stay in the car with the kiddos and chill. One particular doc we visited took a long time! I wasn't worried. We absolutely under no circumstances would be going to be moving here. It was forbidden. What Dr Phil would refer to as an uncompromisable in our marriage. I would never live in Utah.

Janurary 2008 came along and my husband had still not decided. It's funny to mention that there is a rather extensive resource that many chiropractic students rely on called starting in to practice . com There is a quiz on there to help them determine whether they should associate right out of school or open their own place. My husband scored right down the middle. It was so unfair! We had no direction, no contacts, no networks and we were alone. As a plan "B" I lovingly suggested we write that one doc in his hometown that he liked so much to see if he could shadow him after school while we lived with his mom until he got a job or until we figured out where to go and what to do.

We were planning on writing him a letter but it never got sent and it didn't need to be because he looked us up himself before we had the chance. He told my husband he was thinking about selling his practice and wanted to talk. We scheduled a June 2008 trip down to see if we felt right about it.

I was completely torn. I hated living in this particualr area as newlyweds and I knew I never wanted to live there again. Unfortunately it was my husbands home town. Buying right out of school is stupid! That's the cherry on top! We bought a practice in his home town and serendipity ran its corse because that doc moved it months before we took over to the same town the reunion was held at.

I quit my job at the local hopsital by his school and rolled up my sleeves spending my days working on logo designs, paperwork, plans, marketing material and so much more like at the pool with my kiddos and weekly trips to the local custard shop for wedding cake custard. Missouri was a wonderful place to live. Our kiddos were 2 and 4years old....they always ask to move back there and now they are 4 and 7!

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