Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Babies are Heavy

So my son was 2 and my husband and I decided he needed someone to play with so I found my self with child. I was one of those women who looked ready to deliver at 7 months along and delivered big healthy babies! Okay so I only had one child to compare that to at the time but he was born 9lbs 3oz so I found myself just barely desperate enough to try chiropractic when I was about 7 months pregnant.

THIS time I decided to go with a neighbor. That's right, black market, illegal student care in the Chesterfield Mobile Home park in a living room on a portable table! He was far enough along in school and the son of a chiropractor so I really trusted him. Plus, his wife was Canadian and fabulous! Not that that had anything to do with it but still!

I let him know he was forbidden to touch my neck and we proceeded with care. One day he said he wanted to simply palpate my neck. What this means is gently take it in hands and feel with fingers for misalignments or subluxations that need correcting. He asked me if I trust him and I told him I did and he said I really needed C-Spine work which I secretly was well aware of but had put off a year due to my loss of faith in the other guy! Which reminds me, the other guy insisted on adjusting my C-SPine as well (my neck) but he used Thompson drop and had me lay on my side facing the wall while a little pressure was appied to the side of my neck and pushed down as the headpiece drops down. No TWISTING! I loved it but not enough to stay with someone who cared so much about me!

Back to story. So this illegal student neighborhood friend had me lay on my back and relax and rest my head dead weight in his hands while he felt my neck and turned it slowly from side to side, He then said I really needed a neck adjustment and asked if he can do it. I told him I don't like how far they twist and he said, "Let me show you without doing it how far I will go." It wasn't far at all! I told him if he promised to only turn my head that shallow he had permission to do the mob move on me in both directions!

I was hooked! I used and abused this good neighbor. He was gentle, skilled, and best of all free! The next hands I would ever trust to be on me would be my husbands!

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