Chiropractor's wife!

Chiropractor's wife!
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Arbonne hosts Womens Health Talk

I went to a meeting with a friend who sells Arbonne which is yet another product line that claims to be chemical free and the best for you all the way around! If I sign up to be a distributor I can purchase them at discounted prices! If I sign friends up as well I get a cut in forms of money and perks!
Being a fan of free, I decided to take a break from my son and go to such a girly meeting as this claiming to be a lecture on Womens Health. I walked in to a beautiful apartment clubhouse and sat down on a chair that required me to move a clip board to sit in! On the clip board was a health survey and a free appetizer to Longhorns Steakhouse should I fill it out.
The questions were basic: Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? along those lines!
The talk began with Arbonne rock star reps sharing information about estrogen dominance and their product that is topical estrogen replacement. Bla bla least I learned that I was probably mostly always estrogen dominate which could cause disease!
After their video and sh-peel a doctor took the stage. He had a projector and a lap top and proceeded in to a presentation about healthcare today, true health care, basic anatomy, and what a chiropactor does complete with testimonials that blew my mind! Miraculous stories!

I couldn't wait to get home to say one simple phrase to my aspiring chiropractor "I KNOW WHAT YOU DO!!!!" I was excited to let him know that chiropractors remove interference in the nervous system and help your body function optimally. It helps you feel good by supporting all body functions through keeping nerves unstuck through motion.

That same doctor had a CA (chiropractic assistant)contact me based on the information on my survey. Basically I had two main issues in my health causing me ongoing 'dis'ease. 1. Chronic Allergies 2. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Allergies had been ever present and ongoing starting from Texas where I mostly grew up and haunting me. I was constantly on the latest and greatest nasal spray AND allergy pill. I was a medical assistant so I always got free samples from the MDs I worked for. They would work for a week or two but then lapse leaving me sneezing 20 times a morning. Ask my sister, roommate's, or spouse to verify this phenomenon!

IBS started after the birth of my son. He was at the time 9 months old and we were freshly settled in Missouri. If I had any, and I mean ANY kind of fast food I would need to be near a bathroom. I remember a really pinnacle experience where I had met my husband for lunch and took him back to school and proceeded to go shopping. When I pulled in the parking lot I had an overwhelming feeling I needed a toilet STAT! In a panic I decided to attempt to just get home which was about 15 minutes away through town. We headed home as fast as possible and to my displeasure I had an accident. I was so jealous of my sons diapers and yet was powerless to do anything about it! To spare you the continuation of this true story would be criminal because what happened next was for the history books! Our small apartment community consisted of 3 building shaped in a U. That U hugged a central parking area we all used. Basically, if I parked there I would be on display for all to see. I couldn't have that, so I snuck my car to the side of the apartment property, put on my emergencies, tied a baby blanket around my waist, grabbed the baby car seat and made a run for it towards my back door. Not 10 steps from my car police siren and speaker sound! I stop dead in my tracks and turn around to what I hoped was a bad joke. "Mame, You caint park there!" I looked at him about to just sob and said, "Sir, I am having an emergency!" He said, "You need to move your car. Some people called and complained." I tried to explain that I had barely parked there not 2 minutes ago and couldn't possible have gotten anyones attention yet and now sobbing that I needed to get inside my house to clean up and then I would move my car within 5 minutes! He finally believed me and let me go.

I made an appointment with the impressive doctor who claimed he could help me with both of these health issues without medication. A 'real' chiropractor out of school who knew what he was doing! Not some student who made me get the neck twist thing when I had an earache!

My initial exam was free and required vitals, x-rays, and an evaluation in a gown using some type of rolly thing on my back to test my spinal functioning. According to my results I had significant C-Spine deterioration of the curve and was highly subluxated in all regions. His prescription was 3 times a week for 4 weeks. What???
I felt like a million bucks besides my allergies and IBS which didn't count to me as they were besides the point! I was only here as a new believer who chose him for wellness care. According to him I was far from well. I completely disagreed with him but decided to suck it up and play along. I diligently completed my month and had a re-exam. I was sure it would be awesome as I STILL felt fine.

I will never forget the day he showed me the side by side comparison of his silly color bar chart results for me. It looked WORSE to me!! He agreed and I asked, well, can I come in once a month now? He said, I recommend 2 times a week for 3 weeks. WHAT? Does this guy think I am an idiot??? He knew by looking at me what I was thinking and asked me to get dressed and meet him in his office. (hey, that sounds really bad)

I met him in the office and I told him I liked him, I wanted him to be my chiropractor still but that I only wanted to come in once a month. He told me to think about what I get with him. He adjusts my son for free and is affordable. I told him I appreciated it but I still only want to come in as wellness on my terms. He then said something I didn't expect,
"I am happy to refer you out to a different chiropractor that cares less about you."
Oh man...good riddins! I was done. I was done with him. I was done with chiropractic. And I was done with wasting my money. What a scam. I can't believe my husband wants to go in to this stupid profession!!


  1. Well, I can't blame you for your distress and being upset with the terms of your care. As a DC myself, I spend a lot of time talking to people about care. I end up saying something like, "if you want to move through care quickly, I'll see you more often, I am flexible. These are my recommendations and it's up to you." Most people seem to like that. However, subluxations or misalignments can cause degenerative changes within two weeks, so going to the DC every few weeks or once a month is a good way to have a more flexible, dynamic body. Don't get discouraged.

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